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Parker Seminars

Helping Chiropractors to Succeed in Business and Life

Capturing the Power of Chiropractic Success


Create healthy patient relationships 
Effectively communicate chiropractic
Stay inspired to deliver patient-centered care
Truly own the essence of chiropractic
Learn techniques to manage and market your practice
Increase your confidence
Gain a patient’s trust and open the door to their healing
Encourage patients to make chiropractic their primary health care choice 
Learn to create exceptional patient experiences 
Operate an efficient, effective, and profitable practice 
Become your community’s health expert   
Make an IMPACT.


Who We Are
Parker Seminars, one of the world’s largest chiropractic seminar organizations, gives you the tools you need to transform your educational foundation into a flourishing healthcare career. By partnering with innovative exhibitors and expert speakers, our team provides the resources you need to establish a profitable business regardless of the current economic climate.  

Experts are always on hand to teach business concepts and procedures enabling you to attract and serve more patients as well as help more people discover the benefits of chiropractic care for their overall health and well-being.

After an event loaded with practical tools and inspiration from Parker Seminars, you will return to your practice and deliver quality healthcare to increased volumes of people.

Our History
Founded in 1951 by James W. Parker, DC, Parker Seminars is no stranger to chiropractic care. Dr. Parker developed the idea for seminars from the combination of his chiropractic skills and his innate ability to recognize the need to continually educate those in this ever-growing field. His vision encompassed two very important objectives: to improve the chiropractor and to better the chiropractic profession. 

Today Parker Seminars facilitates 3-5 chiropractic seminars each year that range in location both nationally and internationally. Each year over 3,000 chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and students flock to any of the seminars to develop their techniques, discover innovative advancements, and to come together in fellowship to celebrate the Chiropractic 

Our Future 
Parker Seminars recently underwent a major face lift in both presence and philosophy. We strive to unite passion and practice in order to capture the power of Chiropractic success and disseminate it to the world.  

It's about helping your patients. 
It's about helping your practice.
It's about helping you. 

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"Seeing is not believing… believing is seeing."

- Parker Principle

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