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**Fraud Alert!!**

To Parker Univerity Classifieds Community,

We have received a complaint of person/s trying to scam sellers on our site.

The potential buyer says they will OVERPAY for equipment and they want you to send them back the difference. The problem is they will send you a money order or cashier's check that is forged. This is a high-quality forgery and your bank will not inform you right away that it is fake. It can take your bank 5-7 days or even longer, to find out that the money order or cashier’s check is forged.

U.S. Secret Service site/article: Advance Fee Fraud >>

Examples of Fraud:

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing your {equipment} and the price you quoted {$1200} is okay by me. I have an overseas client who is interested. He has sent me a cashier’s check in the amount of {$5000} it can then be filled in with your name as soon as I get an indication of the condition of the equipment including pictures and the details. Please reply a.s.a.p.

Do not accept the $5000. You will lose your refund of $3800 and your equipment.

We are sorry that a few unscrupulous people can damage the integrity of a website. We suggest you set up some other payment option. Perhaps www.paypal.com may be a safe option for a financial exchange.

* Please read the terms and conditions of the professional opportunities website.

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