Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Information Systems

Why earn your BS in CIS at Parker?

The curriculum for Parker University’s online Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Information Systems prepares students to manage and secure the workplace now and in the years ahead. Whether it’s a career in storing and securing private information or providing rapid solutions to internal and external threats, graduates of Parker’s CIS programs stand ready to face the important challenges this fast-growing field presents.

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Parker’s Computer Information Systems programs prepares it’s graduates for the future.

Parker’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems programs are geared toward building an understanding of the methods, principles, and tools crucial to advance in today’s information technology and cybersecurity landscapes. Required courses include a broad range of subjects, such as software design, security, networking, communications, business, and mathematics. CIS concentrations include:

Information Technology Cybersecurity
Develop a broad understanding of information systems and strong problem-solving and analytical skills as you build your ability to think creatively and logically Evaluate an organization’s computer network and information security needs
Apply mathematical and computing concepts to support programming logic, functions, data structures, and database access Assess risk management policies to best protect an organization’s critical information and assets
Analyze a problem to identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution Troubleshoot, maintain, and measure the performance of an enterprise level information security system
Implement the design of a computer-based system, process, component, or program Implement continuous network monitoring and provide real-time security solutions
Formulate and communicate both short- and long-term organizational cybersecurity strategies and policies

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Parker’s Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Information Systems is geared toward building a solid understanding of theoretical methods, principles, and tools crucial to information systems and technology issues and processes. Topics include virtual technologies, business intelligence and analytics, ethics and law, computer networking, database technologies, IT governance and strategy, online and mobile application development, and information security and assurance.

The online program provides a blend of theory and applications, preparing students for a variety of positions in scientific and business fields, and lays the foundation for graduate studies as well as employment in a wide range of industrial and technological environments. Real-world problems and opportunities with software intensive systems are explored, and methods to evaluate, adopt, and take advantage of emerging technologies are addressed.

Admissions Requirements

Students may apply for the bachelor of science degree once all required courses for the degree have been completed.

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission
  • Complete an online or printed application and submit application fee of $50
  • Complete the transcript authorization form
  • Students also have the option to fill out a transcript authorization/release form available from the Admissions/Registrar’s office to allow Parker to request transcripts on the student’s behalf
  • Submit completed documents to the Office of Enrollment and Registrar’s Office
  • Applicants must provide proof of high school graduation or GED or an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • Registrar’s office will evaluate transcripts and send an evaluation letter reflecting degree compliance and/or deficiencies
  • Acceptance and Reservation Deposit is required

Parker’s Computer Information Systems programs consist of:

  • A new enrollment period each month
  • Fully online classes
  • A total of 120 credit hours
  • 45 credit hours of general education courses
  • 57 credit hours of major core courses
  • 18 credit hours of concentration courses
General Education Courses                               45 Semester Credit Hours
PSYC 2301 3 General Psychology
ENGL 1301 3 English Composition I
ENGL 1302 3 English Composition II
ENGL 2326 3 American Literature
SPCH 1311 3 Speech Communications
BIOL 1308 3 Biology for Non-Science Majors I
BIOL 1309 3 Biology for Non-Science Majors II
MATH 1314 3 College Algebra
MATH 1342 3 Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 2305 3 Discrete Mathematical Methods
MUSI 1306 3 Music Appreciation
HIST 1301 3 American History I
HIST 1302 3 American History II
GOVT 2305 3 Federal Government
GOVT 2306 3 Texas Constitution
CIS Core Courses                                                               57 Semester Credit Hours
BCIS 1301 3 Fundamentals of Computer Information Systems
BCIS 1302 3 Programming Logic and Design
BMGT 1301 3 Introduction to Management
BCIS 2306 3 Fundamentals of Network Systems
BCIS 2307 3 Operating Systems
BCIS 2308 3 Data and Information Management
BCIS 2309 3 Ethical, Social, and Legal Dimensions of Computer
BCIS 2322 3 Client-Side Scripting (HTML)
BCIS 3313 3 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI)
BCIS 3303 3 Networking Administration
BCIS 2390 3 System Analysis and Design
BCIS 3311 3 IT Project and Service Management
BCIS 4301 3 Fundamentals of Information Security
BCIS 4311 3 Cloud Computing and Virtualization Methods
BCIS 4304 3 Introduction TO UNIX Administration
BCIS 4305 3 Advanced UNIX Administration
BCIS 4361 3 IT Audit and Controls
BCIS 4362 3 Capstone Project I
BCIS 4363 3 Capstone II (Internship)
CyberSecurity Concentration                                                     18 Semester Credit Hours
BCSC 2302 3 Digital Forensics in Criminal Justice System
BCSC 2303 3 Threats of Terrorism and Crime
BCSC 2304 3 Risk Management: Assessment and Mitigation
BCSC 2305 3 Security Policy Analysis and Implementation
BCSC 4306 3 Database Security
BCSC 3305 3 Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
Healthcare CyberSecurity Concentration                           18 Semester Credit Hours
HITT 1011 3 Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRS)
COSC 2303 3 Introduction to Digital Forensics
COSC 2304 3 Security Policy Analysis, HIPPA and Implementation
COSC 4307 3 Intrusion Detection and Incident Response
COSC 3305 3 Web Application Security I
COSC 3306 3 Network Security
Information Technology Concentration                                18 Semester Credit Hours
BCIS 2302 3 Computer Programming I
BCIS 2303L 3 Computer Programming Lab
BCIS 2304 3 Computer Programming II
BCIS 2305L 3 Computer Programming II Lab
BCIS 3301 3 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
BCIS 3302L 3 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis LAB

B.S. Degree Program Length: Minimum 10 semesters of instruction. Maximum satisfactory time frame completion: 15 semesters

Computer Information Systems Career Growth

Computing and computer technology affects just about every aspect of life in the 21st century. Those that understand the different dimensions of computing are increasingly sought after in the job market. As the trend for instructional delivery of educational degrees continues to shift toward web-based learning, the need for those with a CIS degree is projected to continue its growth into the years and decades ahead.Potential occupations for graduates with a Bachelor degree in Computer and Information Systems include computer hardware engineers, computer programmers, computer systems analysts, database administrators, web developers, and software developers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment for computer and information systems managers is projected to grow 15 percent through 2024, with a median annual wage of $135,800.

Emphasis in Information Technology1

Emphasis in Cybersecurity and Health Care Cybersecurity2


Student Testimonial

My time at Parker has been such an experience, I have never been to a school before that bends overbackwards to make sure you succeed. The staff and faculty are awesome and without them I would not be here today. I have had my ups and downs, along with struggles while attending Parker, and without my Instructors, especially Dr. Adebiaye and Dean Roxanne Kemp by my side, I would not have accomplished so much in so little time, nor would I have followed my dreams and made them into reality.



Michelle “Chelle” Briggs

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