1.What other paths did you consider before choosing Parker?

I had always been set on pursuing a career in HIM, medical coding, and/or billing. I live in Louisiana and where I'm from there aren't many programs that offer a program like this besides a campus 3 hours away from my hometown. I would have been required to take a few classes in person which would have been impossible for me. I was afraid I'd never be able to obtain my degree in this field as I also had to maintain a full-time job to support myself.

2.What makes Parker the right fit for you?

After some online research I finally found Parker University and requested some information about the HIT program. I was totally skeptical initially because I'd never heard of a program in HIT that was 100% online and only 1 class per month. You read that right. 4 weeks in one class and then you move on to the next. I was able to work my full time job here in South Louisiana all while taking the first steps of my long term career. Needless to say the online courses are totally legitimate and even 5 hours away from campus I have an incredible support system through the faculty at Parker University.

3.How has the Parker community supported you in your higher education pursuits?

From the very beginning when I got my phone call from Selam Getachew about the course information and application process, she told me her personal experience and how Parker was her reason for obtaining her higher education while maintaining a full-time job and being a mother. She really put me at ease with the entire process. Dr. Joe Lintz over the HIT program has also been a saving grace. Any other University experience I've had, I always felt like just a number. Dr. Lintz checked up on me monthly, monitored my progress to make sure I stayed on track with my course, and answered any questions I had within only a couple hours or so. Because of these people, I remained so motivated and felt more than just a number and more involved—And I'm 5 hours away from campus!

4.What is your favorite thing about being a Parker student?

I love that I feel so involved with the school. I get emails about stuff that goes on campus and even though I'm not there I feel like I'm still a part of the school. For instance, there was a fitness challenge recently that awarded the winner with a pair of airpods. It was so cool that I was still able to participate as an online student.

5.What is the most challenging aspect of being a Parker student?

Being online, the classes are incredibly fast-paced because you have 1 month to complete each course. You really have to be on top of your study game and lectures to keep up. It's really hard to retain information in a fast-paced situation, but you have to be willing to put in the work to succeed!

6.What has been your favorite class at Parker? Why?

My favorite instructor is Amy Branch. She is SO knowledgeable about the HIM field and if I needed absolutely anything, she was just an email away. She recorded lectures which was incredibly helpful to play back and listen too. She would explain the lecture slideshows in more detail. My favorite class, ironically, was actually my English composition class. It was incredibly hard and detail oriented but I enjoyed having to read American literature from famous writers and historians like Sylvia Plath and Benjamin Franklin. A lot of the works we read was very eye opening about slavery, African culture in America, and civil rights. I really enjoyed breaking down the compositions and really feel like I learned a lot through this course.

7.Where will your Parker degree take you after graduation?

I want to be back in an HIM department. I'm considering studying and testing to obtain the RHIT credential and get some experience in medical coding as well. I'm very stoked on what the future will hold.

8.What is your favorite on-campus activity?

Not Applicable—Online student

9.What is your favorite thing to do off-campus in the Dallas area?

Not Applicable—Online student

10.What is the one thing you want everyone reading this to know about Parker University?

I genuinely recommend this school to everyone I know. I love the consistent communication between the faculty and I and feeling like I apart of something bigger than just being an online college student. You can honestly get the absolute most out of this school as the programs are seemingly endless. I constantly think about getting a degree in another program simply because they've made it SO easy for me to work on my Associates in HIT. Depending on my financial aid situation, I very likely may be returning for my Bachelors.