Mexico City

The Abroad Mexico experience encompasses the clinical experience in an abroad campus facility in Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE), Mexico under the direction and supervision of a credentialed doctor in charge of the facility at the University during the intern’s 10th trimester. In this course, interns have the opportunity to provide chiropractic care to a variety of patients in the non-medical multidisciplinary public clinic of UNEVE.

Parker’s abroad program has become the benchmark for all international internships at Parker and other chiropractic institutions by forging the way with a revolutionary abroad program in Mexico City; the first of its kind in Latin America. These clinics, positioned in the suburban area of Mexico City around UNEVE, our host campus, serve as a beacon of health and wellness in their local communities and provide Parker interns a diverse group of case types, ensuring both strong educational and full enriching personal experiences.

Exposure to the local culture is an essential element to the abroad program – students are encouraged to explore their environment away from home, and are afforded ample time for adventure and discovery, allowing students enhanced encounters with life abroad. In addition to the clinical experience and immersion in other culture comes the opportunity and means to learn Spanish, a skill vital to many students as they establish diverse practices in the U.S. after graduation. Participating interns agree that UNEVE provided them with the clinical experience of a lifetime.

jrodriguezClinic Abroad Program – UNEVE – Mexico City