In 1991 Dr. C. Randy Baze established a meeting place in the Seattle area for chiropractors to gather and listen to guest speakers from around the country as they give presentations on chiropractic philosophy and principles in practice. This monthly meeting is called The Philosophy Forum and over the years it has attracted the top names in the chiropractic profession to its platform. It is a venue that has become known as a place to become inspired, motivated, and enlightened. Chiropractors need to be nourished in the philosophy, science, and art of this illustrious profession. The Philosophy Forum is a place to stoke the fires and plug back into that which gives our profession its noble purpose.

These meetings comply with the standards for continuing education credits in Washington State. Each Philosophy Forum presentation is recorded, and recordings may be used for 2 hours of continuing education credits in the state of Washington. Outside of Washington, check with your individual state board to determine if Philosophy Forum meets continuing education requirements.

Presentations from 1991 to the present are available on DVD for $54.50. Visit our Online Store to order.

The Dead Chiropractic Society was founded in Newport Beach, California, in 1995. It started with two guys studying the green books and slowly blossomed into monthly meetings with 100 chiropractors and some of the best speakers in the profession. _You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow._

Chiropractors all across the country and around the world are starving. They are starving for unity, comaraderie and a brotherhood and sisterhood in our profession. Enter, EPOC, the EPicenter of Chiropractic. This group was formed in 2007 in my basement which is now infamously known as, the Dungeon (my name, is Dr. Troy Dukowitz, the founder of EPOC

The group was formed to bring chiropractors together.

Founded by Dr. Tim Young in 2010, Focus OKC strives to encourage, support, educate and challenge chiropractic physicians and students using a pure, philosophical approach to chiropractic. The chiropractic seminar that initially was designed for Oklahoma is now an annual, nation-wide event.

Focus OKC is a dynamic display of the nation_s top chiropractic leaders. It is our mission to deliver the chiropractic story to the masses. Focus believes that we are chiropractors BECAUSE of our chiropractic philosophy. We are dedicated to protecting this sacred trust.

These principles developed by Dr. Jim Parker, our founder, serve as the foundation on which Parker University was built. Our dedication and commitment to compassionate care and loving service are deeply rooted in this foundation. Every student, employee, and staff member at Parker is a reflection of the Parker Principles in action.

Dr James M. Sigafoose is recognized worldwide for his inspirational Chiropractic philosophy and motivational teaching. A Featured Speaker at Dynamic Essentials (DE) for over 45 years and a Team Speaker at Parker Seminars for the past 15 years, Dr. Sigafoose is considered one of the top speakers in the Chiropractic profession and a recognized leader in the world of natural healing.