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Parker Seminars Chicago: July 12-14, 2012

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Opening General Session: Parker Principles for Success, Health, and Happiness Notes Button
Gilles Lamarche, DC Bio Icon  Fabrizio Mancini, DC Bio Icon
Dr. James W. Parker and many other great world leaders have shared that all great lives are built on a foundation of principles and purpose. Listen to Dr. Mancini and Dr. Lamarche as they share the foundational principles penned by Dr. Parker more than 50 years ago; principles that help you build a successful practice and a wonderful life filled with success, health, and happiness. 

Parker New Patient Procedures to Build Your Practice Notes Button
Gene Orlowsky, DC Bio Icon
Dr. Jim Parker created new patient procedures that build confidence for both DC and patient. Learn from a DC who has mastered these procedures and learn to develop certainty in effectively communicating chiropractic by mastering day one procedures. Your patient will leave inspired, wanting to follow through with your best recommendations.

10 Steps to be a Superstar CA Notes Button
Heidi Farrell, CA Bio Icon 
We may all start as CAs, hired for our traits, personality, and spunk, but how many actually become a superstar? Are you ready to rise to the top? CA to Superstar is a fun, energizing tour of what it takes to go from a job to a mission in chiropractic!

Strengthen Your Certainty: Neurology of the VSC for the Practicing Chiropractor (DC CE) Notes Button
John Minardi, DC Bio Icon
The chiropractic adjustment does not simply correct a patient's pain; in contrast, it has a profound global neurological effect in the human body. This class increases the practicing chiropractor's scientific certainty in the adjustment, illuminating how powerful the chiropractor is by correcting subluxations daily in their own clinic. In this session, Dr. Minardi explains the VSC's neurological effect on nociception and pain, and how this nociceptive information has a direct effect on the stress response, the autonomic nervous system, and the immune system.

Become a Driving Force in Healthcare by Delivering the Five Essentials to Health (DC CE) Notes Button
Greg Loman, DC Bio Icon
Becoming a Driving Force in Health Care – How the chiropractic community can save the country. Learn how to fall in love with what you do and never lose your passion for your practice! Bring the five essentials to your practice and community changing the lives of everyone you meet. Learn how to improve your patients health in one step by doing what you love – teaching!

The ROF that gets Patients to Accept Care, Pay, Stay, and Refer Notes Button
Rick Wren, DC Bio Icon
Increase your effectiveness in patient education, communication, and compliance. Learn how to create your systematic approach to explaining what's wrong, how you can help, setting goals for your new patient, organizing financial reports, and creating the patient MAP. The report of findings is your springboard to accomplishing significant changes in your patient's lives through communication and planning.

Top Five Procedures to Retain Patients Longer
Heidi Farrell, CA Bio Icon
We all want to have patients that retain for a lifetime! It's not as hard as you think to create better results in a very short time by brushing up on your procedures for retention. This igniting class lights the fire of every CA and DC to turn up the procedural heat! Learn what to say, what to do, and how to do it for the top result-grabbing procedures!

Peak Performance through Advanced Chiropractic Care (DC CE) – Class Sponsored by Erchonia Medical Notes Button
Jeffrey Spencer, DC Bio Icon
World-renowned chiropractor, Olympian, and ICA “Sports Chiropractor of the Year”, Dr. Jeff Spencer, takes you on a journey to discover how to deliver peak performance through chiropractic care for your patients.

Philosophy: Who Needs it? (DC CE) Notes Button
Troy Dukowitz, DC Bio Icon
An interactive discussion as to the importance of philosophy in life and in chiropractic. A lack of understanding of one’s philosophy leads to a lack of clarity of purpose and ultimately vision. This session leaves the participant inspired to take action as well as give them action steps they can implement Monday morning for themselves and their team!

The Stress Triad - Physical, Emotional and Structural. What Every Person and Practitioner Needs to Know (DC CE) – Class Sponsored by Standard Process Notes Button
Annette Schippel, DC Bio Icon
Stress. It's nearly impossible to measure, but stress not managed, has a profound health effect on our health! Everyone experiences it in one way or another. Stress can come in the form of physical, emotional, or dietary stress. Our perception of stress and how we handle it is key to our own vitality and dis-ease prevention! This lecture looks at the role of stress as it relates to our endocrine system and the hormones involved. What are the short term and long term effects of stress on our body? Practical guidelines are given for managing stress as well as what to do with the person who hasn't managed stress well. The is one lecture you don't want to miss!

Anatomy and Physiology for the CA Notes Button
Carol Ann Malizia, DC Bio Icon
You are better prepared to help educate patients when you understand anatomy, especially of the spine, and its relationship to the nervous system. How the nerve system is involved in every function of the body will be presented in an easy and useable way that gives you the tools to help patients better understand chiropractic. Increase your credibility with patients and make your communication with the doctor easier by improving your understanding of how spinal and structural anatomy interact and affect all bodily functions.

The Hidden Causes of Knee & Hip Injuries (DC CE) – Class Sponsored by Foot Levelers Notes Button
Mitch Mally, DC
Learn the biomechanics of Tibial Torsion Syndrome, MCL/ACL ligament injuries, shin splints, hip injuries, and conditions and the effect on low back complaints. An in depth exciting discussion on leg length inequality and analysis follows with technique and hands-on training.

Leading and Teaching the Chiropractic Lifestyle Notes Button
Gilles A. Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
Many people talk about this, but how many people truly live the chiropractic lifestyle? In this interactive session,  learn the scientific value of this health paradigm and be able to begin teaching it so people understand. Dr. Lamarche is an example of this lifestyle and lives it day-in and day-out. The physical, mental, and emotional components of health and healing will be addressed.

Leave this session knowing:

  • How to choose this lifestyle for yourself
  • How to make decisions that will help you succeed
  • How to communicate the chiropractic wellness lifestyle
  • How to become a living example of what you teach
  • How to empower your patients to want and do the same

Moderated by Todd Watson, DC Bio Icon
Sharendipity is an open microphone session where you can speak for five minutes on the chiropractic topic that you feel the most passionate about.
Most of the speakers at the Parker Seminars started at one of these sessions so come on out and have your say.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Science Plus Philosophy = Certainty: Modern Science Validates the Chiropractic Healthcare Model (DC CE) – Class sponsored by The Wellness Practice
James Chestnut, BSc, DC Bio Icon
The debate is over
! Chiropractic is the most evidence-based intervention for spinal neuraxis health and function. Scientific literature is used to define, compare, and contrast the allopathic vs. chiropractic paradigm, philosophy, and to illustrate that the foundational tenets of the chiropractic healthcare model are both scientifically accurate and philosophically logical.

The 12-Key Components to Building a Productive, Profitable, and Passionate Practice Notes Button
Timothy Gay, DC Bio Icon
Discover how to lay the foundation and strengthen communication with the Seven-Figure Entrepreneurial Mindset. Develop and incorporate proven systems that improve and streamline the flow of your practice. Standardize new patient flow while learning the new and improved four-day report of findings process. Incorporate theme-based marketing programs for every month of the year. Build a dedicated tribe of new-patient superstars who promote your practice for you. Motivate your superstar CA to support the foundation of your practice, build your all-star team of associates, affiliates, and alliances who help you grow your practice. Strengthen your practice with cash by implementing the Wellness Made Affordable cash plan.

The Myth of Pain: Understanding Chiropractic Philosophy and Science to Move Patients Past Pain Notes Button
Brandi MacDonald, CA
“Chiropractic is a radical Science. It is a right about face in method and in reasoning. It is contrary to the methods of healing in common use in the world. For that reason, it is misunderstood by those who have not had its benefits or are ignorant of its principles.” R.W. Stephenson Quote - April 21, 2010 (Endorsed by B.J. Palmer)

In this session, attendees will re-visit the paradigms of healing that the world holds in contrary to the paradigm of healing that Chiropractic holds. The role of the Chiropractic Assistant as both a teacher and gatekeeper is to be challenged in their own paradigm and learn how to communicate Chiropractic in layman’s terms. This session will leave attendees inspired and more certain of the importance of teaching Chiropractic philosophy to patients and increasing their confidence about what we do.

The Secrets of Scapula Dynamics revealed in Sports Injuries & Rehab of the Shoulder (DC CE) – Class Sponsored by Foot Levelers Notes Button
Mitch Mally, DC Bio Icon
Learn about rotator cuff tears, Impingement Syndrome, frozen shoulder, epicondylitis, ulnar neuropathy and many more conditions presented extensively. An emphasis is placed on anatomy, biomechanics, radiology, and Dr. Mally’s hands-on technique demonstration.

Subluxation Neurology (DC CE)
Dan Murphy, DC Bio Icon
This session covers mechanoreception, spinal cord reflexes, and suprasegmental relays. It is a great review of the neurology of the subluxation, including the neuroanatomy to support pain control and visceral influences. Once you leave this class, you are able to draw a simple summary of the subluxation complex and its influence on pain mechanisms and viscera.

Real Life, Real Food, Real Women – Managing the Needs of the Female Client (DC CE) Notes Button
Carol Ann Malizia, DC Bio Icon
Dr. Malizia provides DCs with integrated education in the science of chiropractic as it relates to women's wellness and longevity; incorporating clinical reasoning with outcome assessment. Dr. Malizia reviews the neurophysiology of system dysfunctions verses adaptation mechanisms and their relationship to the disease processes verses intrinsic wellness health architecture.

Leverage New Marketing Paradigms to Help More Patients through Chiropractic Care Notes Button
Timothy Gay, DC Bio Icon
Discover the new word-of-mouth marketing paradigm that helps establish patient trust and commitment. Learn how to build a tribe of loyal chiropractic patients who are dedicated to spreading the message of chiropractic for the practice. Distributing complimentary examination cards to increase patient walk-ins by a minimum of 30%. Expanding the practice’s new patient base by incorporating additional revenue streams and niche markets into the practice. Creating strategic alliances in your community that increase new patient referrals. Understanding the practice’s social media presence and incorporating internet marketing into your strategy.

Motion Assisted Adjusting Technique: Make Manual Adjusting Doctor Easy with Patient Comfort (DC CE) – Class sponsored by Leander Technologies
Dennis Anthony, DC
Improve your manual manipulation skills to build that high volume practice with less physical stress for the doctor with Motion Adjusting Technique. Motion Assisted Adjusting decreases the physical stress on the doctor and provides a more comfortable adjustment for the patient. Decreasing physical stress can increase practice longevity. Providing a comfort adjustment for the patient means better compliance. 

The Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic Notes Button
Gene Orlowsky, DC Bio Icon 
The S.P.A. of Chiropractic was Dr. James William Parker's personal message to the profession on the Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic which he personally taught for over 50 years. His purpose was to unite the profession by emphasizing the common denominators we all have through the science and art while embracing the differences in the actual practice of the art. Dr. Orlowsky will not only share this message, but also bring this information current, so you can use it in your office come Monday morning. 
An Evening of Pure Chiropractic Philosophy
Drs. Troy Dukowitz, Fabrizio Mancini Bio Icon, Tracy Wilson Bio Icon, and Carol Ann Malizia Bio Icon 
Moderated by Gilles A. Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
Our panel of philosophical speakers are avid students of philosophy and clearly understands its branches and have the facility to bring understanding of this complexity to any audience. The vitalistic model of care that they discovered and embraced lead them to successfully support the health and well-being of thousands of patients. In this class, our panel will share insights from their many years of experience in delivering the chiropractic adjustment and in working with chiropractors from around the globe. This vitalistic model is the foundation of chiropractic and you leave this session with a conviction that chiropractic is an art, science, and philosophy that is invaluable to the health and well-being of our communities. If you are looking to embrace a higher level of certainty in the service you deliver, this class is for you. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) Technique: The Evolution of Corrective Chiropractic Care (DC CE) – Class Sponsored by Chiropractic Biophysics Online Notes Button
8:30am-10:30am, Part I and 11am-1pm, Part II
Deed Harrison, DC Bio Icon
Chiropractic is changing. Research, patient management, objective clinical results, treatment techniques, philosophies, and principles all advance over time. The mission of CBP Technique is to provide a research based response to these changing times that is clinically, technically, and philosophically sound. By joining together, we can participate in the redefinition and updating of the chiropractic profession. This journey, all of us must take as a profession to become the best chiropractors we can be. CBP's efforts focus on chiropractic corrective care through structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture using mirror image® adjusting, exercise, and spinal remodeling procedures. Though times are changing, spine and posture research in the past, present, and future will continue to validate the Chiropractic tenants of the spine and health connection. Being abreast of these studies will help to create a stronger, more passionate, and focused clinician. New technology is available to accurately but efficiently assist in the documentation of the vertebral subluxation. Using this technology assists in predictable growth and results. The sagittal plane curves are critically tied to human health and well-being. Implementing evidence based spinal corrective orthotics will aid in the evolution or continue your journey to becoming the best corrective chiropractor you can be.

Putting the I in Vitalism; Empowering and Supporting Others to Live a Healthy Lifestyle (DC CE) Notes Button
Shawn Powers RN, DC Bio Icon
This course explores vitalism and its place in modern healthcare. Understanding and being able to communicate vitalism and the uniqueness of the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic is essential for the health and well-being of people around the world. Helping others understand the foundations of health, elements of a healthy lifestyle, and the necessity for personal responsibility can avoid future disease and potentially dangerous interventions.

Philosophy, Science, and Art behind Subluxation-Based Corrective Chiropractic Care Notes Button
John Bergman, DC Bio Icon
Breaking down the myths that our current health care system masquerades as truths. Using science, anatomy, neurology, and physiology to reinforce the power of the body to regenerate, restore and renew to our full potential. To give solid journal based studies that support the body’s self-healing and self-regulating capabilities. To empower chiropractors with bullet proof philosophy backed by irrefutable science to save lives. The phrase “The power that made the body heals the body” is based in science and fact.

Exceptional CAs – A Pivotal Role in Patient Care
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon

The Family Wellness Practice
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon 
Dr. Wilson covers all of the aspects from mindset, philosophy, procedures, and the detailed trainings that it takes to have an incredible “family-based, wellness-driven” practice. Over the years, Dr. Wilson has spoken to many chiropractors who want to serve families, but just never seem to be able to attract them. From the idea, if you build it, they will come. We help you find the gaps in your office or even start from scratch to serve large numbers of families in your community.

The Busy Making Phenomenon: How to Manage Priorities in a High Volume, Wellness-Focused Practice Notes Button
Brandi MacDonald, CA
Managing priorities, time and energy in a Chiropractic practice requires clarity of purpose and roles. In this session attendees will learn how to determine what the priorities in a practice are; New patients? Retention? Staff training? Staff communication? Once priorities are identified, everyone’s roles can be defined with the objectives of the practice being the driving factors, not the personalities of the practices. A practice that stems from emotion is an unstable practice, a practice that stems from strategy is a successful practice! There is no better model and teacher of this than someone who is managing a full time busy Chiropractic practice. Let her help you manage your priorities, energy and ultimately your life to serve at high level! 

Chiropractic and the “Frozen Shoulder” (DC CE) Notes Button
11:00am-1pm, Part I and 2pm-3:30pm, Part II
Francis Murphy, DC Bio Icon
This presentation is a very unique and practice centered approach towards the management of the “frozen shoulder”. A unique subluxation based approach with technique application is presented. This is sure to be an exciting presentation filled with clinical scenarios that certainly leave you with a passion to learn more and apply in your daily practice. Dr. Francis Murphy’s OTZ technique approach has changed the lives of thousands and is sure to be one of the most sought after clinical approaches for the 21st century.

How the Pros Attract New Patients
Moderated by: Jeffrey Cottingame, DC Bio Icon
One of the most common questions asked by DCs is how to I get new patients? Hear time-tested proven ideas and methods on how you can attract more new patients to your office, from people who have done it in good and bad economies. There is no doubt that attendees leave this session knowledgeable and inspired to attract new patients and make a difference in their communities.

The Parker Seminars CA Panel
Brandi MacDonald, Drs. Carol Ann Malizia Bio Icon and Tracy Wilson Bio Icon
Moderated by: Gilles A. Lamarche, DC Bio Icon
This class combines lively discussion with a fun audience interaction format which allows you to learn and grow in an enjoyable atmosphere. Network with your peers and get all of your vital questions answered. Submit your burning, hot topic questions in advance to a panel of experts. Questions can be submitted during your Parker Seminars registration or via e-mail to askparkerseminars@parker.edu. Leave this session with the answers to the professions top challenges, with a renewed sense of confidence and camaraderie, and a support network of seasoned CAs to help you once you get back to the office Monday morning.

Natural Methods to Restore & Improve Cognitive Function (DC CE) - Class Sponsored by ProgressiveLabs.com Notes Button
Kyl Smith, DC Bio Icon
With the baby boomer population standing at 80 million, one out of every three North Americans are now fifty years of age or older. DCs are recognizing that mental fatigue and poor memory are common complaints of aging in their practices. Providing clinically effective wellness treatment options represents an enormous loving service – involving perhaps as many as 10 million people in the U.S. alone. DCs gain knowledge of peer-reviewed research substantiating the benefits of specific nutrients shown to maintain redox balance within the central nervous system, forestall cognitive decline, promote cognitive longevity, while improving memory, reasoning, information processing, mood, and mental performance in specific patient populations.

Closing Session: Keys to Staying Healthy and Changing the Future of Healthcare
Joseph Mercola, DO Bio Icon
Dr. Mercola as he discusses the best health principles he has learned over the last thirty years to optimize your weight, energy, and disease resistance. Dr. Mercola teaches you how you can use the internet for health activism to positively influence the future of health for your family, future descendants, and your patients.