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Parker Seminars Dallas: September 23-25

Program & Schedule

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Thursday, September 23

How to Maximize Your Parker Seminars Experience 4:30pm-5pm
Gilles Lamarche, DC Bio Iconand Lisa Speaks, CA
Attend orientation to get a taste of what the weekend has in store for you. During this session, learn the foundation of Parker Seminars and the Parker Principles. Longtime Parker speaker and Vice President of Seminars and Development Gilles Lamarche, DC, brings you up to speed with veteran attendees and helps you maximize your seminar experience.

Opening Session: The Parker Principles - Your Foundation for Success, Health and Happiness
Fabrizio Mancini, DC Bio Icon and Gilles Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
Dr. James W. Parker and many other great world leaders have shared that all great lives are built on a foundation of principles and purpose. Listen to Dr. Mancini as he shares the foundational principles penned by Dr. Parker more than 50 years ago, principles that will help you build a successful practice and a wonderful life filled with success, health, and happiness.

You, Your Life, Your Future, and Your Success 7:30pm-9pm
Arno Burnier, DC Bio Icon
To cross the sea of true success one must have clarity of vision anchored in the depth of the philosophy and principles of chiropractic. You must look beyond the horizons of your own practice, your own self-interest, and the state of our profession to the shores of what is possible.

Friday, September 24

Ethics and Professional Boundaries: How to Live a Life of Congruency (DC CE)
Eric Russell, DC Bio Icon
This session is designed to introduce you to the topic and definition of ethics and professional boundaries. Learn to identify different problems in ethics and explore topics such as professionalism, professional ethics, professional responsibility, and professional boundaries. Leave this class with the tools to handle these situations in your office.

Parker First Day Procedures for Patient Compliance9am-10:30am
Gene Orlowsky, DC Bio Icon
Dr. Jim Parker created new patient procedures that build confidence for both DC and patient. Learn from a DC who has mastered these procedures how to develop certainty in effectively communicating chiropractic by mastering day-one procedures.Your patient will leave inspired, wanting to follow through with your best recommendations.

Developing Trust in the Science of Innate9am-10:30am
Stephen LaFay, DC Bio Icon
The ancient Chinese proverb that says, “may you live in interesting times," applies today. In a time when science and philosophy are merging more than ever, chiropractic is perfectly positioned. There has never been a better time to be in chiropractic. This session provides a journey into the philosophy of chiropractic and shows leading edge scientific evidence to increase your team's certainty that chiropractic is the place to be right now.

Accurate and Appropriate Documentation for Chiropractic Coding9am-10:30am
Kathy Mills Chang, CA Bio Icon
Kathy Mills Chang brings more than 25 years of experience to the table in this seminar dealing with clinical protocols, financial matters, Medicare, marketing, and many other topics. Kathy easily presents the topics so changes can be implemented the following Monday. This session is geared to helping doctors find financial ease in their practice.

Parker Second Day Procedures for Patient Compliance and The R.O.F.11am-12:30pm
Rick Wren, DC Bio Icon
Increase your effectiveness in patient education, communication, and compliance. Learn how to create your systematic approach to explaining what's wrong, how you can help, setting goals for your new patient, organizing financial reports, and creating the patient MAP. The Report of Findings is your springboard to accomplishing significant changes in your patient’s lives through communication and planning.

Chandler George, DC  Bio Icon
It is your future! In the last two years we have seen that marketing has changed dramatically. Dr. Chandler George shows you how social media must play a vital role for the growth of your practice. Course covers video marketing, blogs, Twitter, and much more. Dr. George shows you how to get it done with no time out of practice on your part. 

Back 2 Basics11am-12:30pm
Kathy Mills Chang Bio Icon Twenty-one (21) timely and effective tips to get measurable results in your practice within days. Improve your practice finances and experience real, practice-changing outcomes from day one by:

  • Conducting bullet proof financial reports of findings (FROF)
  • Learning the four coding nuggets that translate into paid claims
  • Mastering the use of the Medicare ABN form
  • Avoiding the most common collection errors
  • Refining your ROF scripting for maximum retention
  • Learning how 10 minutes a day translate into two extra days per month
  • Mastering the in-office communication system that will transform your team
  • Many, many more

Leave our classroom with the knowledge to effectively tackle the biggest headaches chiropractic practices face everyday when dealing with reimbursement related issues.

Male and Female Hormonal Health-Coping with Menopause and Adopause (DC CE)11am-12:30pm
Curt Hamilton, CCN Bio Icon
Understand the underlying triggers and contributors to aging hormone imbalance. Includes a discussion of some simple saliva testing to help give clinical direction and discuss clinical case studies.

Creating Magic Consistently in Your Patient Visits2pm-3:30pm
Stephen LaFay, DC  Bio Icon
Now more than ever, people are searching for what you provide with chiropractic. Geared to your entire team, this session focuses on how to effectively deliver patient focused care consistently, magnetizing your people to become lifelong patients. By consistently enhancing your patient's experience, you and your team will attract the "naturally right" people and transform your practice into one you love.

If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It! --Adding Value to Your Practice with No-Nonsense Nutrition2pm-3:30pm
Kelly Hayford, MA, CNC  Bio Icon
Every day in every media outlet, people are talking about diet and nutrition. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity and contributing to this conversation? Learn the latest on the devastating consequences of our health-robbing popular food culture. More importantly, learn quick, effective ways to help your patients eat healthier and get the most from their care. Learn how providing no-nonsense nutrition in your office can help build your practice and empower the chiropractic profession. 

Chiropractic Philosophy - The Route to CA Inspiration2pm-3:30pm
Gilles Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
Philosophy is the foundation of every individual and organization, the ingredient that gives true meaning to life. That is no different for you, the chiropractic assistant. In order to be truly inspired everyday to serve the patients and potential patients you meet, it is imperative that you be bathed in the philosophy that is chiropractic. In this session learn:

  • The chiropractic philosophy for health and healing
  • Basic neurology of subluxation
  • How to share this information in a congruent fashion
  • To be proud of your role as a CA

STROKE: Current Strategies and Analysis for Today's Chiropractor (DC CE)2pm-3:30pm
Michael Hall, DC, FIACN Bio Icon
STROKE presents and reviews many of the more contemporary understandings of this very controversial and important topic. Every practicing chiropractor will want to hear this presentation. Risk strategies in detecting and preventing stroke are presented. Techniques and procedures for assessing at-risk patients are demonstrated. This presentation is recommended for chiropractors, massage therapists, chiropractic assistants, and med-legal attorneys.

Engaging Patients So They Stay, Pay and Refer4pm-5:30pm
Gilles Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
The greatest miracles in chiropractic usually take place with patients who have been given the opportunity to experience the benefits of chiropractic care for an extended period of time. Obviously that requires that a patient/practice member decides to stay under care, and that only takes place when they understand why care is crucial for them. To get to that point requires that you the DC know how to properly educate the practice member and have them commit to care. “Easier said than done” you might say? I tell you that when you know how to educate your patients, it is easy said and easy done. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Educate your patients with space repetition learning
  • Have them commit to care
  • Have them become an ambassador for you, your practice and chiropractic
  • Make them invest in themselves


When the Foot Hits the Ground, Everything Changes (DC CE)4pm-5:30pm
Kent Greenwalt  Bio IconThe practice of Chiropractic is inherently influenced by the ground force reactions of the feet created in weight bearing postures. This class will begin with a history of the origination of theories relating the feet to the kinetic chain and the researched benefits of appropriate orthotic utilization. We will discuss the three phases of the gait cycle including the ill effects of excessive pronation on foot, ankle, knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Many of the most common postural distortions are directly linked to improper kinetic chain function. 

Deliver the Chiropractic Experience!

Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon
Is the experience you are giving congruent with your company values and your authentic message? In this class I will help you clarify your company values, define your authentic message that connects with your values with your patients values. We will then construct a plan to deliver a powerful experience in your office. This message is for the whole team, as each person creates their part of experience. Get ready to upgrade your office, and your systems, and the experience you are giving.

Above Down - Inside Out: What Have We Learned, Forgot, and Are Now Trying To Remember (DC CE)4pm-5:30pm
Michael Hall, DC, FIACN Bio Icon
A lively and informative presentation regarding the most contemporary understanding of memory, memory capacity, and the aging brain. Environmental influences, trauma, toxins, and adverse thoughts all affect the brain in a variety of ways as we progress thru life. The most important aspects germaine to the practicing chiropractor will be presented as well as strategies to prevent and overcome Functional Disconnection Syndrome.

Yes! You Can Write a Book – Become The Authority In Your Area – And Create Raving Fans
Kyl Smith, DC
The most powerful thing you can do to establish your practice is to author your own book. The moment you do, your ability to bring value and serve grows exponentially – as does your practice, your influence in your community, and beyond. This is the single most powerful marketing tool you can create! Yes, you have a book inside you, and this session helps you get it out and share it with the world. This message is designed to introduce the massive benefits of authoring your own book and shows you how to move through the stages of developing a book from concept, print, to marketing. 


Saturday, September 25

Love Your Way to Success 9am-10:30am
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon
In this class you will learn how to create a powerful experience that connects your practice members emotionally to your chiropractic message. This has been termed emotional branding in the past, the step beyond branding is creating "lovemarks" in your business. We will be taking the “love concept” into practical forms of “lovemarks”. All great lovemarks rest on the foundation of performance, innovation, reputation, and honesty. Therefore, we will be covering these aspects of your practice to assure you can make a lovemark on your community. Lovemarks create an unforgettable memory and lifetime raving fans of your business. Come and learn how you can take your office to the next level and ultimately change more lives through chiropractic. 

The 3 Pillars of Evidence-Based Wellness Care Part III - Empowering and Measuring Patient Change (DC CE)
James Chestnut, BEd, MSc, DC, CCWPBio Icon
The ability to empower patient lifestyle change is what determines patient results, patient satisfaction, and wellness doctor effectiveness. How patients choose to eat, move, and think is the greatest determinant of their health and well-being and thus the single most important factor in determining the success and value of any wellness intervention. Organized programs are key – in order to deliver wellness you must have a wellness delivery system that is efficient and cost-effective for both you and your patients. Patient results must be reliably and validly measured in order to assess the success and value of whatever intervention you offer. Learn how to stop fighting cravings with behavior modification and learn to start empowering real lasting change with easy, comfortable belief system modification. An introduction to the Innate Lifestyle™ Program – 21st Century Health Care! 

Parker Principles, Procedures and Scripts that Create Practice Explosions9am-10:30am
Brenda Frederiksen, CA Bio Icon
Is your office prepared visually, physically and mentally? With the proper procedures in place, increased focus and a team that is passionate about chiropractic the possibilities are unlimited. During this session learn how to get your office prepared for a practice explosion and build your professional image with the Parker principles, procedures and scripts. All offices should be high volume and stress free and this session will get you on the road to greatness!

From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Chiropractic Pediatrics (DC CE)9am-10:30am
Nicole Lederman, DC Bio Icon
This class will give you the information to impact the health needs of children and expectant mothers today, and lay a foundation that will impact the health and well-being of generations to come. A wide range of topics will be covered, including prenatal and pediatric examination techniques and adjusting; prenatal and pediatric nutrition. Neurological development through exercises and stimulating play for the infant will also be discussed. Finally, take away valuable tips to implement Monday morning…learn to attract more children and families to your practice, while positioning your office as the family wellness resource in your community.

Discover and Develop Your Communication Style - Lead, Inspire and Heal11am-12:30pm
Mary Warren, DC Bio Icon
Effective communication can teach and excite people about their health and wellness. Simplify and share your knowledge of our body’s anatomy, physiology and biochemistry by using the power of storytelling, metaphors and humor to speak easily and more effectively to your patients.

The Sequence to Becoming a Community-Based Healthcare Leader11am-12:30pm
Patrick Gentempo, DC Bio Icon
The need of an influential healthcare leader in every community has never been in higher demand. With this there is an extraordinary opportunity for chiropractors to step up and step into a significant health and wellness leadership role. In this exciting presentation, Dr. Gentempo clarifies the sequential steps to becoming a health care leader in your community. By following these steps, your standing as a strong and credible health and wellness provider will soar as will your practice!

The CA's Role in Communicating Chiropractic11am-12:30pm
Brenda Frederiksen, CA Bio Icon
What's your current Patient Visit Average (PVA)? Most chiropractors PVA's are below 20! Patients want to make an informed decision about becoming a lifetime wellness patient and it's our responsibility to give them the correct information. Learn the procedures that get patients involved in their care by using effective patient education tools on each visit. Additionally, discuss identifying the different patient types and how to communicate on their level, implementing success principles that create wellness patients and how to have fun in practice. If you're not growing, you’re dying. Grow your PTC and grow your practice!

Documenting Impact of Functional Deficiency: Using Your Exam to Create Wellness-Based Patient Care(DC CE)11am-12:30pm
Patrick Bodnar, DC Bio Icon
Turbulent changes in the healthcare marketplace have created an atmosphere of low trust between payers, providers, and patients. Practices using outdated procedures are experiencing the serious price of lowered practice performance. The time for principle-centered practices to invest in modern examination technique is now. Learn how to perform, interpret and document low tech functional patient information that brings the patient face to face with their measurable deficiencies and opens the door for the chiropractor to implement quality-of-life changing care that patients will crave. This class is part of Dr. Bodnar’s year long mission of helping chiropractor’s make over their practice to succeed in the new health care arena.

How the Pros Attract New Patients2pm-3:30pm
Jeffrey Cottingame, DC, - Moderator Bio Icon
One of the most common questions asked by DCs, is how to I get new patients? In this class you will hear time tested proven ideas and methods on how you can attract more new patients to your office, from people who have done it in good and bad economies. There is no doubt that attendees will leave this session knowledgeable and inspired to attract new patients and make a difference in their communities.

The Quest for Cultural Authority2pm-3:30pm
Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, PhD Bio Icon
When medicine speaks—people listen. It is generally understood that medicine has achieved cultural authority and this profession assumes a great deal of power. How can chiropractic also achieve cultural authority? This presentation will examine the efforts within chiropractic to strive for this goal, as well as the obstacles that make this objective difficult in today’s health care environment.

Motivation in the Office - Working Smarter, Not Harder 2pm-3:30pm
Lisa Speaks, CA Bio Icon Ever feel like you need a productivity pick-me-up or ideas for working to your potential? There is a solution for keeping your team motivated and producing at an incredibly high level! Join Lisa Speaks as she teaches you how to conduct effective staff meetings, how to get the most out of yourself and your teammates everyday by assessing individual personalities, and time-tested strategies for fostering an open communication office environment, all while building rapport and attracting patients to your practice!

The ASR Approach to Sports Injuries (DC CE)2pm-3:30pm
Kirk Lee, DC, CCSP Bio Icon
Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of chiropractic’s leading experts on athletes and sports injuries! Dr. Lee will teach you a combination of adjustments, supportive procedures and rehabilitative exercises that will make you the chiropractor to see for sports injuries. Find out how to care for common injuries in runners and walkers, and injuries specific to the sports of football, baseball, soccer, volleyball and much more! 

Closing General Session: Making Your Practice Work Today-Learning From DCs in the Trenches
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon, Michael Hall, DC Bio Icon, Stephen LaFay,DC Bio Icon, Jeffrey Cottingame, DC Bio Icon,
Gilles Lamarche
, DC - Moderator Bio Icon
This class is designed to bring together aspects of the seminar that you can implement starting immediately. You will hear from Parker Seminar team speakers that live these issues every practice day, and we will end with an inspirational message from our president Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. Our featured speakers will present:

  • How to attract new patients
  • Communicating chiropractic so patients understand
  • How to maintain an inspiring and inspired attitude
  • The chiropractic paradigm of health and healing
  • Why and how chiropractic philosophy and practice can enhance overall health
  • Why you must be the model of health that others aspire to achieve
"To attract my success, health and happiness, I will eliminate fear of the future, worry over the past, and anxiety for the present."

- Parker Principle


Mary Ann Johnson,CA
"I come for motivation. I work in the field every day and it’s so busy and you can get caught in the routine. The speakers give you a better sense of well-being with what you’re doing. You’ve got to get out of that bubble, and it opens up your mind. It’s affected me because it helps me actually cement in my mind how much chiropractic is doing to save people’s lives... and I truly believe that."