Faces of Parker

At Parker University, we are very proud of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff and consider them all to be members of our extended family. Each month we’ll highlight a few special members of the Parker University family with profiles as the Faces of Parker.

Andrew Bang, DC ‘11

Andrew Bang, DC ‘11

I have always wanted to be in health care. I wanted to help people who are sick or in pain feel better. But, I wasn’t always sure how I was going to do that. I thought about being a massage therapist or a naturopath. It was my first visit to a chiropractor that helped me make my decision.
I chose Parker because of the diversity of chiropractic techniques taught. I didn’t exactly know how I was going to practice and I felt that this would give me a sampling of different modalities. I would then be able to pick what I liked. My personal chiropractor recommended that I go to as many extra seminars as possible to deepen my knowledge. A few of the chiropractors I had been shadowing recommend I go to Parker (even though they didn’t) because of the business courses and the seminars offered.
I always felt the disconnect between main stream medicine and chiropractic medicine only hurt patients. During Tri 1, I determined one of my first goals would be to work on joining the two professions together. While working in a private setting, one of my patients introduced me to Dr. Michael Roizen, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Wellness Institute and good friend of Dr. Memet Oz. I not only met Dr. Roizen, but I was brought on staff. My next goal is to film a chiropractic segment on the Dr. Oz show.
Working in the hospital setting has given me professional opportunities and experiences that would not have been available to me in private practice. Staffing, appointments, marketing, and the like are handled through the hospital administration. Therefore, my focus is on treating patients and spreading the word about Chiropractic care options throughout the Cleveland Clinic system. In the future, I hope to take advantage of the research opportunities and become an instructor for the medical school.
While serving as an intern in Bogotá, Colombia for my last trimester at Parker I was able to work right alongside several Physical Therapists and a Sports Medicine doctor. Being able to discuss the optimal patient care with the PTs and sports med doctor was a great way to learn how different treatments can complement one another. I thought to myself “this is the most amazing care a patient can receive.”
Here at the Cleveland Clinic, I work in the same office with acupuncturists, massage therapists, holistic psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, yoga instructors, and medical doctors (who use nutrition and supplementation to reverse disease processes). The physicians, other health care providers, and I work together with the whole patient in mind. The patient receives world class care.
Andrew Oteo, DC '10

Andrew Oteo, DC '10

I’m a firm believer that life is a journey and even the greatest challenge offers us the opportunity for growth physically, professionally, and spiritually. I experienced a shoulder injury through the physical beat-down I took as a high school wrestler, power lifter, and drummer (I marched with the 60lb tenors in the drum line) that led me down a long road to recovery. At the time, I was 19 and knew it was not normal for my right hand to feel numb. I also had the common sense to realize that I didn’t want to keep going to my MD for corticosteroid injections in my shoulder forever. Long story short, I was willing to try anything to help my shoulder and a chiropractor was the first person to explain to me that the nerves in my neck are connected to my hand. A year later, I ditched seeking my business marketing degree at the University of Oklahoma to start my prerequisites at Parker.
I love the quote by Albert Einstein: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Every day in my office, I see a miracle. Sometimes small victories like pain relief and improved function during daily activities…. But the things that keep me hungry day after day in the office are reaching people and opportunities to help facilitate experiences in my patients that create a massively positive shift in their life. I love chiropractic, but even above that, I love serving people and leading my patients to better health.
I actually met a student at Parker while I was going to the University of Oklahoma that took me under her wing and took the time to share with me her experience at Parker. We would meet for coffee or lunch and I would ask her every question I could possibly think of about chiropractic, the program, the classes, the professors, and the leadership of the school (Thank you Penny!!). Once I took an Open House tour, I could immediately sense this was a unique place with an inviting energy and focused academic professionalism. I was actually so impressed with my tour guide and campus tour that I decided to become a campus tour guide and help the academic recruitment department while I was going through the program.
My class was a unique bunch…. We worked hard and played hard, but I have some great memories that will stay with me forever of holiday parties, Parker Palooza jam fest, performing at the talent show with my classmates (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wH3qf86Y1o ), Parker Seminars, late night study sessions, the list goes on. One of the most memorable personal experiences for me was being given an Alumni Association Endowment Fund Scholarship while I was a student. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQG980BYxOA ). Chiropractic has opened up doors for me that I never imagined possible and I am truly grateful for my friends and mentors around the world that share my passion and profession.
I am a Parker Ambassador and a member of the Young Alumni Committee. As a Parker Ambassador, I enjoy visiting local Universities and sharing my personal, academic, and professional journey with undergraduate students interested in seeking a career in healthcare. Many times, it is the first time these students have ever even heard about chiropractic and it tends to make a lot of sense to them when you rationally deliver a message of the science, art, and philosophy of our profession. I also am a monthly contributor to the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) because I believe this profession can only move forward if we work together to support local and national organizations that are diligently involved in positive press and legislature for chiropractic.
Andrew Riffe, DC 05

Andrew Riffe, DC 05

I know it’s common to answer ‘to help people’ but that’s true! My mother was in an automobile accident when I was a kid and I remember going with her to the chiropractor and how much it helped her recover. Even today my visits home include adjusting my family!
Things in life tend to connect for a reason and I had moved to Dallas in order to attend seminary. I had always wanted to become a doctor but was unsure what type of doctor I wished to be. Being a massage therapist paired well with being a chiropractor since both involve holistic wellness and working with my hands so having Parker in the same city I was in (and it being the best) was a win-win for me.
I've been teaching for over 17 years and have always loved being involved with education. While a student here at Parker there was a ‘buzz’ that a massage program was being developed. I had expressed an interest in being an instructor while a student here but unfortunately, it never opened while I was a student. In 2006 Dr. Lyle Wilson contacted me and told me that the school was opening and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. Little did I know that I would be asked shortly after the school opened to be the Director. Seeing the program here at Parker and what I could add to it were too much to turn down.
I believe hearing back from our graduates about their successes and challenges is incredibly rewarding. Also, seeing the impact on the health of our clients here at the School’s clinic through the application of regular massage therapy sessions is amazing.
Caleb Braddock, DC '05

Caleb Braddock, DC '05

After a serious football injury in high school I turned everywhere for help with no results. Reluctantly my family took me to a chiropractor and the rest is history. On my 3rd visit I made up my mind that chiropractic was for me.
After graduation I opened my own office. It's been 10 years and I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled. We have since then opened 2 more offices and are looking forward to taking chiropractic to the masses.
The most rewarding experiences are when parents of small babies hand them to you and trust you to take care of them, not for back pain but because the fully understand the importance of the nervous system. It's awesome!
Discussing chiropractic philosophy and imagining our future while playing pool at the SPA.
This is our greatest focus. The most important adjustment we make is adjusting the way our communities understand health and the crucial role the nervous system plays in their health. We are on a mission to reach as many as possible with with chiropractic message!
Carla Harper, MT '08

Carla Harper, MT '08

I can’t say I was drawn to massage, I would have to say it just happened. I had just been laid off from a Telcom company and was looking for work. In 2007 at a job fair at the Parker Massage Therapy booth, I met Dr. Drew Riffe and the recruiter at the time. We had a very pleasant conversation and positive connection. Dr. Drew convinced me to go ahead and take the paperwork and think about it. The week the program was to begin, I decided to give massage therapy a shot. This began my training as a massage therapist.
I chose Parker because of the caring they provided during the first week of school. I loved it, but couldn’t afford it. At the time, we were able to sit in the class for the first week to preview the class. The end of the week I set off to the office to drop, for financial reasons. They took the time to explain clearly and patiently what was available to me financially. I decided to stick it out, and I came out of the program Salutatorian!!!!!! This was the place for me! If you want to receive complete training, Parker is the place for it. I have spoken with massage therapists over the years and they convey that the training they received was not as thorough as they would have wanted. When I go on interviews I’ve been told the Parker name speaks for itself. My financial investment was so worth it, when I hear this.
FREEDOM! The freedom to do what I want with my career and how I want to do it. The freedom to continuously learn from massage; There are so many CEU’s available for us to pick and choose from to add to our tool kit. Massage therapists are able to go a variety of directions such as medical, chiropractic, Infant Massage, self-employment, and many more - the opportunities are endless for us. Knowing when you complete a massage that the individual is leaving a much better person then when they arrived and your special, unique touch was the reason for it is PRICELESS!
My favorite memories are from the compassion and caring they provided each and every individual in our class. Regardless of where their mindset was with massage, the staff worked with each person to achieve their goals.
Chae Tracy, DC '04

Chae Tracy, DC '04

I had planned on going to Optometry School and was interning in Dallas with a ophthalmologist doing LASIK. I saw the need for glasses and contacts going away and began questioning my career choice. Upon visiting with other optometrist they all said if they had to do it again they would not. So I had a friend in chiropractic school and he was always excited about it and telling me how awesome Parker was, so much so that he encouraged me to come check it out. So I did and fell in love with the energy, the principles, and the feeling of family at Parker. So I applied for, and was awarded, some scholarships, and the rest is history.
I wanted to get involved with the Parker alum to give back to a school that gave me the opportunity to serve others in this awesome thing we call chiropractic. Being able to help influence the direction of the school, ensuring that the principles that Dr. Parker founded the school on were being kept alive, and that the school was continuing in the right direction was also a drive to get involved.
Wow. That is tough. I would have to say on a daily basis when Moms give me their newborn and have the trust for me to check and correct their little subluxations so they to have a chance towards optimal health.
You have to talk the tic to your patients, at the table, and in the community. You may think they get it, but rarely they do, and they think we don't need referrals because we are busy so you have to educate and ask. We have fun writing wellness articles in our community paper, newsletters and magazines, in addition to having a billboard campaign and doing lunch and learns around town.
Chase Dyess, DC '11

Chase Dyess, DC '11

I experienced several injuries throughout high school and college including two major car accidents. I received care from a chiropractor following my accidents, and learned there was a natural alternative to drugs and surgery. Prior to that, I was not aware of the capabilities of chiropractic.
While receiving care from my chiropractor, I quickly decided to switch my future career from physical therapy to chiropractic. After researching, I selected Parker because of its reputation and it was closest to home.
I really enjoyed the various technique classes and philosophy taught while at Parker. My professors did an amazing job of helping me learn; Dr. Beaird was wonderful and really taught me a lot. I also valued my Clinic-Based Internship, which helped prepare me for my career after Parker.
The most rewarding aspect of my career is having the privilege of saving people’s lives from the path of drugs and surgery, and continually helping people live a healthy, preventative lifestyle.
Christopher Burton, DC '13

Christopher Burton, DC '13

From a young age I have always loved helping people. I always knew I wanted to help people heal naturally without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.
Things didn't go exactly as planned after graduation. Many of my plans and arrangements actually fell through and never fully developed. I had to turn those bad events around and use them to my advantage. It forced me to quickly learn the "back office operations" of starting and running a clinic in a honest and ethical way.
A few of my favorite memories would be the first day of Gross Anatomy Lab, my first Diversified practical, and of course the fond memories that were created with my Parker classmates.
What I find most rewarding about being a chiropractor is actually making a difference in the lives of individuals and their families. A 75 year old patient told me, "Thank you, you are the only doctor that has been able to help me with my pain, I feel so much better. I wish I had known about you and chiropractic years ago."
Christy Porterfield, DC '05

Christy Porterfield, DC '05

My personal story is about a mother's love. My oldest son was born in 1997, an even 8 pounds with white-blonde hair. Taylor was healthy by all standards I knew, he had no major illnesses and we spend the first year experiencing the milestones and growing together. And then things changed. In 1998 Taylor began to experience ear infections, a snotty nose and "allergies" that just never went away. Month after month we visited the pediatrician, Taylor's chubby little baby hands pulling at his ears and tears in his eyes. Month after month we were sent home with yet another prescription for antibiotics and no other options.

As a mother who wanted the very best for my baby, I was frustrated and my gut told me there was a better way. We were not solving any problems, and meanwhile long-term dangers of antibiotic use were starting to come to light in the media, so I researched other options. We stopped mild products and started to use garlic-oil ear drops, we ate organic and even started switching to non-toxic cleaners and detergents. It did make some difference, but the ear infections persisted. That's when I found a research article about chiropractic and ear infections. A short week later, Taylor and I made our first trip to the chiropractor. She did find that Taylor had nerve distress and moments later, a miracle happened for our small family - following that first adjustment Taylor never had another ear infection, his "allergies" resolved and I rarely saw another snotty nose.
Our Plano, TX office offers many monthly workshops both in our office and in the community. Our goal is to spread the word of true health as far and as wide as possible. We mentor young high-school students in a clinical rotation program, teaching them about health so they can someday enter the health care profession with a working knowledge of what chiropractic is. We encourage our patients to share as well; changing the health of our country is a grass-roots effort and we can use all the help we can get!
I've enjoyed every step along the way and wouldn't change anything about it! I do encourage graduating students to spend a good deal of time in various offices, learning how they want to practice so they can gather the tools and support they'll need for success.
Seeing lives turn around! not "just health," but attitudes, relationships, ability to work productively, and enjoying activities that had previously been limited.
I truly enjoyed my time at Parker. Our class was small and close-knit, supportive, and a wonderful environment to learn in.
 David Smith, DC '07

David Smith, DC '07

I had recurrent back pain from athletics since I was about 13. I tried chiropractic in my twenties and was surprised at the results. Just being around great chiropractors with a well rounded view of taking care of patients was inspiring to me. This and a lot of prayers led me to join the chiropractic profession. Parker was the best choice for me to start my chiropractic career as it had great professors and could be in the field within three years. It was an intense three years, but I enjoyed being on campus with staff docs, classmates, professors, and patients.
Airrosti fixed my shoulder when every other technique/protocol had not. After playing some college baseball, my shoulder always hurt. It was pain-free after my first Airrosti visit. The best practices model has allowed me to fix musculo-skeletal conditions I would have never thought possible before Airrosti.
I have been blessed to work with a great team at Airrosti as well as Roger Tolar, MD and his Cornerstone Family and Sports Medicine Clinic here in Keller. Working side by side with a sports medicine MD and staff has taught me how to integrate into the health care spectrum successfully. We provide high quality, outcome based care that significantly reduces costs and recovery times for our patients reducing their need for medications, further imaging, or procedures. This allowed me to become a member of a practice family I can stay with my entire career.
I wanted to show the students the benefits of working with the medical community in an integrative office, to give the patients the best care possible while constantly building my patient base. Also, I wished I had known about options such as Airrosti sooner in my chiropractic career so that I could have tailored some of my elective studies. I hoped I could provide an interesting option to current students who wish to excel in manual therapy, biomechanics, and sports/work related issues through an outcome based, best practices model.
We, the chiropractic profession, should always open our doors to students and prospective students. Give them the opportunity to be motived by what we are doing and thus extending our reach in helping patients.
Denisa Weber, DC '09

Denisa Weber, DC '09

Captivated by the thriving power of the human body at an early age, I was led to pursue the healing arts. My extensive background in competitive gymnastics and cheerleading made me appreciate the potential my body held to perform at a high level. Gymnastics led to my first adjustment, and I realized the impact chiropractic made on my performance.
My studies at Texas A&M University in exercise physiology gave me more insight and understanding into the inner workings of the human body. This further ignited my passion to awaken others to reconnect with their own innate ability to express pure health and potential.
While working as an exercise physiologist in a cardiac rehab facility, one of my favorite patients told me that I sounded like her chiropractor when I spoke of health and healing. At that moment I remembered my chiropractic experience and began the process of searching for one of the best chiropractic colleges to attend. I saw Parker was in Dallas, toured the campus and was hooked. My husband and I moved to Dallas and he started coaching and teaching at Highland Park ISD and has been there for the past 9 years.
I knew I wanted to have my own practice and that I did not want to associate. I had a vision for how I wanted to practice and I didn’t want to work for anyone else’s vision but my own. I graduated when I was 3 months pregnant and began to practice when my daughter was 2 months old. The beginning of practice was hard for me as a new mom and chiropractor. Honestly, choosing to persevere and keep “showing up” during these hard times is what made me get through it. My mantra was something I heard from Dr. John Demartini, “An inch is a sinch and a mile is a pile.” Taking it one day at a time, planting seeds everywhere I went, trusting the process and simply not giving up is what has led me to where I am today. I knew I wanted a 100% referral based practice and to get that takes getting out in your community and TIME. It may have been a slow burn, but it is what has brought me to where I am and I kept my integrity in the process.
Every time a new mom hands me her newborn baby and says, “Please check my baby so he/she can have the best start to life”, is hands-down the most rewarding part of being a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor! It is truly an honor and privilege to have the trust of growing families we serve in our community. Doesn’t get better than that!
I speak at birth conferences, birth network meetings, moms groups, Obgyn and pediatric practices on the importance of prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. The more we can educate people on why and how we serve growing families, the more we can bridge the gap and have more children receiving the opportunity to live at their full potential from the very beginning of life. My mission is for everyone who serves families in our community to know about prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care and how chiropractic helps them express more LIFE!
Dennis Harris, DC  '88

Dennis Harris, DC '88

Unlike those that were led to chiropractic from an experience, I was led by the philosophy. I “accidentally” met a chiropractor who told me about the ability of the body to heal itself when there is an uninterrupted flow of energy. This rang true for me and he explained that chiropractors remove the interference of that flow. We went to his office, he called Parker and had materials sent to me. After reading Wilks’ book, I was hooked and after receiving chiropractic adjustments, my life has never been the same.
I’m from Louisiana so it was close and it was highly recommended by the doctor that introduced me.
If this profession is to proliferate, I believe the most vital resource we have is the education of our students. This is where it all begins.
One satisfied patient and miracle at a time. I ask patients to share their story with others and I intend to do more public speaking in the future.
I’m local and close friends with the other chair, Dave Hardison. I’m happy to contribute to the school whenever I can. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with my classmates and other friends that graduated that year.
Bao Thai, DC  '05

Bao Thai, DC '05

I always wanted to do something with meaning for people. My parents always pushed me to become a doctor, Like every child, we will resist and rebel whatever our patients say. I looked and researched all the different health professions to see what I thought would be the best fit for me. As I looked deeper and deeper I found that chiropractic interested me the most because it was different. It was not your normal model of what we thought healthcare should be, it was what healthcare should be, So I applied to Parker and it has been great ever since. I could not imagine doing anything else in my life.
I practice in Corinth Texas. I share a building with my wife who is a dentist. My practice is focused on Nerve Damage patients. Primarily patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy. We work on getting the functionality back into their lives. Most of my patients are older and have worked hard all their lives. My focus is to restore their quality of life back,
The biggest lesson I have learned all these years is surround yourself with positive people and people who want to achieve what you want. My progression from graduation to now has been due to the people around me. I have surrounded myself with great doctors and great people who continue to motivate and help me to throughout my career. In life we think we know it all, but that is farther from the truth.
In my practice, we are changing lives. When I see the things we are able to do it makes me appreciate where I am at in my life.
We try to educate our patients as much as possible. We do events in our office and do what we can as our community needs us.
The biggest thing I miss from Parker are just all of my friends. In life very seldom do you get to spend so much time with a group of people for such a long period of time. As we went through school, we laughed, we cried, we stressed out, and we made memories. My time at Parker is something that I will never forget.
Courtney Gowin, DC '13

Courtney Gowin, DC '13

It was a basketball injury that first introduced me to chiropractic my sophomore year in college. All I knew about chiropractic at the time was when I got adjusted I could actually play, and the weeks I didn't, I was more than likely on the sideline in pain. After being introduced to the philosophy of chiropractic my passion was ignited and there was no looking back! Staying close to my west Texas home was important to me, so Parker became the number one choice.
Thank you, being elected to the board is such a huge honor! I wanted to stay involved with Parker and give back because it opened the door and provided an education for me to create a dream job and follow my passion. During this three year term I hope to keep the passion of chiropractic alive throughout our University and within our profession.
I came into Parker with a strong vision and an entrepreneurial heart. I kept a notebook and on study breaks or down time I would add or tweak my vision of my dream practice. It was that vision that got me through the weeks with 20+ tests/quizzes and the challenging curriculum we are faced with. So when graduation time came, within three months I was up and running in my dream space.
Sometimes I think I am crazy, and half the time I either have spit up in my hair or yesterday's makeup on. However I absolutely would not be able to do any of this without my support system of family, friends, and my amazing husband. I do know that God has placed a passion in my heart for a reason, and He also provided all of the amazing people in my life to make it all happen!
The people that have had the most impact on my career and life are my tribe of now chiropractors led and facilitated by Autumn Gore. These people not only taught me so much about chiropractic, but they also taught me how to innately live with a passion and a purpose that is transformative to everyone that comes into contact with it. I would want to say thank you and Kampai!
Kristina Stitcher, DC '04

Kristina Stitcher, DC '04

My mom was involved in a car crash my senior year in high school, she was diagnosed with a disc herniation and got a cervical fusion to 'correct' it. But my Mom's fusion was one of the failures, no pain or function improvement. 1 year later she started seeing a chiropractor- a recent Parker grad, he told her that she would never be the same as she was before the crash, but through chiropractic care he knew she could be healthier and happier than she was then. She started getting adjusted, and over the next few months and years she regained her health and life. That inspired me to look into chiropractic, while touring Parker I was visiting the microbiology room when it hit me-this was what I was suppose to do, and I was to get here as soon as possible. Luckily, I followed that call and got here quickly and I have never looked back. Chiropractic has been a talent and passion and purpose in my life, it has driven me to push harder and be better as I know our impact and purpose: lives are on the line.
I remember being inspired at graduation to return and teach here someday. Since that time I have built and enjoy a successful family wellness practice, our focus is pregnancy and infant care. Through my practice we have impacted many lives, but I always knew that more students and doctors needed to know what is really possible with chiropractic. I witness miracles daily as the result of the adjustment and I want to contribute to our professions' future so these miracles continue. We need to leave this profession better than we find it, and being here are Parker helps me achieve that greater goal. I am amazed at the spirit and will of chiropractic students, what a future we have, it will be guarded well!
We had our first child 2 months prior to graduation, I was honored to have Dr. Watts there to adjust me during labor and adjust William soon after birth. William wasn't breathing well after his birth and that adjustment released a powerful healing power in his body, his breathing and color immediately improved and my newborn's live was transformed immediately. That increased my passion for pregnancy and babies, my practice has always focused on this special population and I absolutely love being around babies all day. I opened Family First Chiropractic and Wellness Center in March 2004 and haven't looked back. The practice is in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been a full expression of my purpose and love. I continue seeing patients there monthly and am the visionary for the practice; what a blessing it is to have both my practice and be able to teach with Parker and impact our future.
Cadaver lab, I want to participate again, I appreciate that knowledge at a higher level now. Being a clinic intern and having the youngest and oldest patients in all of clinic under my care. The lifelong friendships that were created with my classmates. Palpating, really palpating C1 for the first time! Being inspired by how much I knew after I got through all of boards, being humbled by how much I still had to learn to be a great chiropractor while walking the stage at graduation.
I had amazing professors who changed and shaped my vision of health and the body's potential to function and heal. Those professors gave their heart and soul to make me a better person and doctor. Now I am thrilled to be standing shoulder to shoulder with those same giants as I teach with them. I knew being a student was hard, the hardest thing I had ever done and the greatest reward too. I had no idea now hard it is to be a professor, what a sacrifice and skill it takes to teach the foundations of chiropractic. What would and do I say? Thank you, your hard work and countless hours are worth it, you save lives everyday by pushing us to be the very best chiropractors possible. We need more amazing professors who care and inspire and lead this profession, I am so incredibly blessed and grateful.
Edgar Peralta, DC  ‘04

Edgar Peralta, DC ‘04

In 1995 I injured my back while working as an automotive mechanic. A chiropractor helped my back and motivated me to go to Parker, and of course the will to heal others with pain. I chose Parker because I wanted to help others with their aches and pain, and because I wanted a better future.
I spread the chiropractic word and philosophy everywhere I go. I write my own educational information, have made an education video on report of findings and an overall chiropractic video and created two satellite clinics on weekends to promote to the Hispanic community. I also target catholic churches, do workshops and get involved with activities within the community, such as giving motivational talks and of course, just tell everybody who I am and what I do.
Because I want to help others succeed. It’s sad to see Parker grads not practicing chiropractic because it’s hard to establish a practice and keep it running. We need to continue to promote the love and philosophy of chiropractic to them.
The most rewarding part of my career is being my own boss and to have a reputation as a health care professional. Also making my mom and my community proud – especially in the Hispanic community where we're lacking professionals and especially doctors of chiropractic.
Edgar Rivera, DC ‘09

Edgar Rivera, DC ‘09

Prior to chiropractic I was a Geologist working as an Environmental Technician and later as an Engineering Aide in Tucson, Arizona. I had a great job working in the field, but I started to re-develop low back problems and headaches. My original pain began when I was 15 years old and fell 25 feet from a Ferris wheel, straight to the floor. I began going to my chiropractor again, Dr. Parks from Oro Valley Chiropractic. I was already looking for a different career opportunity and I had family attending chiropractic school. I was praying for an answer on what to do with my professional life, and the idea of being able to help others made me feel complete.
By the time I decided to start chiropractic school my Brother in-law and Sister in-law were already at Parker College of Chiropractic; I went to Parker because it was already our Family University. My wife was very supportive and she and my three children went to Texas with me.
Spreading the word of Parker is easy. Sharing the word of Parker with the world is a privilege and an honor. When prospective students or patients listen to our Parker experiences, we speak from the heart and we show them Parker in our Clinic. I see Parker in my Administration department, in my billing department, in my documentation, in my Physical Therapy department, in every Radiograph, and when going into my office. I also see Parker in every patient after they get an adjustment; a smile builds up and a sigh of relief emanates from them.

As for chiropractic… There is a secret that people don't know, and we are crazy not to tell!! It’s how chiropractic CAN change the future. When spreading the word about chiropractic, we tell them, "This is not magic, it is real." We start by letting them know chiropractic is not new, that it has been researched by not only chiropractors, but by Doctors of Medicine with the same results, and that chiropractic works. We let them know that chiropractors are health professionals with a strong educational background. We even have an educational comparison between DCs and MDs in our offices for patients to see…they are amazed.

We have three words at the clinic: Faith, Love and Hope. And one phrase, "Expect Miracles!"
My wife and I graduated from Parker and had a blank slate... We could go anywhere and start from scratch. First choice was family and most of ours was still living in Puerto Rico. We knew Puerto Rican American Citizens are highly health oriented, which was our advantage. Puerto Rico has a population between 4 to 5 million with approximately less than 200 chiropractors and with it being our previous home, it felt like the right choice.
I have found success through my patients. Giving them what they needed to get better, telling the truth at all times, being sincere when I had doubts, and reassuring the patients when I knew they were going to get better. Secondly, by taking chiropractic to the community at health fairs and providing public education. We feel very strongly that the public deserves the opportunity to know about chiropractic.

Parker business classes gave us the building blocks to succeed in our career... We just listened and applied the knowledge and patience.
Frank Means, DC '93

Frank Means, DC '93

I'm a lifetime wellness care patient and as a young boy I distinctly remember that going to the chiropractor was fun. It felt good. It seemed like all the other doctors always gave me shots or some yucky tasting medicine. Who wants that especially if you're a kid? But the chiropractor...I liked going to him.
My chiropractor in Little Rock, Arkansas turned me onto Parker, which at that time was a relatively new school -- not yet ten years old. I chose Parker because they taught a larger variety of adjusting techniques than any other chiropractic college and, through the world famous Parker Seminars, offered training and guidance in the all-important business aspects of building and running a practice. Plus, I've always loved Dallas. Great town, lots to do.
If you can possibly swing it financially, start your own practice from scratch or buy an existing one; I think you'll really like being the boss. That said - do all you can to keep debt to a minimum and your overhead low, especially starting out. Remember it's not how much you take in; it's how much you take home.
I'm an outgoing guy by nature and I'm very high profile in my community. I'm involved in my church, the Rotary club, our community theater and I write for a local magazine. This gives me access to a lot of people. Like Dr. Parker used to say, "The more you meet, the more you can treat." This kind of self-marketing is not only effective, it's also free.
Gavin Wolff,  Tri 8

Gavin Wolff, Tri 8

Parker University became my choice when I learned of the diversity offered in the technique courses, basic sciences, and student centered learning. One "open house" visit with my wife by my side was all that was needed to see the family atmosphere, attention to detail, and scientific and philosophy based education. The fact that Parker offered so many techniques made me feel that I was going to find the technique that was not only best for me, but ideal for my patients. Also, having Parker in the center of such a great metropolitan area, such as DFW, was the icing on the cake.
The After Hours Clinic Visit Program is by far my favorite extracurricular activity/club offered on campus. The Alumni Office goes above and beyond to show the versatility of chiropractic by choosing and screening the best chiropractors. The variety of chiropractic offices that After Hours visits shows that we truly are a self-limiting profession with the sky as the limit. My deepest thanks to the good doctors that are willing to show their vulnerability and share with the next generation of chiropractors the tools to success and how to avoid mistakes through the After Hours program.
I would like to open a clinic near my wife who is a practicing dentist. Together we are going to become a healthcare power house and serve the community with the intention to grow the profession and help as many people as possible.
The wide spectrum of opportunities offered at Parker from alumni events, student led clubs, SICA/SACA activities, F4CP programs, seminars, and assemblies makes choosing a favorite very difficult. However, the opportunity to serve as a student class officer and then as a student senate cabinet member stands out in my memory as a particularly beneficial experience. Through the student senate I was able to work as a part of a team that changed campus wide procedures, establish working relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators, and pave the way for up and coming students of Parker. In short, the student senate was the perfect opportunity and venue to accomplish the legacy set at Parker for continued improvement for each incoming class.
I am currently a Tri 8 in the newly instated "7+3 " curriculum. This marks the end of my academic journey and the beginning of the clinical experience. Seeing patients with the ability to fully focus on patients is as good as it gets (until, of course, I can get paid for working with/on patients).
Hannah Winn,  Tri-3

Hannah Winn, Tri-3

Being one of eight children, my parents haven’t been able to contribute to my schooling. I have two handicapped siblings that are cared for by my father. Therefore, my mom is the sole provider for our family. I worked as an EMT-B and nurse last year, however, the rigorous class and testing schedule in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Parker University has vastly diminished my availability for a job. I will be paying for all of my tuition and living expenses with loans taken out from the government. I fear that this debt will hinder my ability to open a practice in the future. I will be forever grateful to those who have chosen to give me a chance at being someone who can make a difference in this world.
I received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Business Administration from Texas A&M University.
In my opinion, families with handicapped children are an underserved and growing population. From personal experiences with my handicapped sister, many physicians have not been educated on her syndrome and aren’t willing to treat her. I would like to devote a great amount of my time to researching various understudied handicaps and learn how to better treat people with disabilities. With the number of children being diagnosed with autism reaching epidemic proportions, my ambition is to provide help to these parents, instead of sending them away with the thought that it is just something they are going to have to live with.

I believe that chiropractic care can aid these children in overcoming obstacles that they face and give them the highest quality of life possible. I would like to incorporate a safe-haven in my practice for families with special needs children in need of a committed Doctor of Chiropractic. It is my ambition to develop a protocol that eradicates signs of autism in children throughout the world. The following quote by Mahatma Gandhi has influenced my dedication to serving through chiropractic care, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The support and graciousness from the Alumni Association Endowment Scholarship will aid in making my dreams for chiropractic a reality.
Being one of eight children, my parents haven’t been able to contribute to my schooling. I have two handicapped siblings that are cared for by my father. Therefore, my mom is the sole provider for our family. I worked as an EMT-B and nurse last year, however, the rigorous class and testing schedule in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Parker University has vastly diminished my availability for a job. I will be paying for all of my tuition and living expenses with loans taken out from the government. I fear that this debt will hinder my ability to open a practice in the future. I will be forever grateful to those who have chosen to give me a chance at being someone who can make a difference in this world.
I had ambitions to become a cardiothoracic surgeon and was well on my way to applying to medical school. I had been having lots of back pain from a childhood injury and decided to seek help from a chiropractor. After a few months of chiropractic care, I was swept off my feet and decided that I would better benefit my future patients by becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. It was the best decision I have ever made and I couldn't be more happy and blessed to be a student at Parker University!

The Alumni Association Scholarship is funded by the Parker Alumni Association Endowment fund, which is made possible by the generous support of our Lifetime Members. Learn more about Lifetime Membership
Irene Wabomnor, Student Tri-3

Irene Wabomnor, Student Tri-3

I was first introduced to chiropractic while I was shadowing at a physical therapy clinic. A woman came in and through our discussion, I found out how much seeing a chiropractor had helped her life. Being the curious person I am, I starting asking questions and looking more into what chiropractic really entailed. I was stunned to find out how many of my friends and family had benefited from receiving chiropractic care. But as I learned more, I eventually became a patient myself and realized that I wanted to be able to help people in this same way. After hearing about Parker University through numerous sources, I came to the conclusion that this would be the best place to achieve my goals.
My first trimester at Parker, I joined student senate so that I could really be involved with the happenings on campus. I also regularly attend tutoring sessions which really help to keep me on top of my academics. Additionally, I have been to several technique clubs to enhance the education that I am receiving in my classes. I’ve also tried to take advantage of the different opportunities offered to meet DCs and other speakers who come to campus through programs like After Hours or Philosophy Night.
We, as chiropractic students, spend so much of our time studying for our classes and trying to pass the next test that we sometimes lose sight of why we are doing it or what the “real world” looks like. This is where the After Hours Clinic Visit Program comes into play. I think it is a great program because it is a simple and non-time-consuming way for students to interact with chiropractors in our area who have a wealth of knowledge to share. The chiropractors I have encountered through this program have all been very open in answering questions and letting me pick their brains about anything related to chiropractic and life in general.
Honestly, I’m not quite sure yet. I am originally from Chicago so right now, I am trying to weigh whether I would like to stay here in the south or return to the Midwest. But I recently met a chiropractor who practices overseas and with as much as I like to travel and see the world, I’m starting to think that I may want to practice internationally for some time.
I think the best way to spread the message of chiropractic is by living it. I grew up not knowing much about chiropractic and there are people in my community who are still unsure about what chiropractic is and how to feel about it. But the chiropractic way of life works and sometimes people just need to see it to believe it.
Janelle Perkins, DC  '04

Janelle Perkins, DC '04

There are 7 chiropractors in my family and so I've grown up at Parker Seminars and chiropractic conventions all over. I have a passion for natural health care. Even though there are several Medical Doctors in my family, I've always been drawn to finding the CAUSE for sickness, and not 'band-aiding" with prescriptions. I think chiropractors can improve the quality of people's lives, thus making them more enjoyable to be around!
Oh, that's funny! My cousin, Dr. John Whitehead, practiced in Grapevine for over 25 years before he passed away. When I was a student, I interned and externed at his clinic. I think I did every job possible there in order to learn the business, and I fell in love with the small town atmosphere of Grapevine. I graduated from Parker, got married on the same day in 2004, and moved to Phoenix (because my husband then had family there), but eventually Texas called me home! Practice is all about loving a LOCATION and loving living there, and that’s why I ended up in Grapevine.
Oh, that's funny! My cousin, Dr. John Whitehead, practiced in Grapevine for over 25 years before he passed away. When I was a student, I interned and externed at his clinic. I think I did every job possible there in order to learn the business, and I fell in love with the small town atmosphere of Grapevine. I graduated from Parker, got married on the same day in 2004, and moved to Phoenix (because my husband then had family there), but eventually Texas called me home! Practice is all about loving a LOCATION and loving living there, and that’s why I ended up in Grapevine.
Giving back is the greatest gift ever. I love going back to Parker and other chiropractic schools and speaking to students. When I was in school, I was ultra-involved both locally and nationally. I was National Chair for SACA, so I continued to speak to student organizations everywhere. My passion is to help new doctors REALIZE what it takes to survive and THRIVE in today's economy. I was told that I couldn't practice with the model I have....and I said WATCH ME. It took years to establish a good business model, and what students need to know is that you HAVE to adapt and change with the times. Providing quality information, whether practice management or nutrition information, to students and my peers/colleagues is what I find most rewarding. We are all here to heal one SPINE at a TIME!
Jarrett Browning, DC '13

Jarrett Browning, DC '13

Growing up as a gymnast, I experienced exceptional care from many professionals in the healing arts, inspiring me to study the science of healing to become a physical therapist. During my junior year at the University of Oklahoma, my best friend looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You are going to become a chiropractor." For the next year and half I experienced massive resistance to the idea and finally broke in April '09, surrendering to touring chiropractic schools. This act led toward the discovery that my resistance had actually become the loudest voice unveiling my destiny.
During tours of various chiropractic schools, I asked myself, "How does this program go above and beyond a chiropractic education?" The moment I walked onto Parker's campus, that inner voice screamed "This is it!" Parker showed me that the education I would receive in the classroom was only the foundation for learning I would experience through school assemblies, campus clubs and organizations, and participation at Parker Seminars. The compassion and love I felt, and continue to feel, from the members of the Parker family serves as a continual reminder of the best decision I made in attending Parker.
Attending my first Dallas Parker Seminar in 2009 offered tremendous insight on how to become a success as a person and chiropractor. During that seminar, I learned about Dr. Parker's principle of "acting as if you have already assumed the role you are to become." Applying this principle in the way I thought about myself, dressed, and interacted with others opened doors to a parallel curriculum outside of chiropractic school. This curriculum came through Parker Seminars and various others, stepping up as a student leader, seeking out mentors, and attending a weekly group held by Dr. Autumn Gore. It was during Autumn's group that I became most vulnerable to looking within to express the purest version of myself in communicating and delivering chiropractic.
My ability to spread the message of health and well-being begins from within and leading by example. Establishing the foundation of habits that serve my well-being allows truth to resonate when sharing with others. From this platform, my communication in the office, at seminars, and with those sitting next to me on the airplane provides a clear opportunity to inspire others to seek chiropractic care for themselves, opening doors toward making conscious choices for their well-being.
Jason Black, DC '99

Jason Black, DC '99

What drew me to Chiropractic initially was my love for the human body that I discovered in a summer Anatomy and Physiology class at UT. I remember leaving class one afternoon and telling him that I knew what I wanted to do, but not sure what profession was involved in this area of health. After reading and visiting several local DCs in the area I met Dr. Longie, a Logan grad, and a huge fan of Parker Seminars. He told me two things: 1) don’t go anywhere else and 2) Chiropractic offers a lot of avenues for serving people, find your niche and get busy and love life! Shortly thereafter I took a trip to see Dallas and visit Parker College. I was greeted personally by Dr. Jim Parker in his office. He greeted me with his classic smile, smirked at me and gave me a hug I can still feel! I was so impressed with him, his passion, and his love for both the school and its mission to train excellent chiropractor that enrolled when I returned home and moved to Dallas in April of 1996!
As hind sight is always 20/20, I like to think of my success as failing forward! I’ve had some great wins and breakthroughs in my practice style, technique and my focus, just like most DCs. I believe that anyone who has not struggled and fallen down either has really low expectations for what is possible in their practice, or they are beyond lucky. I was very fortunate in that my athletics background allowed me to fail and learn how to do better, and not get burnt out or feel frustrated. I enjoyed the process most days. I subleased space out of school for the first 12 months and eventually moved to my own space, a 2000 sq. ft, the first of 3 practices I've owned. To help lead me to success I consciously surround myself with successfully practices. My definition back then is different than now, which I am thankful that I practice much different now than I did 16 years ago. I recall that my focus as a new graduate was to serve, make a living, and help the sick and suffering, but looking back I was not clear on exactly how I would do so. Along the way to my current understanding of success I have had many mentors, coaches & colleagues to refine and further evolve and shape both my philosophy and application of Chiropractic in my practice. I attended several seminars, on business, technique to further help me evolve my understanding of what real success is in Chiropractic. My advice is to become a lifetime student, strive to be better next week, next month than you are today. Take seriously the role you have in people’s lives because they trust you. This trust will lead to amazing results. Going into my 17th year, and looking back my focus today it's all about work- life balance, keeping my focus simple and clear with my patients, & staying curious and engaging in lifelong learning and self-improvement.
In 2010 a small group in Dallas started the DFW chapter of EPOC (epicenter of Chiropractic), and for the past five years we have met monthly in several awesome locations in downtown Dallas. EPOC is nationwide and serves primarily to build a like-minded community of DCs, that are motivated to grow personally and professionally. We refer to the group as a philosophy group, and ironically due to a lack of understanding of what philosophy is, some DCs think they already got it, and tend to overlook these meetings. I will say humbly, that coming to EPOC and other groups that desire to instill Chiropractic Philosophy is one of the best success strategies you can ever implement. Why? Simply because philosophy is all about why you do what you do, personally, professional, socially, etc. You have no choice to have “A Philosophy”, but it makes more sense to me to have a conscious and intentional one. We all learn from one another's principles of success, I know each meeting I get something that will help me and my community live better and with more quality of life. We have had the pleasure of learning from great speakers, leaders and both chiro and non-chiropractic words! While we have grown and shared a lot of wonderful knowledge EPOC DFW is just getting started, and we welcome students and DCs from any philosophy and practice style! It’s a very open and embracing group of DCs! I know if Dr. Jim Parker was here he'd be proud of the group’s progress in moving our profession forward and encourage all DCs to attend such meetings!
My most vivid memories are of the first day of Gross Lab and delivering my first adjustment under the guidance of the great Dr. States! It seems so long ago since I started Parker, but the Gross lab one of my favorite classes was so amazing! Those who knew Dr. States don’t need any further elaboration on his teaching ability and his love for delivering great adjustments.
Staying connected with Parker is easier now than it has been in the past 16 years, when we had limited internet and no social media! It's great to connect with former classmates, new grads & see all the growth in their personal lives & their businesses! In think the Facebook pages, the alumnus mixers, the lunches and of course the Parker Seminar in Dallas are my favorite ways to see what's going on and feel pride & a sense of connection. The current Alumni committee is so passionate about growing the membership, doing more together socially to grow lifelong friendships and learn from one another, it’s been a breath of fresh air seeing Donna Wald and Tran Pham really take this effort to heart.
Jennifer Taylor, DC '05

Jennifer Taylor, DC '05

I started as a chiropractic assistant in 1991 right out of high school. Not until I found upper cervical chiropractic did I truly see the impact chiropractic can have on the lives of the community. I saw a very weak, sick, 12 day old baby that was having difficulty breathing due to a traumatic birth return to health within a week of being under care, when all of the medical community could not come up with a solution to why this child would stop breathing up to 80 times per day. It was that day that I decided to get to Parker as soon as possible to begin my career.
Parker had everything that I was looking for. In Texas, my mentor, Dr. Bart Patzer attended there, and it had a strong presence within the chiropractic community. I attended 23 Parker seminars as a chiropractic assistant and felt very comfortable and sure of the education that I would receive.
Helping my community understand that " the power that made the body, heals the body". Watching families get well and stay well without the need for drugs or surgery and knowing that will make our next generation stronger and less dependent on outside-in approaches to health. One person, one family at a time will make our community healthier so everyone has the ability to achieve their purpose in life.
Truthfully, my classmates. We were all in this thing together and we supported each other so well. I miss being in my "chiro-bubble" where we all shared the same philosophy on health and healing. It's a real reality check when starting in practice and most people that you meet really have no clear understanding where true health and vitality comes from.
Our office holds several workshops over the year that pertains to how you "move, eat and think" as Dr. Chestnut would say. We have a new patient orientation that gives an overview on the basics of chiropractic and personal exercises recommended for their case. Outside workshops are throughout the community mainly to mom's and woman's groups as they make the majority of health decisions for the family. Our entire staff is responsible for the education that we give our patients and throughout the community. A strong community outreach program both in and outside the office relies on the strength and compassion of the entire office, not just the doctor's.
 Jim Powell, DC '93

Jim Powell, DC '93

I transferred to Parker because of Dr. Jim Parker. He was my father’s mentor and I was blessed to meet Dr. Jim at an early age. As a student, I had the opportunity to shadow him in his office periodically and learn from him.
With the Parker Principles as a solid foundation for our office we have been blessed to have a very busy practice for over 40 years. I am honored to work every day with my own family to serve the families of Canton, OH.
I love to tell my story to patients and to potential patients. Through chiropractic care, I was healed from a severe asthma dysfunction as a child. I battled with this condition and almost died many times when I experienced bad attacks. If it were not for chiropractic, I know that I would not be alive today. I truly believe that the greatest ability to share what we have is to make it personal.
If I can help at least one chiropractor become a more successful doctor who, in turn can help more people, then I have made a difference. That’s why I chose to apply for the alumni association board.
One hundred percent of my membership goes to the students and it is the greatest way to support the students trying to make their way through school. And, as an endowment fund, I know my donation continues to help future students succeed at Parker and as a chiropractor.
Joe Holman, student Tri-10

Joe Holman, student Tri-10

While attending Oklahoma State University as a premedical student with a holistic mindset (and knowing little of chiropractic), I thought being a DO would be my best option. But I started searching for other options and that's when I found chiropractic and Parker University. I talked with a chiropractor, and through research of Parker's mission and drive for excellence, I sent in my application. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Parker's faculty are some the brightest minds in the profession. Not only do they strive for excellence but the loving manor that everyone has is unlike any other university I've attended. I knew Parker was my best option for success.
I felt that being in a clinical setting, such as a CBI, had many advantages due to the diversity that I would be able to see. I would be opened not only to seeing more clinical cases but also to learn more about the financial side of a practice, and see first-hand the difference between insurance and cash instead of just hearing about in lectures. Parker does a great job of preparing its students for life after chiropractic school, and the CBI programs offer the opportunity to apply what we learn prior to graduation
I felt the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA) presented a unique opportunity to work first hand with cancer patients and learn how to handle the cases from a chiropractic and medical perspective. Dr John Sibley was the ultimate factor that drew me to this internship. After researching his history and learning of his success in the profession, I felt this was the option that would give me the biggest advantage as a new chiropractor. The combination of clinical and financial experience along with its location being in Tulsa, OK where I will be practicing, I felt the CTCA CBI would be my best option to take me to the next level as a chiropractor.
There is often this view of chiropractic against the medical field. This is slowly starting to change, and at CTCA, they believe we are all one team. Every profession respects the other for what they offer whether it's a chiropractor, neurosurgeon, or oncologist. My personal opinion of drugs and surgery have not changed while being at CTCA, but I do feel that now in a future situation of working with the medical profession, I have the confidence to co-manage any case if it is in the best interest of the patient.
Clinic Based Internships give the students an advantage because of the unique experiences they might not get in clinics. They give the students to first-hand experience of how an office runs and not only presents a wider range of clinical experience but also teaches the financial aspects of running an office. The success of the chiropractic profession is only limited by the success of its own, so if we can send out more confident and competent new chiropractors our profession will become stronger and more successful than ever before.
 Julie Powell, DC   '97

Julie Powell, DC '97

After finishing my bachelors of biology from UT Austin I knew I had to continue my education further into one of the many health professions. I originally researched DO, MD, PT, dental, optometry, and chiropractic schools. I liked the attraction of being my own boss and being autonomous from a doctor standpoint. I could also stay close to my hometown and attend the college. I actually started working for a chiropractor before starting Parker and saw the end result of all my future hard work. It was nice to see the positive feedback from patients before beginning on my arduous journey.
I educate patients on a daily basis thru my knowledge of chiropractic neurology. This helps me explain the mechanisms behind how chiropractic affects the nervous system.
I diagnosed an abdominal aortic aneurysm on a lumbar xray from a patient that was complaining of lower back pain. He was in emergency surgery the next day. He was very grateful that I was thorough in my examination and that I stood by my convictions. He actually apologized for being upset that I would not adjust him that same day!
Looking back at my time at Parker my favorite memories were attending PSPS and assemblies. At the time I absolutely hated these seminars, but something deep inside of me told me to sit there and listen to Dr Jim Parker. He would go into a two hour explanation of "above down inside out" and "FCB". I actually wish I could re-listen to these talks now. Today I am in full understanding of what he was talking about! I mentor a lot of new chiropractors right out of school and I wish they had known Dr Jim and his FCB philosophy. Chiropractic is definitely the type of profession that if you are in it for the wrong reasons, it will be transparent from the beginning. Patients know from the first touch of your hand if you have Faith, confidence and belief in yourself and chiropractic!
Kara Stephenson, DC ‘12

Kara Stephenson, DC ‘12

I have always been drawn to the healing side of helping people. At 20 I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor and at the time wasn't sure why. On June 9, 2009 my middle brother broke T4-T5 while training for a pro motocross race. He lost feeling from the nipple line down. His back surgery was exactly one week after I received my Parker acceptance letter. God showed me right then in the waiting room why I felt led to chiropractic, what His plan was and what was going to keep me driven through the process.
Honestly, I just knew that's where I was going. My chiropractor and mentor Dr. Marc Langas graduated from Parker in 1987. After praying where I should go and seeing my mentor help people who "couldn't" be helped, I knew Parker was the right place for me.
I get to see miracles every single day. Some are huge and some are small. I went to Africa on a non-medical mission trip last fall. The Lord used me to help others in ways I never thought chiropractic would be needed. Back here in the states I see those same miracles happen in different ways. I have seen babies who have had every treatment under the sun to help their condition and with one to two adjustments be a completely different and very happy baby. I have seen adults who thought pain was a normal way of life turn around and joyfully start living again! There is no limit.
Jesus Christ hands down. If it wasn't for the sacrifice He gave, the people He has placed in my life and the opportunities He has blessed me with, I would be nothing. I am blessed to be where I am and thank Him every day. He knows He's the only one who could turn a small town East Texas girl into a doctor living in the big city! Anything is possible 🙂
Kelly Kent-Hickman and Levi Kent-Hickman, DC & MT '10 & '07

Kelly Kent-Hickman and Levi Kent-Hickman, DC & MT '10 & '07

Kelly: I was drawn to chiropractic due to what I refer to as my “miracle.” After many years of seeing countless physicians and many neurologists I had lost hope that there could be a cure for my unremitting migraine headaches. I had been pushed under a pile of pills that not only were less than effective, they were menacing in their side effects. My dad had attempted several times to get me to see his chiropractor, but I had always rejected the notion. However, after a hip injury during childbirth I relented and went to see a Parker Graduate, Dr. Steve Thaxton, in my hometown of Sissonville, WV. Little did I know that he would not only relieve my hip pain, but the affliction I had carried for years. I’ll never forget sitting in his parking lot crying because finally, for once in almost ten years, my head didn't hurt. Previously, I had planned to attend medical school and become a prenatal surgeon. I realized that for me, the medical community had not been the answer... But I had found the answer. It had been within my body the whole time unbeknownst to me. I wanted to teach others about the body's capacity to heal itself. I wanted to give others understanding of their own innate power.

Levi: I think that I have always been drawn toward healing and the Arts. I received my first massage at age 16 and became very interested in the ability of using my hands to heal others. I looked into being able to take massage classes during high school, but that wasn't available. Massage therapy was then overshadowed for a few years by my other love photography. I married Kelly, the best thing I have ever done, and moved to Dallas with her to pursue her Chiropractic career. Watching her study and seeing her passion rekindled my need to heal, and I made the second best choice of my life, I started massage school at Parker.
Kelly: I was drawn to Parker for many reasons. The first being Dr. Thaxton's recommendation. The second reason being that no matter whom you asked, Parker was “the best.” However, the clincher was the Parker Principles. I saw them when researching online and knew the school was for me. To this day I remember each time I'm with patients that "Loving Service is my First Technique."

Levi: Parker was a no brainier for me. I knew from the start that giving only relaxation massage was not what I wanted to be capable to do. I looked for a program that would go beyond the basics, and Parker was the right fit. They offered the most complete curriculum available. After years of talking to graduates of other massage schools, I am still impressed. I was immediately drawn in by Dr. Lyle Wilson, then director of the massage school. He embodies what an excellent therapist can be. I feel honored that I was able to learn from him and Dr. Drew Riffe.
Kelly: For me success comes from belief in myself and what I do. The benefit of chiropractic for my patients still amazes me. I was told that every day I would see miracles and that was no exaggeration. Also, I feel that my education left me prepared for the patients that walk into my office. This translates to confidence that your patients can see and feel. Above all, as John C. Maxwell said, “People don't care what you know until they know how much you care.” Caring about your patients with 100% of your being will build your practice faster than any other means. It comes down to Dr. Parker believing in Present Time Consciousness. I’ve also been very fortunate to have found a great mentor in Dr. Steve Lorenzen, another Parker graduate. I've been with Lorenzen Chiropractic Clinic in Richardson for two and a half years and I still learn from him every single day. Together we've expanded the practice, adding a 2nd massage therapist and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. The biggest role has been played by the support of my family. Our daughter Mia, 10, was patient throughout my schooling and my practice building. Now I'm fortunate enough to return the favor with homeschooling and focusing on her explicitly when not at the clinic.

Levi: My success is knowing daily that I've relieved a person of their pain and that their lives will be better for it. You can see it in their eyes. To me that's success. My skills have pulled me toward treating chronic pain, sports injury, and migraines. Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Somatic Reflex Therapy are what I combine most often to get the best results. Turns out I'm not exceptional at relaxation massage. I tend to find issues that I just can't pass up. I want to fix the problem. I have found the perfect place to grow and practice. The Dallas Country Club has been my massage home for 15 months and I am still excited to be there every day. I feel like I am doing the best work of my career.
Kelly: Levi's support goes without saying. Two parents working full time and homeschooling can be daunting. He's an amazing partner. Though we work in different places, Levi is a constant support. He's a sounding board on difficult cases. He's also sent many patients to our clinic by referral and so we do get to co-treat, just from different locations.

Levi: Kelly and I are constantly consulting on our toughest patients. Our parallel educations help us work together, from different sides, toward a patient's better health. Kelly has become my greatest asset, allowing me to refer patients to her that need more than what I can provide alone. When we help someone together it brings us closer, and our shared accomplishments are what keep us strong. Our homeschooling, dancing, crafting and musical home life can be hectic, but I don't know anyone happier. Taking turns with our daughter, Mia, enriching her and watching her grow, grounds us to what is really important.
Kelly and Levi: The best way to spread the word about anything is by example. When you feel great and love life, people want to know what your secret is. So we maintain wellness within our own lives. We take private Latin dancing lessons and meet with our personal trainer weekly. Mia and Momma take yoga classes together. We fuel these activities with fresh foods and plenty of rest. I simply try to live my life as I would like my patients to. Mia is a great example all her own. At 10 years of age she has never had a medication. Through chiropractic, massage therapy, activity, and diet she's shown that we only need intervention if we don't build the base properly.

The greatest impact in spreading the wellness lifestyle is through practice. We’re both fortunate to work at a referral based practice, which is rare. When your patients tell everyone about you, you can focus on them instead of marketing or advertising. This leaves time to focus solely on patients and their care. If you do that you don’t have to worry about success. You already have it.
Kenyon Godwin, DC '10

Kenyon Godwin, DC '10

I was looking for a way to help people heal and be healthy without drugs or surgery. My A&P instructor was a chiropractor – that was the first time I heard about chiropractic.
I choose Parker for its Board scores, reputation from other chiropractors and low cost of living.
Yes, I had a patient with severe neck pain that subsided after a few adjustments. But then she started experiencing severe sacral pain. After reassessing x-rays, thinking about what I learned during radiology and board reviews, and ordering an MRI, it was discovered that the patient had cancerous tumors in her sacral spine.
I spread the chiropractic message by hosting health workshops, fairs, lectures and lunch and learns. I also am active in spreading chiropractic and wellness through Facebook and in newsletters.
I enjoy attending Parker Homecoming, speaking to students about their future practice and hosting students for an After Hours Clinic Visit (link to: https://www.parker.edu/after-hours/
Kristi Corder, DC '03

Kristi Corder, DC '03

I knew in high school that I wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field, but it wasn’t until my hometown chiropractor mentioned becoming a chiropractor that I started looking into it. I ended up staying in my hometown and attending the local college there because their athletic training program included all of the prerequisites I needed for entrance into chiropractic school. It was a perfect fit on my path to Parker.
Chiropractic healthcare is so easy to tell people about. Most people are fed up with the traditional medical model of healthcare…because it’s not working! I spread the word of chiropractic and wellness through social media mostly (both to my friends and family, as well as to groups I am a part of), but I also get involved in my community, speak at neighborhood group meetings and host food co-ops in my area.
I chose to attend Parker because it was located in Dallas…the closest chiropractic school to home. My hometown chiropractor had also recommended Parker, even though he was not a Parker graduate himself.
Being a chiropractor, I absolutely love seeing true health expression in people’s lives. It’s wonderful to see the power of the chiropractic adjustment to the body and the change in people’s mindsets in regard to their healthcare. I especially love seeing children run into my office, jump on the table and ask to be adjusted.
Kyle Nix, student Tri-10

Kyle Nix, student Tri-10

I grew up in Oak Grove, LA, and completed my undergraduate degree at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. I graduated with a master’s degree from University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe, LA. I worked in a high school setting as a certified athletic trainer for seven years taking care of injured athletes.
The choice to become a chiropractor was made easy after seeing how it has helped my family. My oldest daughter was chronically sick with common pediatric illnesses. My wife and I started looking for more natural ways to help remedy these ailments when we read about chiropractic health and wellness. We realized chiropractic could help our children’s health without depending on modern medicine. This inspired my decision to make a career change.
I chose the CLEAR “Scoliosis” Institute Scholarship because I have developed a passion for helping people with scoliosis achieve optimal health. The research and developments in this area of chiropractic will be life changing for people with scoliosis and it makes me proud to go forward with my goals of chiropractic.
I am so thankful for receiving the CLEAR “Scoliosis” Institute Scholarship. This scholarship has allowed me the financial stability to take care of my wife who has been my rock and support. A couple of years ago my wife was diagnosed with an illness that caused her health to decline rapidly. The rapid decline caused her to lose her job which in turn has caused a financial strain on our household. In talking with a few Parker alumni, we were pointed in direction of applying for a scholarship. The scholarship helped ease our financial burden and my wife is on the road to 100% recovery. As a recipient, I would like to thank all the donors supporting Parker’s scholarship program. It has made a significant impact on my family’s well-being. My fellow scholarship recipients and I feel without your financial assistance our journey as chiropractors would have been filled with worry and financial stress. These scholarships allow us to focus on our studies to be the best chiropractor in the profession.
Leon Tom, DC ‘99

Leon Tom, DC ‘99

It was suggested by my dad after we talked about me not going any further than my BSc in Mathematics.
I’ve always had an affinity for teaching, whether mathematics, chess, hockey or chiropractic. My position in the clinic allows me to contribute to our profession on the front end by ensuring interns are adequately equipped to practice. I challenge interns to move outside of their individual comfort zones, whether that is to further develop clinical skills or improve their working knowledge of other key aspects of responsible and effective practice, such as professional documentation and accurate billing. I find it personally rewarding to be involved in helping interns develop into competent chiropractors.
Watching interns develop their skills throughout their internship, and helping shape well-rounded future chiropractors. I also enjoy meeting alumni at Parker Seminars and hearing how well they’re doing.
My two choices for chiropractic school were National and Parker. I visited both campuses and thought that Parker facilities were more modern. National would’ve been the easier choice as my wife was attending graduate school in Chicago at the time.
Leslie Rapsawich, DC  '07

Leslie Rapsawich, DC '07

I wish I could say I had a miracle story about chiropractic but I don't. The truth is I fell in love with this profession when I was 14. I was drawn to it because of the natural holistic approach. Believing the body can heal itself if you give it the right tools.
I LOVE it! It’s so great to have a team! We practice tandem so it’s nice to have several sets of eyes to evaluate a patient who is struggling to progress. Also with a multi-doctor office I have a great work-home balance. We cover each other for vacations, seminars and family functions, etc.
The main reason was because Parker offered 9 mandatory adjusting techniques. I wanted to try out several techniques and really get a chance to use them to see what I really liked. Also, if one technique isn't working for a patient I have the ability to try another.
I am a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Committee. It is great to be able to give back and make things better for new grads coming out. I also participate in events when I can like Parker Serves. I would encourage all alumni to stay active! It’s so important to remember our roots and make the Parker family bigger and better each year!
Every day with every interaction I have with people, I am sending a message so make sure it’s a good one! I try to educate using examples of myself and my family. I tell patients to get their children checked to make sure they are in proper alignment and that I have been adjusting my son since he was less than a week old. That really gets their attention and makes them think!
Lindsay McInnis, DC '11

Lindsay McInnis, DC '11

I have wanted to be a chiropractor since I was a little girl. I had a lot of ear infections, was on antibiotics constantly and had tubes in my ears five times before I was seven years old. I was going deaf from all of the surgeries and it was about that time that my mom became a chiropractic assistant. I started getting adjusted and my whole life changed. I’ve never wanted to be anything else!

I wanted to go to a Parker Seminars Las Vegas while I was still in undergraduate studies in Canada and I was told that I could go for free if I was a ‘prospective student’, so I became one! I fell in love with the energy and passion and dedication of the people at Parker and decided it was the school for me. It was a fabulous decision.
When you love what you do, and practice with passion and purpose, success comes easily. I have been on television, radio, and in the newspaper multiple times over the last eighteen months. I’ve served as many as 175 people in a day and 611 in a week. The Chiropractic and Wellness Centres in Ghana is dedicated to serving whole families and the biggest success is when we see parents taking charge of their family’s health and pre-paying for an entire year of care for the whole family before any of their children have even had a check-up.
In my office we do reports, weekly health workshops, and micro-TIC’s at the adjustment table to keep patients focused on the big picture. In the community I write health articles for the Ghana-Canada Chamber of Commerce. I am involved with and have done presentations for the North American Women’s Association. I also write weekly e-coaching articles that we send to our corporate clients.
I knew that I wanted to incorporate my passion for travel with my love of chiropractic right from the beginning. There are so many places to see and so many people that need our services. I left for Ghana less than a month after graduating and am just finishing up my contract here. I am about to begin a new position in Norway in January.
Well I met my fiancé in Ghana, so I definitely got more than I signed up for! It has been amazing to learn a new culture and a new way of life while increasing my experience as a chiropractor. The most rewarding aspects have been life lessons; patience (in a slower culture), gratitude (there are so many people who don’t have very much), communication (especially in a passive society, where sometimes my accent is too strong). I am continually reminded of what is important in life. I have also met some amazing people abroad and look forward to continued relationships after I leave.
 Mary Warren, DC '00

Mary Warren, DC '00

Having already been a chiropractic patient for several years, I fell in love with the unimpeded flow of cerebral spinal fluid from the brain through the spinal column from using the percussor and adjusting the spine. When I read about the life and work of an old time osteopath, Dr. Robert Fulford, I knew I had to do that work and it was clear to me that it would be as a chiropractor.
I toured the college after corresponding with Dr. Jim and was completely impressed with the labs, the classrooms, the campus and how good it felt to be here. It was obvious to me that Parker was the best choice. I loved Dallas and felt like it would be a great city to live and study in.
Following your instincts is generally the best approach and I think even with some unavoidable stumbles along the way I’ve given myself the room to figure things out, grow and mature in my practice. I love that I incorporate so much nutritional counseling and supplementation into patient’s care. It is extremely rewarding.
My service with the University has deepened my awareness and abilities to be a leader in our profession. I was supported by colleagues and friends when I graduated and I am completely committed to paying ahead to help students and new grads become more successful.
Helping a patient deliver her 5th daughter – in the hospital. It was so fast, so magical, there was virtually no prep done and I even yelled out, “Don’t pull that neck!” Moments later, “Don’t twist her head!” Can you believe this? I was so completely in the moment and so strong in my beliefs that I was protectively instructing the OB!! When he came back around later he very graciously said that it is wise to wait and allow the mother and baby to deliver with minimal help or interference. Wow! Another Chiropractic miracle!
Matthew Chalmers, DC  ‘07

Matthew Chalmers, DC ‘07

In high school I hurt my back and could not walk. After seeing a variety of surgeons, pain specialists, and other MD's I was told I was a liar that I just didn't want to play football anymore and was trying to get out of it. My coach sent me to the team chiropractor and I was carried in got adjusted and hobbled out and went back to practice 3 days later. I found Parker by looking at the various schools, where they were located and the variety of techniques so I would have the largest amount of tools in my bag.
I got as much continuing education as I could. I received Parker’s CCCN with Dr. Hall, the decompression certification, and I have taken a vast amount of nutrition and biochem classes. The more ways I have to work on a problem, the more patients I can help.
I helped a local medical pediatrician with her cancer recovery and helped her become a more naturally minded
doctor. She even had me write the forward for her book and titled it "How the Chiropractor Saved My Life." But I
still get all fired up when someone comes to me “messed up” and they leave after a treatment protocol better.
We do a number of lectures with other doctors, which is one of my favorite things to do. I am the team chiropractor for the Maverick's development team, which has been a lot of fun.
One of the things I would like to do is work with a group of docs in the area to help fund and educate younger docs so we don't have such a huge amount of good DCs fail in business and end up out of the profession. I feel it would be very easy for a group of us to find locations, teach them how we run a practice and set them up. The idea is an associate that has a set buy out, if they want, so that they have financial, educational, and emotional support. I do see this as a few years off however.
Matthew Mix, DC '02

Matthew Mix, DC '02

I totaled my family’s suburban at 15 years old! Actually, prior to that accident, my entire family was under regular chiropractic care for various reasons. My parents would notice changes in my younger sister’s stuttering when she under chiropractic care. My father had, and still has a very physically demanding job. My mother had started care for an accident, just like myself. When a drunk driver crossed my path, I guess my fate was sealed and it was time for me to get checked.
When deciding to practice chiropractic in Texas, I immediately aligned myself with chiropractors that I felt I wanted to emulate. For me, that meant Chiropractors that were successful in patient results, business practices, and were generally happy with their own life experience. All of these chiropractors were members of the Chiropractic Society of Texas (CST). This commonality drove me to discover more about this state organization. I learned that the CST had, as its core purpose, to protect principled chiropractic in the state of Texas, simply to keep chiropractic separate and distinctly different in Texas. This is what resonated with me. Being part of this great organization, I was able to meet wonderful chiropractors like Reggie Gold, Jim Sigafoose, RJ Kelly, and the like. When you share the same core values, which are love for chiropractic and love for the natural and normal flow of life expression, you want to place yourself all in. This is why I am on my third term as president of the CST. I hope to continue to promote chiropractic within not only my community, but within the state of Texas as well. Today, more than ever, activity within the CST is necessary for chiropractic to stay uniquely represented, apart from medical ideology. This is where my involvement in the CST is focused.
Good question, interestingly, post graduation, I opened a chiropractic office with my wife in a town Southeast of New Orleans named, Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Unfortunately, a hurricane had other plans for our practice. The office was lost, and I had to restart. I took a year to regroup, working for a chiropractor in Texas, and worked on my plans to open again. Bastrop is a short drive to Austin, so it was easy to love the small town atmosphere with architecture that reminded me of New Orleans, close to a city that is rich in culture, sports, and music.
That moment when a mother hands me their newborn to get checked for the presence of subluxations. This is really the best moment I have and continue to look for in practice. On many levels this is the pinnacle of proper chiropractic care. Really, it is about trust. If you take the time and think about the trust that the parent has in your skills as their chiropractor to properly take care of their child, it truly is humbling. A big part of society is telling that mother a different story. “They” are telling the story of Below-Up-Outside-In. We tell the opposite, that healing and health comes from within. When the mother fully comprehends this, or least trusts that you comprehend and can confidently take care of their child properly, it is a beautiful moment for everyone.
At Parker, my best memories were the people. Parker is where I met my wife of 13 years, Michelle. Parker is where I learned technique from great individuals such as Dr. Al States and Thomas Redenbaugh. Parker is where I was seeded in the philosophy of chiropractic from great thinkers such as Leon Coelho, and Neil Stern. At my time at Parker, I noticed that people came to the school to make a difference in the lives of others through this healing practice called chiropractic. That is what we bonded on then, and still today. I believe that this is why my greatest friends are chiropractors, and will be for life.
Meredith Grady, DC '02

Meredith Grady, DC '02

Twenty-one years ago I was playing volleyball and was forced to sit on the sidelines due to lower back pain. I was taking 16 Advil per day to mask the pain just so I could step out on the court and try to compete again. After my parents learned of the harmful side effects to the drugs, they took me to a chiropractor. The chiropractor did an exam, took some x-rays, and explained to me what was causing the lower back pain. What the chiropractor did and said made so much sense that I decided to become a chiropractor.
Helping people feel better without the use of drugs.
My Chiropractor was a Parker grad, I am from Grapevine. I researched Parker and it just made sense.
I really enjoyed the Irving Clinic – all the staff docs there were awesome and it made me very well prepared to open my own clinic upon graduating! Dr. Bayer, Dr. Kayab and Dr. Whitson were great! I also enjoyed Dr. Justin Jordan’s class on how to start your chiropractic business.
I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others! I have learned a lot in the past 11 years, and I love to share my experiences (both good and bad) with chiropractic students and other chiropractors. I just moved into a new state-of-the-art practice, so I am also excited to show them some new additions to my practice!
 Michelle Krenek  , DC ‘09

Michelle Krenek , DC ‘09

Prior to becoming a chiropractor I was a high school math teacher and basketball and volleyball coach. Since I was a child I always wanted to become a doctor because I knew that I wanted to help people. Little did I know at the time that helping people and changing their lives would lead me to be a Doctor of Chiropractic instead of a Doctor of Medicine. My journey into chiropractic began in Fall 2003 when I was on my way to volleyball practice in Houston, Texas. I was rear ended by a car going close to 50mph while I was at a complete stop. I was taken to the emergency room where I was told that I was fine, nothing was wrong and I was sent home with pain medications and muscle relaxers. That next Spring I began experiencing pain down my arm and into my head, neck pain, headaches and fatigue. A friend of mine recommended that I see her chiropractor Dr. Schels in Temple, Texas. At the time I had no idea what chiropractic was, how it could help me or the remarkable life changing journey I was about to begin. I went to my first appointment at Advanced Chiropractic and, from the moment I walked in the door, I knew there was something wonderful and amazing about chiropractic. Shortly after my first visit I began to feel better, but then I noticed my energy increased, my sleep got better and my overall health improved. In my heart I knew I had found what I was meant to do. Toward the end of the school year I visited TCC and put money down to hold a seat. I did a little more research and decided to visit Parker. The moment I stepped foot onto the campus of Parker, I had a feeling deep down in my spirit and I knew this was the place for me. I can vividly remember standing in the middle of the campus by the waterfall thanking God for bringing me to this place.
Chiropractic has given me my life and allowed me to change the lives of others, so giving back has never been a question. I wake up every day thankful for the opportunity to affect someone’s life and I feel that it my responsibility to contribute to the process that I went through at Parker both financially and sharing anything I can with potential students. I also feel like I need to continue to learn every day to make sure that I am the best doctor I can be for every person I come in contact with, and Parker Seminars has helped me do this. I know that it is important to stay engaged and active because just as it is important to keep learning, it is also important to continue to be a positive influence to all the current chiropractic students and chiropractors. I am so grateful to every moment at Parker…every teacher, every patient, every test, every grade and every good and not-so-pleasant experience. It was one of the most amazing processes I have ever been through. I am proud to be a Parker alumni and I want to do everything I can to enable future chiropractors as well as myself.
There are so many great memories from Parker. My greatest memories are those that built the amazing relationships that taught me, and continue to teach me, about chiropractic. Through all of them I was able to hear about chiropractic miracles, believe in them and experience them myself. During my clinic experience at Parker, I was able to ignite my passion and it has continued to grow ever since. I was able to witness some amazing miracles in my patients that transpired through the power of chiropractic. Those memories are the ones that make me the chiropractor I am today. I can still picture myself in the Parker clinic exam room, on the first visit, of my first chiropractic miracle. I remember explaining chiropractic and being so positive I could help Brenda, but not really knowing if I could. I also remember the moment I actually BELIEVED in chiropractic because of her life changing response to chiropractic. It still makes me smile
The most rewarding experience for me has been seeing the lives of my patients that have been changed through chiropractic. Every day I know that I have the power to share the truth about chiropractic and change at least one life. I wake up with a smile on my face, happy and excited to get to my office. We have the most amazing profession! I see everyone…newborns, to professional athletes, to 90-year olds…and I continue to be amazed daily at the amazing power of the human body. Seeing and knowing that lives will be forever changed because my patient has been adjusted and will educate every person they meet is a daily “rewarding experience.” There are so many miracles it is hard to single out the “most” rewarding. I feel like every one of them is significant and I am just blessed to be a part of it!

Aside from my patients one of the most rewarding has been the students that have decided to go to Parker and become chiropractors because of what they experienced through our office. I know they will impact the lives of many people!
Patrick Bodnar, DC '99

Patrick Bodnar, DC '99

As an undergrad student searching for the right fit for me as a future healthcare provider, I was committed to the idea of improving function and performance in patients. I knew that there were fundamental health differences in people that enable one person to experience the quality in the life they live while others experience severe limitations.
Becoming a chiropractor was an active decision I made when I learned how this type of doctor could objectively improve the functional faults that people experience with the goal to help them live their best life.
I completed summer internships as an undergrad student as I investigated various health disciplines. Regardless of the type of provider I was studying, all of the doctors and therapists said one thing in common, “Learn healthcare business”.
I saw Parker as the best opportunity to learn about business while I was engaged in the chiropractic curriculum. I know many doctors consider business the most challenging aspect of their career and the doctor personality is not always the best fit for business but I found my pursuit of business training empowering.
Additionally, I see Parker as an appropriate balance of chiropractic for the modern world. Students can learn concepts in adjusting, soft tissue release, and active therapeutics that can enable them to achieve great results.
I am committed to continuous improvement. I think as every year passes, a chiropractor should learn new ideas, approaches, and techniques that will enable them to help more people.
Advancing my training in such things as assessment and patient planning, communication, coding, practice building, interdisciplinary provider team care, and documentation has not only fueled my passion to serve people but has created opportunity.
Additionally, over fifteen years, I acquired well-rounded experience in patient care and teaching in a chiropractic curriculum as well as seminar and continuing education formats that prepared me to serve in my current role.
However, as prepared as you may think you are, you cannot be successful without the support of a fantastic team. I have been blessed to work with a very driven, capable, and passionate team.
Ricky Hanks, DC '86

Ricky Hanks, DC '86

When I was 15 years old, I was an athletic trainer at my high school and I drove my girlfriend to her family chiropractor. Thank goodness he was a Parker Seminar doctor, because he invited me into his office and briefly explained what chiropractic was about. After spending my whole childhood on Triaminic syrup, inhalers, and prescription drugs, it made perfect sense to me that my body would heal itself, if given the chance. After a short period of chiropractic adjustments, I was no longer in need of my inhalers or prescription medications for my chronic bronchial asthma. My wheezing was gone and my life without prescription drugs was so much easier as a teenager. No more bad side effects, no more jitters, shaky spells, or drowsy feeling. I had already witnessed as a trainer that with time and effort, sports injuries to athletes could heal themselves. It just made sense when Dr. Woolverton (a long time Parker seminar attendee) said that our bodies could heal themselves naturally.
Everywhere and anywhere I go, when someone asks me what I do for a living, I have a quick and concise one-minute explanation of what God has blessed me with as a profession. I also hold regularly scheduled health orientation classes in my office for new patients, their family, friends and the public. I'm also involved in many local organizations where I'm asked to speak about health, wellness, and chiropractic.
Every day has been a rewarding experience of my career because I get to help sick people get well without drugs and surgery. I remind them that I am just a mechanic that is making their body which is ultimately a machine work like God intended to, without outside drugs and surgery or their side effects interfering with it.
When I look back, my favorite memory of Parker had to be graduation week. I was in a class of 12 men from all different ages and from all different backgrounds. The 12 of us had worked very hard to reach our graduation date. I unfortunately had suffered the loss of my father during my first semester finals at Parker. I remember how afraid I was that this sudden and unexpected loss in my family would probably cost me my education and career in chiropractic. I distinctly remember Dr. Parker, Dr. Morter, and Dr. Saubert, meeting with me the week after my father's funeral. They assured me that the school was going to get me the help that I needed to get through school and become a Doctor of Chiropractic. They re-arranged my curriculum and went way out of their way to make sure I resumed my education and ultimately graduated with 12 of the greatest classmates/brothers I could ever meet. I had to go to work to pay my way through school and these 12 guys would help me study very late nights after I returned from work, to get me through my education. Graduation was truly a day of celebration for me but also a thank you to my fellow classmates at Parker without whom I would not be here practicing as a chiropractor 27 years later.
Dr. Parker taught us as we were in school about “The PSI principle” (Product, service, and ideas). These along with “The FCB Principle” of faith, confidence, and belief, are the overriding theme of Parker University. These two principles would become my overriding belief in life which translated to me into “Givers Gain”. Staying connected to Parker as an alumni member for the past 27 years and the past eight years as “extended faculty” in Parker’s community-based internship program, has been important for me to continue to spread the message that “Chiropractic is alive and well” to our students, faculty, administration and to mankind.
Ron Wells, DC '95

Ron Wells, DC '95

I've always said that you do not choose chiropractic; chiropractic chooses you! My story begins about 23 years ago when I hurt my back while unhooking an eighteen wheeler at UPS. In seeking relief for my pain, I made my way to a chiropractor, and the adjustments changed my life and my health for the better…it challenged my views on the health care system and motivated me to become more aware of wellness care through chiropractic.

After graduation in 1989 from Arkansas State University, I contacted Parker for an application. When asked to list my priorities, I simply replied, "God, first; family, second; and chiropractic, third." A couple of days later I received a letter from Dr. James W. Parker stating "You've got your priorities in order. We want you." That was the beginning of my chiropractic journey.
How do you not spread the word of chiropractic? When one finds an answer, a simple truth, which is able to change lives for the better, sharing that answer is natural. I have seen and experienced the answer of chiropractic in my own life and my family's. I've seen patients that had come to chiropractic as their last resort, from migraines to colic, from knee replacement options to trauma. Yet, I've seen those same patients experience healing and become lifelong wellness seekers. It's my desire to spread the truth of chiropractic each day as I teach, mentor, and visit with prospective students. With each adjustment that I’m blessed to give, I do it for chiropractic and the truth of healing. Thus, continuing the chiropractic story. Changing this world one spine at a time!
Teaching is something that I always wanted to do. The desire is buried deep within my DNA; compelling me to serve mankind. A calling. A yearning if you will. I started my college career seeking a PhD in psychiatry with the hope and the desire of becoming a full time professor at a major university. After three years, I switched majors and graduated with a degree in marketing and transportation. But, after chiropractic chose me, I began the journey towards Parker. After years of schooling and multiple professors, my desire to teach continued to grow and that’s when God opened the doors and blessed me with an opportunity to become a full time faculty member at Parker University. I accepted this position with the desire to give back and help shape the future doctors of this great profession. To be a light, an educator, and a mentor. I truly believe that through teaching, I’m able to be a part of the greater good. To make life better for thousands, vicariously through my students hands.
The most rewarding part of teaching future chiropractors is that they are future chiropractors. These students are the doctors of tomorrow, healing one spine at a time. I love to hear stories from past students who have persevered in school and in life to have successful clinics today. Recently, I ran into a former student that I taught seven years earlier, and he graciously thanked me for helping him stay on track while in school and allowing him to have the kind of life he has today. He has an extremely successful practice and he’s changing thousands of lives every year through chiropractic care. What a privilege it is to be a part of that process.
I became lifetime member #179 about five years ago for a couple of reasons, but mainly to give back to my alma mater and to the current students. When you become a lifetime member, the donation goes into a collection pool and generates scholarships every year. These scholarships help support the current students and allow them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and to become the doctors of the future. Through the alumni association, it is my desire to help disseminate the greatness of chiropractic to the world! We do not have enough chiropractors. We need more. So that every man, woman, and child have an opportunity to receive one of the greatest gifts…the chiropractic adjustment! They need to experience life to the fullest. To unlock their hidden talents and allow their true purpose to unfold and shine forth. When I was asked to join the alumni association board, I did not hesitate. If I can help spread the word, the truth about chiropractic…you can count on me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure and my cup runs over, and it is my duty, my honor, and my passion to serve the graduates of Parker University through the alumni association board. It is my hope that our graduates truly know that we are here for them, and allow them to live their dreams to their fullest potential. To give back to mankind through this great healing art of chiropractic!
Scott Phillips, DC '09

Scott Phillips, DC '09

I have had a love of helping people for as long as I can remember. When I was looking for a profession that best matched my own philosophies and ideas, reading that chiropractic was a non-drug, non-surgery approach to health care that focuses on the body’s natural healing power, I knew I had found the career for me. Parker University had the reputation for being the best, and I wanted nothing less, so I traveled to Dallas for a tour.
Success for me is looking forward to every single appointment that comes through the door. I love the people I serve. Instead of coming home wiped out from a hard day’s work, I feel like I am more energized than I was in the morning, and my family really appreciates that! Dr. Parker always said that money is a by-product of services rendered, so I feel my success in being able to serve the people of my wonderful community.
We have such an exciting and groundbreaking message, especially for the state of health care in our country, that it is hard not to share with everyone! Every day, more people are convinced that the road to true health optimization and increased quality of living cannot be supplied by a drug or procedure.
The best way to take the profession into the future is to find the best future doctors! I truly believe that people that are drawn to health care don’t know what chiropractic can offer them, and so if I can show them that what I do is what they want to do, they will be motivated to really succeed and help the profession move forward.
My first chiropractic adjustment was as a tri 1 student in the student clinic! I absolutely knew nothing about chiropractic and had never even been in to see one as a patient. When I left Parker 3 years later I was motivated and possessed the skills necessary to be a health care leader in my community. No one comes into chiropractic knowing less than I did, and if Parker was able to transform me and get me ready to be a success, then anyone can do it!
Shadi Rahmani, DC '08

Shadi Rahmani, DC '08

I always knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field and started researching the different medical fields. One of our family friends is a chiropractor and he’s actually a professor at Parker, I contacted them and asked them about Parker and Chiropractic. They had nothing but great things to say about Parker and the profession. The following week, I contacted the admissions department at Parker and scheduled a tour. As soon as I stepped on the Parker campus I knew that I wanted to be a part of Parker. The philosophy of chiropractic really resonated with me, and the philosophy of Parker was in line with everything I ever wanted to do. The vibrant and family feel that Parker offers is second to none. I had the opportunity to tour the campus with a current student and her passion that she had for Parker and Chiropractic was contagious. During my search I looked at many other chiropractic schools and Parker offered the best and most well-rounded experiences. Through Parker Seminars, assemblies, lunch and learns, study abroad programs, and many other wonderful programs, students are able to get an amazing education at Parker. Parker teaches you to always work for a cause that’s greater than yourself.
I had a very unique opportunity to join the admissions/recruiting department at Parker after graduation. Through this experience I was able to speak with many prospective students at Parker and many other universities. Through that I was able to see how chiropractic is viewed outside of chiropractic and it made me so proud to be a part of a profession that focuses on serving patients and providing them with a much better quality of life. I am so glad to have chosen the path I did.
I have had many incredible opportunities since graduation to serve in many different settings. As a recruiter at Parker I was able to serve and attract many prospective students to Parker and help them decide the path that they wanted to be on. It’s such a rewarding experience to help students find something that they love to do. I have also had many amazing experiences serving in several multi-disciplinary offices in Texas and California. I’m currently serving as the only chiropractor in a very prestigious medical clinic in Lubbock, Texas, alongside many world-renowned doctors, such as neurosurgeons, pain management doctors, OBGYNs, podiatrists, urologist and family practice doctors, and co-treating patients with them. This has given me a very unique chance to help spread chiropractic among the medical community and educate them on how chiropractic can be beneficial for their patents and how we can work together to provide the patient with a better quality of care.
I have been able to take care of many elderly patients throughout my career and working with them has been such a rewarding experience. Many of them come to a chiropractor as the last resort and it’s always amazing to see them make so much progress with chiropractic care. Teaching them to take better care of themselves, education them on their posture, nutrition and all the right things to do to improve the quality of their life has been so rewarding. The most amazing thing about chiropractic is that you look forward to going to work every single day and taking care of patients.
It’s been such an honor to serve on the Alumni Association Board with many talented and motivated individuals. I really enjoyed my time as a student at Parker and wanted to be involved after graduation. We have such a high functioning group that truly cares about the alumni and current students, and we are always looking for ways to help serve these groups to provide them with the best experience during and after their time at Parker.
Sheila Bonnett, DC 08

Sheila Bonnett, DC 08

I had a significant sports injury in high school and was told that I had reached maximum healing by other doctors, when I still had obvious limitations and issues. My grandma suggested that I go and see her chiropractor. Not only did he help my body completely heal and recover from my injury, he also shared very intriguing information with me about what was preventing my body from healing. Feeling the difference that chiropractic made in my own body and ignited a passion and a drive within me to learn as much as I could about it! I made the decision very easily that I would pursue Chiropractic. I chose to attend Parker University based on the same chiropractor's recommendation. During university, I sought out employment as a CA at a clinic and was encouraged to attend Parker seminars to further my knowledge. What a fabulous experience!! I knew that Parker was the right fit for me.
Canada is my home. I had always intended to return home. Dallas will always hold a special place in my heart, but I couldn't imagine settling anywhere but my home city.
Life is fantastic! I have been practicing at the same office for the past 7 years and joined the partnership 3 years ago. We have a growing family, and a family chiropractic practice is the perfect fit for my lifestyle.
There are so many! My experiences at Parker were made so memorable by the many amazing friends that I made! Cheering on the Parker hockey team (from its inaugural season!), pool parties after major exams, studying for HOURS with friends in prep for clinical exams, diagnosing each other with various neurologic lesions; these are all events that made my Parker experience incredibly memorable and makes me proud to forever be a part of the Parker Family.
My passion within Chiropractic is with pregnancy and pediatric care. I belong to a number of mommy groups, and have participated in various events in support of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, birth trauma advocation, doula workshops, and baby wearing events to name a few. I've really immersed myself in the community and am happy to say that I have made many new friends and connections where I am able to collaborate with other families, spreading the messages of wellness and chiropractic.
Steve Brooks, DC '99

Steve Brooks, DC '99

I had been a chiropractic patient since the age of four for severe allergies, so I had an understanding at an early age that chiropractic was more than just back pain. As a kid I would sit there watching people walk into that office hurting or unhappy and they all left smiling and so happy, so it was a no-brainer that this was what I wanted to do with my life.
While in school, a few of us made a point to visit several local successful doctors and we picked their brain on why they were so successful. I believe this helped pave my way on my journey. The overwhelming theme from all the successful guys out there was the Parker Principles and the teaching of Dr. Parker!
Being a chiropractor is the best job around. Where else do you get to go to work and help hundreds of people feel better? I love seeing my patients from 6 weeks old to 98 years young leave my clinic with a huge smile.
Parker has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I have a wonderful practice and an amazing life all due to Parker University. I want to share that with everyone. It’s never been a better time to be a chiropractor, and Parker is the best in education. I urge everyone to be active in the Alumni Association and to consider being a Parker Ambassador and help get more students in the university and help get more doctors of chiropractic out there helping patient achieve their health goals.
Tracy Wilson, DC '97

Tracy Wilson, DC '97

I had a fall off a house in 7th grade and went to the chiropractor because of back pain. When I started getting adjusted, I noticed that I could breathe better. I suffered from a lifetime of asthma and had no clue working with the spine would help. The chiropractor educated me and I kept going through my entire high school career and through college. I applied to chiropractic school because of this result. I was led to Parker in 1993 because it was known as one of the best schools who still taught philosophy and business.
Dr. States adjusting lab. Learning from a master was one of my favorite things I can think of.
I really enjoyed the various technique classes and philosophy taught while at Parker. My professors did an amazing job of helping me learn; Dr. Beaird was wonderful and really taught me a lot. I also valued my Clinic-Based Internship, which helped prepare me for my career after Parker.
The most rewarding aspect of my career is having the privilege of saving people’s lives from the path of drugs and surgery, and continually helping people live a healthy, preventative lifestyle.
Vanessa Morales, DC  '12

Vanessa Morales, DC '12

I had always known I wanted to help people, growing up, being a doctor was the ultimate way of doing just that. I had shadowed many different specialists and did clinical training in a hospital for a year but never felt truly passionate about pursuing any of the different fields. I always felt that there was something missing. I found that something when my best friend started seeing a chiropractor. His office was full of vibrancy, education and smiling faces that were ever so thankful for his aid in their healing! I was no longer surrounded by so much negativity and death, I had found a new light and new life! I had finally found what it was that I was called to do.
I chose Parker because of the great reputation it has from their amazing seminars in my hometown of Las Vegas. The more I looked into Parker, the more excited I became with the wonderful hands on gross anatomy labs and the many opportunities to go into new countries to share chiropractic! Thanks to Parker, I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to spend a summer in Mexico City for a part of my internship, as well as participate with the first group of chiropractors invited to be in the polyclinic at the 2011 Pan-American games!
Getting involved was one of the best things I could do for my future success while still a student. Of course, we all spend most of our time focusing on learning and applying our skills, but I believe that making the extra time to be involved really helps to open so many more doors. Being involved with the student senate, I was able to have many opportunities to meet with greats like Patrick Gentempo, Becky Halstead, and even dine side by side with Jack Canfield, just to name a few! The more successful people I was able to surround myself with as a student, the more years of wisdom I was able to acquire that I would not have been able to do on my own from a book. I also got involved in my community. I knew I was going to stay in Dallas once I graduated so getting involved with local charities and the church were important. It allowed me to build trusting relationships within my community that has served as a way for me to help many more through chiropractic care.
I had a young woman come to me who was ready to throw in the towel. She had been in so much pain from her fibromyalgia that she no longer had the life she loved. She had to stop dancing, stop going out with her friends, she was unable to climb the stairs to her apartment on her own, unable to even sleep comfortably from all of the pain she was in! My heart broke for her and her desperation to return to the life she enjoyed. She had heard chiropractic could possibly help her debilitating aches and was a bit cautious about it before coming in. After explaining chiropractic to her, earning her trust and providing her with one of the most powerful things we can provide as chiropractors- hope, I had her coming in twice a week and was also working with her on her nutrition. I loved watching her come in each time with a little more pep in her step and describing just how much more she is able to do after each visit. Seeing the spark return to people's eyes and feeling their peace and joy makes every endless day and sleepless night as a student worth it.

Dr Morales practices at VITA Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Dallas, TX
William Cummins, DC  '11

William Cummins, DC '11

I was able to experience chiropractic first hand following my cousin, who is a doctor in Colorado Springs, during summer vacations growing up. Seeing the impact chiropractic had on so many lives, I knew it was what I wanted to do.
I chose Parker due to the location. I really wanted to stay in Texas and Parker had the best reputation of all the schools I looked at.
Having the ability to add value to others every day.
Keep your debt as low as possible, especially student loans and credit cards. The less debt you have, the greater your capacity to invest in your business.
I chose to host to help the next generation of doctors. We have to support the young doctors in our profession if we want to grow our influence in our communities.

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