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General Policies

You may register for continuing education seminars by telephone, fax, mail, or through the website. Check the brochure or website information to verify the proper tuition. Most courses offer an early discount rate for registering more than three weeks in advance of the class date. Discounts must be applied at the time of registration. Some courses may require the purchase of text books or supplies above the tuition cost.  Discounts cannot be combined.In order to be able to provide notification of any seminar changes, adequate classroom materials, and to guarantee seating, pre-registration is strongly advised. Registrations cannot be processed until payment is received. Payment options available are: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, check, or money order.

If paying by check or money order, please make check payable to Parker University/Continuing Education and send to:

Parker University
Attn: Business Office
2540 Walnut Hill Ln
Dallas, TX 75229

Parker University reserves the right to adjust program dates, times, speakers, and/or locations. On occasion, it may also be necessary to cancel published programs. Persons pre-registered for the effected programs will be notified. Please ensure that we have all pertinent contact information so that we may reach you in such a circumstance. The total liability of Parker University arising from or related to these instances is limited to a refund of the registration fee only.

The opinions and statements made by the speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Parker University.

Most courses require the student be the equivalent of a Tri-Five or above in order to participate.

Out of respect for both the speaker and the class attendees, we request cell phones be placed on vibrate and all calls be returned during scheduled class breaks.

Please dress in layers to ensure comfort. Temperature regulation is sometimes difficult in large meeting rooms.

Audio and video taping are not permitted by attendees at any time.

Auditing continuing education seminars is not permitted. Registration is not contingent on whether or not an attendee desires CE credit. All attendees must officially register for seminars.

All attendees must meet course prerequisites as needed.

Chiropractic college students planning to attend programs through the Parker University Department of Continuing Education should check the eligibility requirements listed on the website for the individual program or contact the office directly. There are two categories of classes we offer: doctor level and doctor/student level.  The listings below include, but are not limited, to the eligibility designation for the continuing education classes.

  • In order for a student to attend a doctor level they must have completed Tri-7 classes.  The following courses are deemed doctor level based on the curriculum they teach:
    • Animal Chiropractic
    • Neurology
    • Active Care Series
    • Decompression Certification

    In order for a student to attend a doctor/student level class, they must have completed Tri-5 classes. The following courses are deemed doctor/student levelbased on the curriculum they teach:

    • Extremity Adjusting
    • Pediatrics
    • Taping
    • Nutrition
    • Medicare
    • Mandatory Hours – Ethics, Risk Management, Documentation

Note: States that do not require an application

Because of Parker’s accreditation status, some state boards do not require Parker to submit their CE programs for pre-approval. Therefore, Parker cannot guarantee that the classes we offer will automatically be approved by your board. We strongly recommend doctors from these states be aware of your state rules and regulations regarding continuing education requirements. Specific questions should always be directed to your state board.

Scope of Practice Disclaimer

Parker University’s Continuing Education Department endeavors to present information that is timely, accurate and helpful in the on-going education and relicensure requirements of health care professionals. Individuals taking these courses assume all responsibility for checking with their professional licensing boards or other governing bodies regarding the clinical applicability of course content, presumed competencies which may be developed as a result of taking any course, seminar, or other mode of instruction.

Certificate Programs

Unless the program is governed by a specialty board with its own “time limit” clause, Parker’s certificate programs will have a time limit to complete of three (3) years. Consideration will be given for changes in the program or if the program was not offered for a period of time. However, it should not extend more than five (5) years.

Dispute Resolution

Should you experience any difficulties arising from registration, cancellation, refund, or fees, please contact the Director of Continuing Education at 214-902-2401 or email to   The department will make every effort to resolve your issue in a fair and expedient manner.   Resolution may include any of the following: 

  • Course registration may be waived
  • Course registration fees may be reduced
  • Course fees may be refunded. The total liability of Parker University arising from or related to these instances is limited to a refund of the registration fee only.
  • Credit for another course may be given
  • No action will be taken, course fees and charges will remain as stated

Transcript Requests

The Parker University Continuing Education Department processes requests for official transcripts of your postgraduate studies through Parker University by the following steps:

1. The request must be submitted in writing and include:

  • Your name, address, social security number, and telephone number.
  • The name, address, telephone number, and a contact person’s name of the organization to which the transcript is to be submitted. (Official transcripts cannot be sent to the requesting doctor to be forwarded. However, a photocopy will be mailed for the doctor’s records.)

2. Payment in the amount of $10 US must be included with the request. Please allow ample time for completion and mailing.

CE & Attendance Verification

  • Before attending a Parker University sponsored event for continuing education credit, always check the website or call the CE department to verify your state board’s approval. If your state is listed on the website as not requiring an application be submitted from Parker, check with your board to be sure the course content falls within your board’s scope of practice requirements/definitions.
  • Course attendance hours are calculated by the use of sign in/out sheets/attendance cards or scanning devices. Failure to comply with the required attendance procedures or failure to remain in the classroom or teaching facility may result in a loss of credit hours reported. The CE Department is required by the various state reporting agencies to verify attendance at each seminar. Verification is issued for the documented hours only.
  • After verification of the attendance logs, CE attendance vouchers are mailed to the doctor or to the appropriate state board depending on each board’s regulations. Registrants are responsible for maintaining a copy for their records.
  • Parker University does not complete attendance vouchers for continuing education credits until the course is paid in full. A $25 US fee is assessed for each additional copy of attendance vouchers reproduced after the initial mailing at the course conclusion.