VA hospital
VA Hospital, Dallas, TX

VA Hospital, Jackson, MS
VA Hospital, Jackson, MS

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital Rotation encompasses the clinical experience whereby interns have the opportunity to provide chiropractic care to veterans experiencing a variety of health challenges within a multidisciplinary, highly regulated, fully electronic environment. Interns are under the direction and supervision of a credentialed doctor in charge at the VA facility and participate in this rotation during the 10th trimester. In this course, interns will have the opportunity to provide chiropractic care to a variety of patients in a multidisciplinary hospital setting.

Interns will utilize all of the skills taught at Parker University in order to experience a diverse span of patient presentations. These opportunities will allow interns the ability to expand their patient care knowledge and understanding by participating in supervised clinical experiences.

jrodriguezVeterans Affairs Hospital Rotation – Dallas, TX; Jackson, MS