Department: Chiropractic Wellness Clinic
Employment Type: Full-time
Reports To: Program Director/Dean    

JOB OBJECTIVES:  Provide quality chiropractic care to patients in a manner that educates and mentors chiropractic interns towards successful completion of internship requirements and exposes interns to successful practice habits and procedures


EDUCATION/EXPERTISE:  Customary to have a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree, Doctor of Chiropractic degree is required; Five years of experience in patient care; Active Texas chiropractic license in good standing.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to stand or sit for up to eight (8) hours per day and lift thirty-five (35) pounds.   Must be dexterous and ambulatory and have the ability to perform the routine duties of a chiropractor consistent with service necessary for up to one hundred (100) patients per day.

JOB REQUIREMENTS/SKILLS/ETC.:   Good public relation skills; professional appearance; must adhere to the prescribed dress code; good organizational skills; fluent in English, including speaking and writing skills; flexible in accepting a varied work schedule (day time, evening, and Saturday hours); ability to teach and inspire student interns in their clinical residency; willingness to function as a team member in a large clinic environment and in the educational processes within the clinic; knowledge of and commitment to the chiropractic and Parker philosophy of health care; overtime as necessary; inclusion in Parker directed network health plans; allowing Parker College to access the NPPES database for licensing verifications and updated information for billing purposes.


The role of the clinic faculty doctor is to be an ambassador of the Parker brand, patients of the Parker Wellness Center, and interns of Parker University, College of Chiropractic via the following.  The position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Be chiropractic authentic-have a clear understanding of chiropractic for overall health and wellbeing, passion for the value that chiropractic offers humanity, and the skills to communicate this effectively
  • Expertly act according to the Parker Procedures for Success manual, Parker core values, Parker Clinic Handbook, and a success consciousness that creates an environment of professionalism
  • Have thorough knowledge of Parker quality patient care including the use of chiropractic adjusting, neuromuscular therapeutic exercise and activity, diagnostic imaging and body chemistry testing, nutrition and supplementation, and advising patients on therapeutic lifestyle change and management
  • Maintain patient documentation consistent with the university’s standards defined by in-service presentations, training, and audit review and remediation
  • Follow Medicare diagnostic organization and documentation standards on patients covered by Medicare
  • Lead a team of interns in the service of patients and the community by ensuring the efficient care of patients and educating the community on health-related service and topics
  • Develop and execute a plan for attracting new patients for the Parker clinic and your team
  • Maintain set performance statistics and goals
  • Pursue a minimum of 25 hours of annual continuing education balanced in the topics of chiropractic adjusting, therapeutic exercise and activity, neuromuscular re-education, kinesiology taping, passive modalities, orthotics and bracing, nutrition and supplementation, Medicare, coding and compliance
  • Engage in celebrating and promoting patient care success and organizing your intern team to submit patient case studies suitable for publication
  • Drive innovation by contributing ideas on improving service, acquiring new patients, and promoting Parker Wellness Clinics to the university, community, and chiropractic profession
  • Evaluate interns individually on the basis of clinical skill, attitude, attendance, knowledge and patient management.
  • Assist in programs for orienting new interns to the clinical experience.
  • Identify the need and recommend additional instruction to interns found deficient in any aspect of patient care.
  • Report severely deficient interns to the Assistant Dean of Clinics.
  • Monitor intern progress toward clinical requirements for graduation, and aid the intern in fulfilling said requirements.
  • Follow established personnel policies as established in the Human Resources Employee Handbook, Faculty Handbook and other policies established within the clinic.
  • Comply with College and Clinic policies, regulations and procedures and maintain a Texas Chiropractic license as regulated by the Texas State Board.
    • Attend and accept responsibility of information distributed via clinic faculty doctor meetings, training sessions, and other required meetings.
    • Report equipment failure, breakages and malfunctions to the POD Director or Assistant Dean of Clinics of respective clinic.
    • Understand that fraternization with students/interns is strictly forbidden.
    • Report known safety violations to the Assistant Dean of Clinics of respective clinic.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Clinic Director of the respective clinic.
    • Upon being absent or tardy, the Clinic Doctor must inform the POD Director and team member immediately. The Assistant Dean of Clinics must be called if communication with the POD Director or team member fails.

Application Process: Please submit resume and cover letters via e-mail to

Parker University is an equal opportunity employer and affords equal opportunity to all applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other status protected under local, state or federal laws.