Force-Sensing Table Technology

Parker University is pleased to announce the integration of the Force Sensing Technology Tables into the core technique curriculum labs. These tables represent the latest in precision technology and are an important pedagogical tool. Each device is capable of providing students with precise feedback on their technique long before they face the complexities of human patients. As Dr. Eric Russel says:

“The Force Sensing Table Technology provides crucial feedback to the student that allows them to learn how to appropriately modulate their adjustic thrusts.  By using the table, students are able to get a significant amount of feedback and practice than before.  It is a great complement to teaching the core Parker techniques and will revolutionize their educational experience.”

Students will have access to the table during open lab sessions.  Faculty are also using the table to collect research data, provide refresher training for our student interns, and hopefully develop continuing education classes using the table for our Alumni and friends.

Beyond their usefulness in the classroom, these tables also represent significant effort on the part of Parker University donors and supporters, and as the need for more tables grows so have efforts to improve fundraising on technology improvements that will benefit every Parker student and alumnus. For more information please contact Donna Wald at

tranForce Sensing Technology Table