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Parker Seminars Dallas: September 23-25


  1. What are the dates?September 23-25, 2010
  2. Where is the Parker Seminars Dallas 2010?
    Located in the heart of downtown at:
    Dallas Fairmont Hotel.
    1717 North Akard Street
    Dallas, TX 75201
  3. What type of attire should we wear?Business casual (bring jackets, meeting rooms often run cold)


  1. How close is the hotel to the airport?The Dallas Fairmont Hotel is approximately 20 minutes away from the DFW Airport and approximately five minutes away from the Dallas Love Field Airport.
  2. Which airport should I fly into?
    Information. For travel assistance, you may contact Far Away Places Travel at 877.764.5940.

Children at Parker Seminars

Parker loves children and welcome children to attend sessions. If you bring your children into the classroom, and they are disruptive and/or distracting, room monitors will ask you to leave the classroom. Many classrooms are taped and the recording picks up the noise of the children. We appreciate your cooperation and would be happy to direct you to the hotel concierge for childcare needs if you wish.

Program Information

  1. Who is the keynote speaker?Please see the online schedule.
  2. When does "…" speak?
    Please see the online schedule.
  3. Start/end times for the classes?
    Please see the online schedule.
  4. I don't have Internet access; can you fax/mail me a schedule?
    Please call 888.727.5338 Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm CST and your request will be processed immediately.


  1. What is the deadline for early-bird prices?The early-bird deadline is July 19, 2010. Fees will increase after July 19, 2010.
  2. My associate is a recent graduate and not yet licensed, can we pay the student rate?Student pricing is only for those enrolled in a chiropractic college at the time of the seminar or if you graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in the last year. doctor fees apply once the attendee has graduated.
  3. Why is there an additional fee for CE credits?Arrangements are made through Parker College of Chiropractic Continuing Education Department to have some of the classes approved by state boards so that doctors may gain continuing education credits. The additional fee is to offset the costs involved in making the applications, processing the scan details, mailing the completed attendance vouchers, reporting the accrued hours to the appropriate licensing board(s), and maintaining these records for 5-7 years.
  4. I'm waiting to register until my state has approved CE hours, why can't I still pay the early rate?
    Unfortunately the state boards do not always give their approval prior to a seminar. It is best to register prior to the early bird deadline for the seminar and add CE to the registration at a later date.
  5. Does it cost to bring children and are there classes for them?
    Children under age 17 may attend the seminar at no charge.  We do not have specific classes for children, however they are welcome in the sessions with parent supervision.
  6. My child is in junior college, can I pay the student rate for them? My assistant is considering applying to a chiropractic college, can he/she pay the student rate?The student rate is strictly for those currently enrolled in a chiropractic college. If the child/assistant is leaning toward chiropractic as a profession, have them contact the admissions department of Parker College (800.438.6932) to discuss the prospective student program which includes attendance at a seminar.
  7. My spouse doesn't want to attend class, just wants to walk around the expo with me, is there a charge?You can purchase a one-day expo pass on site at the walk-in registration desk for $50. This allows the holder access to the expo area only. To attend any class or social function, you must be registered for the seminar.
  8. I can only attend part of the seminar, is there a reduced fee?We do not offer partial or pro-rated fees.
  9. My CA only works part-time and is attending chiropractic college; can we pay the student rate?Yes, the student rate would apply. We will need the name of the chiropractic college the assistant is attending and the anticipated graduation date to complete our records.
  10. My CA is married to a college student; can we pay the student spouse rate?Yes, the student spouse rate would apply if the student is in chiropractic college. We will need the name of the chiropractic student, the chiropractic college he/she is attending and the anticipated graduation date to accurately post our records.
  11. We are bringing several staff members, is there a discount for multiple registrations?Registration fees are based on an individual person basis. Group discounts are not offered.


  • Are there discounts available?Yes, there are discounts available to those who qualify.
  • Parker Alumni Association members: Members of the Parker College of Chiropractic Alumni Association who have paid dues for the year in which the seminar occurs may receive 20 percent off their individual and/or DC/CA spouse's registration price. Spouses of association members who are not in the chiropractic profession are free to all Parker Seminars. Attendees wishing to receive this discount must have joined the Parker College Alumni Association prior to registering. Contact 888.PR.ALUMS to confirm your status. Discount does not apply to CE fees.
  • Parker first-year grads: All Parker first-year grads receive the Parker student rate. Please call the customer service desk at 888.727.5338.
  • Prospective students: Once you arrive at the seminar, please go to the Parker College advanced registration counter to pick up your badge. Badges and badge holders are required for entrance into the seminar, expo, and lunch. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by filling out the form. 

Receiving Your Badge

  1. How will I receive my badge once I register?Badges will be printed and distributed at the advanced registration counters. A photo ID will be required to pick up badges on site. Doctor of chiropractic students need to provide a valid student ID in order to receive a badge. If you do not have an ID, you will be charged the difference of the full on-site fee to enter. Lost, forgotten, or misplaced badges incur a $50 replacement fee. There is no access to the classrooms, the expo, or events without a name badge and badge holder. U.S. doctors registered for continuing education hours prior to September 5, 2010, will receive a mailing with pertinent instructions and paperwork. International doctors and those registering on or after September 6, 2010, pick up their paperwork at the CE kiosk. Badges and badge holders are required for every person no matter your status (this includes staff, guests, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, spouses, students, VIP guests, and everyone else). Parker staff will be monitoring and checking for badges and badge holders.

Cancellation Information

Cancellation Policy: Requests for refunds or transfers to another Parker Seminar must be received in writing. You may fax your request to 214.902.2435 attention Seminar Registration or via e-mail to askparkerseminars@parkercc.edu.

  • Cancellation requests received at least 10 days prior to the seminar will incur a 25 percent administrative charge based on the total paid.
  • Cancellation requests received less than 10 days prior to the seminar will not be refunded.
  • Registrants wishing to substitute another person for the same seminar can do so at no additional cost. Please fax your substitution request to 214.902.2435.
  • Parker College will not complete vouchers for continuing education credit until the seminar tuition is paid in full. Continuing education credit cancellations are subject to a 25 percent administrative charge based on the total paid. Additional copies of credit vouchers are available for a fee of $25 each upon request.
  • Disclaimer: Parker Seminars reserves the right to adjust program dates, times, speakers, and/or locations. The total liability of Parker Seminars arising from or related to these courses is limited to a refund of the registration fee only. The opinions expressed by the speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Parker Seminars.
  • Consent: By registering for this seminar, I grant Parker College and its agents permission to photograph or record me while I am attending the seminar and in public areas. Those photographs and recordings shall become the property of Parker College and may be used for any purpose.
  • Cancellation Transfer Request Form PDF 

Continuing Education- CE DEPT

  1. How many hours are available?A Doctor of Chiropractic can earn up to 11 hours of CE credits at Parker Seminars Dallas pending your state board’s approval.
  2. Was my state approved?Please check the website under "Continuing Education Approvals" or contact the continuing education department of Parker College at 800.266.4723.
  3. When will you know if my state is approved?The state boards respond based on their board meeting schedules. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when we will be notified of their decisions. We will post the information to the website as soon as it is available.
  4. Why is there an additional fee for CE credits?
    Arrangements are made through Parker College of Chiropractic Continuing Education Department to have some of the classes approved by state boards so that doctors may gain continuing education credits. The additional fee is to offset the costs involved in making the applications, processing the scan details, mailing the completed attendance vouchers, reporting the accrued hours to the appropriate licensing board(s), and maintaining these records for 5-7 years.
  5. When are the CE classes held?
    Please check the online schedule. The CE classes will be shaded a separate color.
  6. Is there anything special I need to do when I arrive at the seminar?Yes.
    a. You will be mailed a credit voucher prior to the seminar. Please complete the 'highlighted' sections of this form and bring it with you to the seminar.
     (Please complete this form prior to arriving to assist us reducing the wait times).
    b. Turn in this voucher at the continuing education kiosk located at the registration area of the Seminar.
    c. Review the documentation provided to you on any exceptions your State Board may have regarding the slated CE classes.
    d. Attend only the CE classes your state will approve.
    e. Be sure to scan the barcode on your badge when you enter a CE room and when you leave it.
     NOTE: Scanners are located within the CE classrooms. You MUST use the scanner in the classroom you will be attending!
    f. Should you have difficulty scanning in or out, be sure to notify the continuing education representative at the CE kiosk, located at registration, before the day's end.
  7. How do you track the time I'm in class?The barcode on your name badge has a unique identifier. Each CE classroom will have scanners. As you enter the room at the beginning of the class, you will scan your name badge barcode. At the end of the class as you depart, you will again scan your name badge bar code. You must scan in and out of each class to accrue the CE hours. Failure to scan will result in a loss of hours.
  8. Why do I have to scan in and out of classes? This seems very rigid.
    Your state licensing boards requires you to have a certain number of continuing education hours to renew your license. Only specific classes/topics are approved for different states. Your state board requires that Parker College of Chiropractic report your attendance in an approved CE class to them. The most efficient way to do this is to record what class you attended - scanning in and out allows us to do so.
    PLEASE NOTE: Scanning into a class and then leaving is not permitted. You must scan out. If you leave a class and do not scan out you will not be given proper credit. Abusers of this process will be reported to their state board.
  9. How do I know which are CE classes?
    Please check the online schedule which is color-coded for CE classes. Also, look for the letters "CE" in the class block with your specific designation-- DC.
  10. I'm a massage therapist/rad tech/MD, etc.; can I get CE hours?
    The Parker Seminars Dallas is offering CE hours for doctors of chiropractic only.
  11. How soon can I expect to receive notice of the hours I took?
    We work diligently to process the information from the scanners, prepare the CE attendance vouchers and mail them to the appropriate locations. You should receive notification within four weeks of the seminar conclusion.
  12. Do you send my hours to my state or do I?
    Procedures vary from state to state. Please check with your state board for exact determination.
  13. My state requires "x" hours of x-ray/technique/risk management/aids/CPR, etc.; how many hours will be offered at this seminar?The four Texas Mandatory hours will be offered (two hours of ethics, one hour of documentation and one hour of risk management).  There are no technique hours, no philosophy hours, no x-ray hours, and the remaining hours are general. When you arrive on-site, please verify with the CE staff that these hours were approved by your state board.
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Megan Buchholz
"Attending the Parker Seminar with thousands of other chiropractors and people living the chiropractic mission allowed me to see how amazingly we are changing health care... Thank you Parker for refueling my passion!"