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Parker University represent the US for new C.A.R.L. program!

Dr. Song’s new research on “ Wnt Signaling Linked to Neuropathic Pain”  published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation has received wide publicity. It was highlighted and recognized as part of the “MOST POPULAR CONTENT” at the Harvard University’s website:  and cited in the pain research forum:

The link to the abstract being indexed by the National Library of Medicine:  and free full text here:

Research from Dr. Song’s group has been recognized by the American Physiological Society and reported or cited in dozens of media. Below are links to some selected related releases.

Another project regarding Ryk-mediated Wnt repulsion regulates posterior-directed growth of corticospinal tract published in Nature Neuroscience (2005, collaborated with Dr. Zou at University of Chicago) has been reported by many public media such as Medscape Today(webmd), Biology News, myDNA, Medical News Today, etc.