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Parker Research Institute

Student Opportunities

Want an opportunity as a student to see difficult patients? Want to hone your most important tool to become successful in practice? Want to contribute to the evidence that may someday provide you a better financial base? Want help meeting your clinic requirements?  Want a job as a student? These are but a few of the unique opportunities the Parker Research Institute provides to students.

Conducting research is not for everyone, but students do not have to conduct their own studies to make an important contribution to research. Research is an opportunity to improve students' success in private practice.

The following are a few of the ways that research provides unique opportunities for the students of Parker University:

  • Patient Examination & Treatment: During clinical research studies, students participate in many facets of patient processing. This includes taking necessary X-rays, physical examinations, laboratory work, and treatment. Several studies have involved elderly patients with challenging diagnostic conditions. Student interns receive clinic credit for satisfactorily completing clinical procedures and receive credit for clinic hours while working in research.
  • Patient Recruitment & Public Speaking: Doctors in the field have identified communication skills as the most important doctor attribute associated with a successful practice. The Research Institute offers many types of opportunities at health fairs and community meetings for students to become involved in educating the public and recruitment of patients for clinical trials.  Students who participate report they are more comfortable with public speaking, which helps them with their own patient recruitment.
  • Conduct Research: Several students have been supported in conducting their own research. Others have played key roles in the research process and coauthored papers with university faculty.
  • Research Employment: There is a continuing need for student research assistants for many phases of studies. This includes processing patient paperwork, data entry and verification, phone screening, and many other tasks.
  • Publications & Presentations: Students have co-authored with other researchers and have conducted their own studies. In addition, several have been supported to attend research forums where their papers were accepted for presentation. A professional scientific publication is a good addition to a student's vitae.
  • Student Research Awards: There are various forms of recognition and awards given to students who make an outstanding contribution to research.
  • Research Participants: Some clinical studies offer students an opportunity to see the research process as a patient or focus group.

Many of our students have a strong background in research or some level of research experience. Others develop skills through formal classes and special training with research staff. These students have been able to become co-investigators in both clinical and basic sciences with faculty mentoring. Several students have gone on to present their research as both platform and poster presentations at important professional meetings like the ACC/Research Agenda Conference.

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