1.What other paths did you consider before choosing Parker?

Before Parker I considered the aviation field and medical equipment repair.

2.What makes Parker the right fit for you?

The flexibility of the staff. Understanding my needs as an adult student, many years after high school.

3.How has the Parker community supported you in your higher education pursuits?

I wouldn't have graduated without the support of the general education department and professors. Their hands on approach. Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Young were professional examples of my degree field of study.

4.What is your favorite thing about being a Parker student?

The CIS director and general education staff. I was fortified with continued encouragement all the way to the finish.

5.What is the most challenging aspect of being a Parker student?

Being in the shadows of DC students.

6.What has been your favorite class at Parker? Why?

I would have to say the trimesters. It enabled me to focus on one subject at a time. All of the subjects were a challenge.

7.Where will your Parker degree take you after graduation?

Hopefully I'll go into a great paying career.

8.What is your favorite on-campus activity?


9.What is your favorite thing to do off-campus in the Dallas area?

Be with my family.

10.What is the one thing you want everyone reading this to know about Parker University?

Attending Parker will challenge you as a student and help develop you for your field of study.