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The Anatomical Gift Program is available by phone 24 hours a day.

(214) 902-3473

As you are planning for the future, and for the future of your family, you might also consider the larger picture.

Education and research have existed for over one hundred years and have helped countless generations. Making a donation of your body is an especially generous gift for many generations to come. Such a bequest enhances the training of prospective doctors, helps secure the future of a meaningful chiropractic education, and may lead to the development of new healing techniques.

The donation of bodies for education is not a new concept, but a widely accepted procedure in Texas and many other states. There is a tremendous need throughout the educational and healthcare community for human bodies for education and research. Your donation through the Parker University Anatomical Gift Program helps us to meet this need. We appreciate your inquiry and interest in our Anatomical Gift Program and each person who participates contributes substantially to the education of future doctors.

We have placed the necessary forms to the right; however completion of the forms does NOT constitute acceptance into our program. All donors MUST be pre-screened for approval by an Anatomical Staff Member. The forms should be printed and signed by two witnesses.

You should keep a copy with your other important papers, as well as keep a copy for your next of kin. After we receive the completed forms, we will send a wallet card to you for future use.


The following must be filled out by all who wish to donate their bodies.

Donation of Next of Kin

Donation of Self

Please send original forms to:

Parker University Anatomical Gift Program

2540 Walnut Hill Lane #N108

Dallas, TX 75229-5668