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FAQ - Anatomical Gifts

Answers to Common Questions about the Anatomical Gift Program

How do I give my body to Parker University as an anatomical gift?
Complete the forms or contact Anatomical Gift Program office.

How is Parker University notified of a donor's death?
The Anatomical Gift Program is available by phone 24 hours a day. Call 214.902.3473. A funeral home should only be contacted if an Anatomical Gift Program staff member deems it necessary.

Will my next of kin be paid for my body?
Texas law prohibits payments for your anatomical gift.

Will there be costs to my family for the donation of my body?
Your next of kin or the executor of your estate is required to pay for transportation expenses for the removal of your body. Transportation expenses vary based on the distance from Parker University.

Will my body be automatically accepted for the Anatomical Gift Program?
Not necessarily. The body must meet several requirements to be deemed suitable for research. A body can be rejected if the presence of infectious disease is the cause of death (such as HIV, hepatitis).

In cases where a body is deemed unusable, the survivors must make alternate arrangements for the body's final disposition. The Parker University Anatomical Gift Program is not responsible for any costs associated with other arrangements.

After studies are completed, what happens to the body?
All bodies are cremated upon completion of studies.

Will my survivors receive the cremated remains for burial?
If the request has been made in advance, the cremated remains will be returned to the next of kin. This usually occurs within 14 to 24 months of donation. Remains may be sent by certified mail or an appointment may be made for your next of kin to come to Parker University and receive them.
There may be an additional fee to have cremated remains returned to your survivors. Contact the Anatomical Gift Program office for fees.

Whom should I notify of my bequest?
In addition to notifying Parker University, it is important to make your wishes known to your next of kin, and/or the executor of your estate. You may also want to notify your physician. Please make sure we have a current address and phone number for your next of kin on file.

What will happen if I've donated my body, but I die outside of Texas?
Your family may be able to donate your body to a research institution in the state in which the death occurred. The Anatomical Gift Program can help with the process.

Can I change my mind after I've agreed to an anatomical donation?
You may rescind your gift at any time by notifying the Anatomical Gift Program in writing.