Practice Set Up

Questions and situations to be prepared for when presenting your business proposal to the bank.

To file or record a business name (Assumed Name, Doing Business As) with the Dallas County Clerk office, you must come into the County Clerks office.

Submitted by Dr Alan Smith ’01 of Florida in 2012.

Dr Erin Van Veldhuizen ’09 shared this document in 2009 when she hosted an After Hours Clinic Visit in her new location.

Sent to business owners in a specific area if you are looking to buy an existing practice.

Be sure to inform your current patients well in advance that you intend to move your clinic.

Sample plans for chiropractic or other similar practices. Sample Chiropractic Clinic plans. is a small business start up website with lots of information. Keep in mind this information can vary based on your state, income level, or location.

Taken from The Parker System for Professional Success, Third Edition, Chapter 1 titled “Selecting Your Site.” Full book available at

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