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Parker Research Institute

Wellness Research

The Parker Research Institute is among the first in the chiropractic profession to look at issues related to wellness, health promotion, and how the chiropractor fits into the overall picture of the public's health.

Topics of interest in chiropractic wellness research:

  • Can the DC adequately advise patients in the area of lifestyle modification and wellness?
  • Does the chiropractor advise patients on key lifestyle issues that are the leading causes of death and disability in America?
  • Does the overall experience of patients who choose to see a chiropractor on a regular basis make them healthier?  If so, how does this happen?
  • Does chiropractic manipulation for spinal correction alone have an impact on "wellness" directly, or indirectly?

The research agenda at Parker University seeks answers regarding whether DCs are truly "wellness-based" providers and feels strongly that the doctors they train have the efficacy to help their patients not only feel good but become healthy as well.

Through implementation of health promotion and wellness issues in the chiropractic teaching clinic and field doctors' offices, various research questions may be presented for evaluation in the area of chiropractic and wellness and whether the doctor of chiropractic can impact the overall quality of life of patients in more ways than musculoskeletal relief.

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