1.What other paths did you consider before choosing Parker?

I was and still am considering pursuing a Kinesiology degree after I graduate and obtain my Massage Therapy License.

2.What makes Parker the right fit for you?

The Parker Massage Therapy program is aimed more at the medical, anatomical, and kinesiological aspects of massage education, which is a great fit for me.

3.How has the Parker community supported you in your higher education pursuits?

My Instructors are always responsive to my needs and questions. If they do not have the answer they will guide me to the proper resource to find what I need.

4.What is your favorite thing about being a Parker student?

The faculty. They go above and beyond to make sure that my educational needs are met.

5.What is the most challenging aspect of being a Parker student?

The COVID Pandemic has made school more challenging in general for most students.

6.What has been your favorite class at Parker? Why?

Anatomy & Physiology Why? It has helped me connect a lot of the dots regarding my own personal health, the health of my family & friends, as well as the horses I work with.

7.Where will your Parker degree take you after graduation?

I will pursue a Medical or Sports- based Massage therapy job. Eventually I plan to work with rodeo athletes both human and equine.

8.What is your favorite on-campus activity?

The Parker Museum.

9.What is your favorite thing to do off-campus in the Dallas area?

Participating in Rodeo Team roping events in the DFW area.

10.What is the one thing you want everyone reading this to know about Parker University?

“Take the Leap and get started!” It is a challenging program, but if you want to be a professional, a leader in the massage profession, Parker School of Massage Therapy is the place to start.