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Parker Seminars San Diego: May 4-6, 2012

Parker Seminars and California Chiropractic Association

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Friday, May 4  

The Parker Principles for Success
Fabrizio Mancini, DC Bio Icon  
Dr. James W. Parker and many other great world leaders have shared that all great lives are built on a foundation of principles and purpose. Listen to Dr. Mancini as he shares the foundational principles, penned by Dr. Parker, more than 50 years ago; principles that will help you build a successful practice and a wonderful life filled with success, health, and happiness.

21st Century Science has Validated the Chiropractic Healthcare Philosophy and Every Practitioner, Patient and Politician Needs to Know (DC CE)
James Chestnut, Bed, MSc, DC, CCWP Bio Icon 
Dr. James Chestnut takes the stage to discuss the scientific literature that will be used to define, compare, and contrast the allopathic versus chiropractic paradigm and philosophy and to illustrate that the foundational tenets of the chiropractic healthcare model are both scientifically accurate and philosophically logical.

Parker Procedures for Patient Compliance
Gene Orlowsky, DC Bio Icon 
Dr. Jim Parker created new patient procedures that build confidence for both DC and patient. Learn from a DC who has mastered these procedures and learn to develop certainty in effectively communicating chiropractic by mastering day one procedures. Your patient will leave inspired, wanting to follow through with your best recommendations.

The Secrets of Removing Quality Interference from the Front Desk: Increasing your Healing Consciousness
Brandi MacDonald, CA Bio Icon 
Dr. Jim Parker taught the vital importance of identifying and removing both the quantity (subluxation) and quality (stressors) interference when healing people. From the chiropractic assistant’s perspective, understanding quality interference and then teaching it to the patients lead to a higher level of healing consciousness in our practices. In this session, attendees learn how to first identify quality interference in their own lives, and then how to help others identify it. Owing this philosophy is directly correlated to how you communicate the principles of healing. You cannot give away what you do not have. This session leaves you feeling more certain about chiropractic principles, more dedicated to live the message, and more inspired to share with others!

Great Expectations: Nurturing your Family Practice from the Inside Out (DC CE)
Jeanne Ohm, DC Bio Icon 
This dynamic session with Dr. Ohm covesr the essentials of care in pregnancy for safer, easier births. You leave this class with the understanding of the role of chiropractic in pregnancy and its relationship to the three causes of dystocia. We review pelvic biomechanics and explore the different adjusting approaches.

Treating Sports Injuries (DC CE)
Jeff Spencer, DC Bio Icon 
Join Dr. Jeff Spencer as he discusses the most common types of sports injuries and their treatment protocols for maximum patient results. 
The Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic
Gene Orlowsky, DC Bio Icon 
The S.P.A. of Chiropractic was Dr. James William Parker's personal message to the profession on the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic which he personally taught for over 50 years. His purpose was to unite the profession by emphasizing the common denominators we all have through the science and art while embracing the differences in the actual practice of the art. Dr. Orlowsky not only shares this message, but also bring this information current, so you can use it in your office come Monday morning.

The Critical Components of Patient Retention: Enhancing the Subluxation Paradigm
Brandi MacDonald, CA Bio Icon 
In order for our patients to gain minimum healing results and change their belief systems about healing, our offices must retain the patients long enough. In the world of chiropractic practice growth, much dedication is spent on marketing and new patients, but once we attract them, we have to have a strategy around keeping our practice members. In this session, attendees learn the critical role of re-evaluations, the success factors of a high Patient Visit Average (PVA), patient education strategies and the role of the front desk in assisting patients along the health continuum.

The Vital Spark: Connecting Kids and Chiropractic (DC CE)
Jeanne Ohm, DC Bio Icon 
Join Dr. Ohm as she shares education, outreach, and community collaborations to expand the family wellness practice with a focus on evidenced based guidelines. She reviews family wellness practice protocols relating to the education, safety, and research of the pediatric population.

Clinical Pearls of Managing Concussion in the Adolescent and Pediatric Populations (DC CE)
Bill Moreau, DC Bio Icon 
This dynamic 90-minute presentation presents current best practices regarding the management of concussion in the non-adult patient. We address the keys to evaluating and managing concussion in special populations, making the diagnosis, and care strategies.

The Successful Cash-Based Practice
Miles Bodzin, DC  Bio Icon
Have you ever wondered if you could collect more cash while still collecting insurance? It's no secret that insurance reimbursements are getting worse, deductibles are in the thousands, and co-pays are rising. Learn from chiropractic's foremost experts on running a cash-based, high-retention, wellness practice. Dr. Miles Bodzin, Founder of Cash Practice, Inc. is presenting his Cash Practice® Principles in information-packed class that you will be sure to love. Prepare for a paradigm shift!

Roles + Responsibilities + Actions= WOW Experience
Michelle Geller-Vino, CA Bio Icon 
Creating a WOW experience for patients and each other in practice can be easier than one would think. Each staff member has the ability to help create the foundation for the WOW! Training consistently helps keep a low stress level in the practice, good communication, organization, scripting, quality control and rewarding the behavior that we want allows the entire team to show up big each and every day. What if you were a new patient in your office? What would you think about your practice, form all aspects?

During this presentation CAs and doctors will gain a better understanding as to why training is crucial. CAs will realize that without our doctors, we wouldn’t have a job. But, CAs will also see how important it is to have an excellent “Captain of our Ship”! This presentation shows you why having the right players in the right positions will create a winning team.

Laser Therapy 101(DC CE)
4pm-5:30pm & 6pm-7:30pm
Patricia McLean, DC Bio Icon 
Laser therapy is designed to introduce clinicians, instructors, and students to the scientific and clinical principles involved in the use of light as a physical agent. The course focuses on all aspects of light and explores the physics, physiology, and clinical applications of this innovative technology and is designed to meet the needs of the novice light therapy clinician. Application protocols for light based therapeutic modalities as they relate to specific pathologies are discussed. Participants return to practice with an increased confidence in choosing the most appropriate light therapy modality for a given pathology and be able to defend their choice to patients, physicians, and secondary payers.

Low Back, Leg Length Part I and II (DC CE)
4pm-5:30pm and 6pm-7:30pm
Mitch Mally, DC Bio Icon 
Learn the biomechanics of Tibial Torsion Syndrome, MCL/ACL ligament injuries, shin splints, hip injuries and conditions and the effect on low-back complaints. An in depth exciting discussion on leg length inequality and analysis follows with technique and hands-on training.

Build and Amazing You – Create a WOW Practice
Rick Markson, DC  Bio Icon
Dr. Markson builds a foundation upon which all chiropractors can stand. This 90-minute class defines the challenges and offer solutions to increasing patient compliance and therefore, growing chiropractic practices. Attendees walk away with a concrete understanding of the tools necessary to create an incredibly successful chiropractic practice.

Marketing to Fuel Your Practice
Michelle Geller-Vino, CA Bio Icon 
Are you are always wondering how to get new patients and keep them? Do you wonder why patients go MIA (missing in action)? Do you dread going out into your community to speak? Do you have absolutely no idea who are your ideal patient or where to find them? Imagine if you had a marketing plan, with a system that other doctors are currently utilizing, with success. Imagine if you had three or four events each and every month on your calendar. Imagine existing patients and other health care professionals referring others into your practice consistently. What if you had a team member that could be the community relations director for your practice and it didn't require a full time commitment. Imagine if your team was taught how all be mini marketing machines? During this presentation discover what marketing is really about, how to generate leads and get beyond the gatekeepers and finally create an in-house marketing division within your very own practice. 

Saturday, May 5 


The Family Wellness Practice
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon 
In this class, Dr. Wilson covers all of the aspects from mindset, philosophy, procedures, and the detailed trainings that it will take to have an incredible “family based, wellness driven” practice. Over the years, Dr. Wilson has spoken to many chiropractors who want to serve families, but just never seem to be able to attract them. From the idea, if you build it, they will come. We help you find the gaps in your office or even start from scratch to serve large numbers of families in your community.

The Front Desk CA- Confessions of the Front Desk
Heidi Farrell, CA Bio Icon 
The hub of a practice lives at the front desk. What makes a successful CA? It starts with the fire for Chiropractic and your attitude. Learn how you can contribute to your doctor’s practice. Whether you are brand new or have been in the profession for a long time, you walk away from this class feeling inspired and understanding Parker procedures and how to take yourself and Chiropractic to the next level.

Female Health Solutions (DC CE)
Curt Hamilton, CCN Bio Icon
Women account for roughly 75% of most practices. Many do not realize relief from many common aliments is available. We discuss PMS, Dysmennorhea, Perimenopause/Menopause and signs of “Estrogen Dominance” which can be expressed in conditions such as PCOS. Herbal medicine and Food concentrates can be very effective in helping women gain solutions. This class offers some real world training to help your patients.

Philosophy: Who Needs It?
Troy Dukowitz, DC Bio Icon 
Join Dr. Dukowitz for an interactive discussion as to the importance of philosophy in life and in chiropractic. A lack of understanding of one’s philosophy leads to a lack of clarity of purpose and ultimately vision. This session leaves the participant inspired to take action as well as give them action steps they can implement Monday morning for themselves and their team!

How to Build a Passionate, Educated, Philosophical Rock Star Team
Tracy Wilson, DC Bio Icon 
Struggling to make an impact? Having high turnover? Have a good team, but want to make them a great team? Join Dr. Tracy Wilson as he covers how to hire and train the best chiropractic assistants in town. He will share with you the secret to developing an incredible team that unites around the idea of saving lives through the power of Chiropractic. Dr. Wilson will share team trainings, sample meetings, and some core philosophy that you must understand about team building to make your office the best place to work in town.

New Patients and More New Patients-Creating the WOW Factor
Heidi Farrell, CA Bio Icon 
We all want new patients and how patients are introduced to Chiropractic depends on the experience you give them along with the commitment you have for their care and their understanding for chiropractic. In this session, the attendees are able to go back to their practices on Monday morning and have a clear understanding of how to process new patients and educate them for life time care with ease and more fun in their practices.

Adrenal Health-Solutions to Coping with Stress (DC CE)
Curt Hamilton, CCN Bio Icon
Poor sleep, blood sugar imbalance, panic attacks, anxiety, low energy, poor motivation and drive, increase disease states can all have adrenal weakness or exhaustion underlying the condition. It is important to understand how different herbs play a role in the three different stages of adrenal stress. This class will offer invaluable clinical herbal solutions to help patients regain adrenal balance and cope more efficiently with stress.

Becoming the Big Idea
Eric Plasker, DC Bio Icon 

Creating Marketing Venues to Tell the Chiropractic Story
Brad Glowaki, DC Bio Icon 
In this session, Dr. Glowaki (The New Patient Maven) describes effective communication styles to reach more people and create more new patients. He covers what he has affectionately called 'socratic marketing' and how to conduct health talks and other marketing strategies to create buyers of your services, while avoiding the need to sell chiropractic. He is a master of teaching DCs where their message be most well received, thus creating the ideal context to go with the excellent content. You leave this session understanding the ideal marketing groups chiropractors tend to overlook, how to use socratic marketing techniques on Monday, and why the “who” comes before the “how” is an essential marketing piece that many DCs miss.

The A.R.T. of Responsibility
Gilles A. Lamarche Bio Icon 
In this session Dr. Lamarche exposes you to concepts that help you discover the important attributes to becoming a health care leader. You leave with knowledge and strategies to acquire these important attributes. By doing so you will be seen as a healthcare leader therefore attracting more new patients to your office, making a difference to the health of everyone you touch.

Ethics in the Chiropractic Office (DC CE)
Anna Allen, RN, MSN, CLNC Bio Icon
This course enlightens the attendee regarding ethical and unethical practices that can lead to patient indicators of individual uneasiness. Risk Management principles are explained and explored.  We cover topics such as ethical discussions, professional boundaries, and what you should and shouldn’t say to your patients during the course of their treatment to reduce your risk exposure.

The WOW Factor: What’s Next?
Leslie Hewitt, DC Bio Icon 
What’s Next? “The Wow Factor” is the future of chiropractic from Dr. Hewitt’s perspective. She will share how to thrive in uncertainty, how our chiropractic philosophy can take the lead in healthcare, how to be an entrepreneur in Practice, how to collaborate with power partners in your community as a marketing strategy, how to leverage local community networking through education about the principles of chiropractic, and how to find your authentic Practice. This class re-aligns your values, incorporate wellness, expand your capacity to manage your office, offer new language that is easy for patients to understand, and provide exciting branding concepts to attract the perfect patients. Discussions include office policies, code of ethics, patient education, wellness seminars, office layout, décor, and knowing your office inside-and-out.

How to Turn Facebook into Your Own Automatic New Patient Referral Machine
Jason Deitch, DC Bio Icon 
Discover how to make sense of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and your website. Develop your own simple strategy to maximize your impact with minimum investment. You’ll learn the path to mastering these social media tools to stop wasting time and start attracting ideal new patients interested in who you are and what you do before they even come to your office for an appointment. Learn from one of the world’s foremost experts in Facebook marketing and discover how to turn Facebook into your own automatic new patient referral machine. You'll walk away knowing:

  1. How to drive qualified new traffic to your Facebook page to become fans.
  2. How to put your best face forward on Facebook to convert visitors into fans and fans into new patients.
  3. How to stop wasting time and start making an difference (and more money) today.

CA Panel Session
Moderated by: Phyllis Frase Bio Icon, Brandi MacDonald Bio Icon, and Michelle Geller-Vino Bio Icon 

Informed Consent and the Chiropractor (DC CE) 
Gerard W. Clum, DC  Bio Icon
Join Dr. Clum as he drives attendees to be more familiar and comfortable with the concept of informed consent in the chiropractic practice and to help you to recognize best practices regarding informed consent. Dr. Clum also discusses common misunderstandings about informed consent matters. 

Patient Centered Case Management (DC CE)
Frank Sovinsky, DC Bio Icon 
What if something you thought to be true turned out not to be? How soon would you want to know? If you are like most people you would say, “Right away! Bring It.” Keep that attitude as you enter this session because what you know or were told was true about patient communication is not the whole story. Learn what new edge neuroscience has to say about becoming an effective communicator and take an ordinary patient interaction and make it extraordinary!

Closing Session: Why Chiropractic?
Moderated by Matt Hubbard, DC
Featuring Drs, Rick Markson Bio Icon, Gene Orlowsky Bio Icon, Jeanne Ohm Bio Icon, Brad Glowaki Bio Icon, Gerard Clum Bio Icon, Eric Plasker Bio Icon, with Brandi MacDonald Bio Icon and Gilles A. Lamarche Bio Icon 

Sunday, May 6  

The "NOISY JOINT" and Adjusting the Typical Foot, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder (DC CE)
Mark Charrette, DC Bio Icon 
This five-hour presentation covers basic biomechanics, neurology, examination procedures, indicators, and adjusting protocols for the most common subluxation patterns of the feet, wrists, elbows, and shoulders that are found in the typical practice. The concept of "The Noisy Joint" also be covered.  This course is a "hands-on" workshop designed for the doctor/student to quickly acquire adjusting skills for the most commonly encountered extremity subluxation patterns. Also covered in this course are simple stabilization and rehabilitative procedures for the extremities.

Things DCs Get Confused About regarding X-Ray (DC CE)
James Carter, DC, DACBR Bio Icon
Join Dr. Carter as he provides a practical review of the common X-ray findings that are often overlooked in a chiropractic practice. Emphasis is placed on interpretation of signs, differential diagnosis, and case management implications. An update on the current state of digital radiography is also be included.