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Parker Research Institute


Harrison Ndetan, MS, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor
Dr. Harrison Ndetan began his service to Parker University in 2004. He has a graduate degree in Physics from the University of Buea in Cameroon and a graduate degree in Biostatistics and Public Health from the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth.

His research interests at Parker University centers on health promotion, disease prevention, complementary and alternative therapies, and cancer epidemiology.

He teaches Business Research Methods at the Parker MBA program, as well as Elementary Statistics and College Algebra in undergraduate programs. He also serves as adjunct assistant professor of Biostatistics at the UNTHSC School of Public Health.

Dr. Ndetan was formerly instructor of Physics at the University of Buea and Administrator/Project Officer of the New Era Clinic in Tiko, Cameroon.


Xue-Jun Song, MD, PhD, Professor
Associate Director of Basic Science Research

Dr. Song received his MD (1986) from Xuzhou Medical College and PhD (1995) in neurobiology from Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Brain Research Institute. Dr. Song, as a postdoctoral fellow, did his research in the department of anesthesiology and neurobiology at Yale University School of Medicine from 1995-1998, and then as an instructor in the department of integrative biology, pharmacology, and physiology at The University of Texas Medical Center at Houston from 1998-1999. Dr. Song joined Parker in 1999 as a senior scientist. He was later promoted to associate professor and is currently full professor.

Dr. Song has established a laboratory at Parker University focusing on neurophysiological studies of chronic pain and nerve injury. His research is directed toward elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms of pain and hyperalgesia using the animal models of chronic pain produced by inflammation or injuries to the sensory neurons and the spinal cord, and exploring therapeutic countermeasures. Another major project is to investigate the effects and neural mechanisms of treatment of chiropractic on chronic pain. Dr. Song's research has provided and will continue to provide sound scientific evidence to support the chiropractic profession and Parker University.


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