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chiropractic neurology program

Chiropractic Clinical Neurology Certificate Program: Advancing Chiropractic through Clinical Neurology

There are no current dates set for the Chiropractic Clinical Neurology program
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CE Program Information

Parker University is proud to offer the Clinical Neurology chiropractic continuing education course. With Parker’s 25+ years experience in offering quality chiropractic education, we feel we are the number one choice for doctors wanting to learn chiropractic clinical neurological techniques. Register for Parker's Chiropractic Clinical Neurology continuing education class today!

This is an eight-module series that focuses on neurological function and dysfunction in the chiropractic patient. Chiropractors have always sought to remove subluxation in order to impart optimal health to the human nervous system. This program helps the practitioner locate and identify where in the nervous system there is dysfunction and how that dysfunction is manifesting in the patient. While some may suffer great afflictions such as stroke, dementia, and motor dyskinesia, others may simply suffer the chronically sprained ankle, recurring back pain, or intractable headaches. This program empowers the practicing chiropractor a better understanding of how the human nervous system functions and a greater certainty of the need for chiropractic care in today's healthcare system.

Each module combines both theory and practicum. The attendee learns and expands upon prior neurological education:

  • techniques to assess and improve neurological activation 
  • procedures to promote and retain stabilization 
  • to optimize human potential


  • Michael W. Hall, DC, DABCN, FIACN is a noted clinician and educator in chiropractic clinical neurology for nearly two decades. He is known both nationally and internationally for his expertise and passion. Dr. Hall brings a unique presentation style to the classroom.  He maintains a very busy private practice while also teaching for Parker University and Parker Seminars. Dr. Hall has the ability to synthesize complex material into palatable and applicable pieces for the everyday practitioner.  He has strong convictions towards detection and removal of the vertebral subluxation as it pertains to dysfunction of the human nervous system.
  • Patrick Bodnar, DC is an assistant professor at Parker University and has also presented seminar-based and continuing education material throughout the United States and Canada as a team teacher for Parker Seminars. He has refined his clinical focus to care for patients with headaches, neck and back pain, balance and mobility deficiencies, sports specific injuries, and certain neurological deficits as well as those interested in proactive care such as athletic performance, biomechanical support for pregnancy, functional fitness, and general well-being.
  • Additional instructors include: Homero Cavazos, DC; Kyl Smith, DC; Anne Jensen, DC, and Sandra Norton, DC, DACBR.

Course Dates

  - This is a doctor level course

There are no dates currently set for this program.  Please check back with us.

Class start dates are dependent on pre-enrollment numbers.


Saturdays, 10am -6pm
Sundays, 8am-3pm 

CE Hours

Application for 15 CE hours has been submitted to selected states. (Course not submitted to all states - please check the States Approved list to verify your state's status.)

Please check the link above or call the Parker University Continuing Education office to verify your state's approval status.


Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX  75229

Tuition Per Weekend Module  

This table lists the cost per module.
Doctors:   Students: (must be trimester eligible to participate - Tri-4 prior to September 1, 2012.
  After September 1, 2012 student must have completed Tri-7 classes to enter the program.)
Prepaid more than one week in advance $385 Prepaid more than one week in advance $240
Prepaid less than one week in advance $425 Prepaid less than one week in advance $280
Paid on site (cash is not accepted on site) $450 Paid on site (cash is not accepted on site) $305


  • 10% discount if all eight modules are prepaid in full in advance of the first module (Not applicable for Parker first year graduates or current students.) 
  • 15% discount for Parker University Alumni beginning January 1, 2013 (Not applicable for Parker first-year graduates or current students. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Please note this is a revision from earlier publications.) 

Class Policies

  • For students, this is considered a doctor level course. 
  • Completion of the final examination with a passing grad of 75% and attendance of at least 100 hours will entitle the candidate to a certificate attesting their completion of the program.
  • Make-up session: Attendee must make up the module that was missed (i.e. subject matter). You cannot take the same module twice for credit towards completion of the course.

CE Course and Cancellation Policy

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