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CJ’s personal touch provides large scale solutions to everyday practice challenges. Through communication, development and in-office seminars our members get the most powerful results in the shortest time. Using experience and expertise, we have ONE goal: to help chiropractors around the globe reach their full potential by bringing personal One-2-One mentorship to a select group of chiropractors who seek to leave a legacy while making the biggest impact in their community._

“Great systems, scripts, training, etc.” recommended by Dr Chae Tracy ’04

The Singer System of Practice Success? is here to help you achieve your personal and practice goals through more systems of success than you ever thought would be available to you. Think of the Singer System as the missing part of your chiropractic education that can build the practice that you always dreamed about.

You will learn proven, workable skills that will help you expand your practice by getting more new patients, having better patient retention, and staff management and efficiency giving you a stress-free environment to practice in.

Every practice is different. Your program will be contoured to your needs. You can do as much or as little as you want. All that matters is results, and your coach will work with you to do whatever is appropriate to reach your goals in your practice.

Epic Practice goes well beyond the primary objective of just helping you grow your practice. While there is little doubt that you want to see more new patients, serve more families and have them pay, stay and refer you, we want to be your partner for life. Just as you desire to be your patients life-long health resource, we desire to be your resource for Accelerated success in practice and in life. We believe that a long-term business and personal relationship will only develop from the peace of mind you receive from exemplary service, personal attention to detail and real world advice_that works!

Therefore, all of us at Epic Practice are passionate, committed, authentic and ready to mentor, train, inspire and lead you to your specific goals._
While having a team of professionals available to you is comforting, I believe it is critically important that you first understand our success system model along with your rights and obligations as a member so that you may best utilize our services.

Recommendation by Dr Chae Tracy ’04

Dr. Charles Ward has been coaching chiropractors for 33 years. The wisdom that Dr. Ward brings to your practice is real-world experience and high levels of integrity. He is accessible and genuinely interested in you, your life, and your practice. His own practice was legendary in size and scope. He can save you from making countless, needless mistakes, because he has lived it and has already made those mistakes himself.

Recommendation by Dr Chae Tracy ’04

Integrity Management is the world’s largest and most successful consulting company for chiropractors. After more than 25 years, Integrity has proven itself to be the leader in building chiropractic practices. Whether you’ve been a chiropractor for 20 years or 20 minutes, Integrity has the systems to get your dream practice moving!

Chiropractors are constantly searching for greater success._ Some are stressed, burned out and lost._ Searching for external answers to internal problems. Truth be told, Chiropractic success never changes, it occurs from the inside, out. Your success isn’t about a new technique or procedure, its about you creating greater focus and drive in all you do._

OYA Coaching was developed to help chiropractors create the life and practice of their dreams. Our approach is like no other, we get on you and stay on you._Your success and happiness is our priority.

Recommendation by Dr Chae Tracy ’04.

Parker Seminars, founded in 1951 by James W. Parker, DC, is still one of the world_s largest chiropractic seminar organizations. When you attend, you learn to use the tools you need to establish a profitable business, regardless of the current economic climate. Additionally, you learn to create healthy patient relationships, effectively communicate chiropractic, stay inspired to deliver patient-centric care, and truly own the essence of chiropractic. You learn techniques to manage and market your practice, increase your confidence, gain a patient’s trust and open the door to their healing, and to develop relationships encouraging patients to make chiropractic their primary health care choice. Together, you and your CAs learn to create exceptional patient experiences, and operate an efficient, effective, and profitable practice.

All_Parker graduates_and their entire team receive 10% off_registration fees to any_North American seminar. If you graduated from Parker in the last three years, you can attend at NO COST.

“Pinnacle is dominated by imaginative doctors who maintain a consistent positive vision for the future. Our goal is to provide practices like yours with instant application to your environment and beyond.”
We train World Class Chiropractic Assistants
Formed by sponsors, Pinnacle membership is by invitations.
Pinnacle practices maximizing revenue by carrying 15% to 25% in overhead. The national average is 60%.

Shawn Powers, DC, specializes in coaching chiropractors. She draws from her direct experience as an owner of a chiropractic practice. And she offers keen insight into your challenges _ and the many opportunities that await you.

As your business coach, Dr. Shawn will help you: Clarify and meet your financial goals _ Learn to closely watch weekly statistical analysis reports to ensure you focus on the right strategies.

Clearly communicate the value of chiropractic _ Articulate the value and philosophy with your team and your patients, so they _get_ it _ and keep coming back
Power-up your practice _ Streamline all systems, including new-patient processes and master simple, honest marketing and social media strategies to produce maximum results: more return visits, more referrals, and more new patients.
Empower your team _ Learn leadership and communication skills that help you hire the right staff members, improve CA efficiency, conduct constructive evaluations, and retain top employees.
Lead with authenticity, purpose, and passion _ This results in a successful practice, a phenomenal reputation, and a highly satisfying career!

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