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Become a Leader on a Committee

The Parker Alumni Association is built on the foundation of Parker graduates and supporters of the university uniting to promote the Parker Principles of service and success for the benefit of humanity. Committees have been established to assist in accomplishing this goal through their own goals and objectives.

If you are interested in getting involved or need more information, complete the online interest form  or contact the Parker Office of Alumni Relations.

National Alumni Involvement Committee

Purpose: Increase participation from alumni residing outside Texas through programs, events, committees, or maintaining active membership.

  1. Steve Brooks, DC ’99 - Chair, President
  2. Chae Tracy, DC '04
  3. Michael Traxler, DC '06
  4. Bart Patzer, DC '93


Bylaws Committee – Special Assignment

Purpose: Maintains the bylaws which the association is governed by and judiciously researches necessary changes which may occur.

  1. Steve Brooks, DC '99 - Chair, President
  2. Shadi Rahmani, DC '08


Nomination Committee – Special Assignment

Purpose: Works to find qualified candidates to serve on the Parker University Alumni Association Board of Directors and qualified nominees for the Parker University Alumni Association Awards.

  1. Carol Watkins, DC '11 - Chair, Vice President
  2. James Powell, DC '93
  3. Chae Tracy, DC '04
  4. Travis Parker, DC '04
  5. Ron Wells, DC '95

Resolutions Committee - Special Assignment

Purpose: Committee members listen to and work towards a resolution of any issues within the university or alumni association which go against the mission of the university or alumni association.

  1. Steve Brooks, DC '99, - Chair, President
  2. Carol Watkins, DC '11, Vice President
  3. Beau Hightower, DC '11, Tresurer


Young Alumni Committee

Purpose: Identify areas where new graduates need support, expand communication and networking opportunities, provide feedback on curriculum, and develop more job opportunities for all graduates.

  1. Beau Hightower, DC '11 - Co-Chair, Tresurer
  2. Shadi Rahman, DC '08 - Co-Chair
  3. Amy Wood, DC '04, Board Representative
  4. Kara Dudowicz, DC '11
  5. Kevin Grimes, DC '08
  6. Andrea Heikkinen, DC '08
  7. Jeffrey Kirstein, MT '10
  8. Lezlie Maloy, DC '08
  9. Lindsay McInnis, DC '11
  10. Jenny Noblit-Pamer, DC '05
  11. Andrew Oteo, DC '10
  12. Scott Phillips, DC '09
  13. Eileen Psencik, DC '10
  14. Leslie Rapsawich, DC '07
  15. Edgar Rivera, DC '09
  16. Mayda Serrano, DC '09
  17. Brent Smarinsky, DC '10
  18. David Wardy, DC '07