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Parker University: Press Release

Parker Alumni Association to Recognize Doctors with Awards

DALLAS, October 4, 2011 – The Parker Alumni Association will present the 2011 Parker Alumni Association Annual Awards during the Alumni Association Awards Luncheon held during the Parker Homecoming celebration on Friday, October 21. Awards will be presented to four noteworthy individuals who have impacted the chiropractic profession including Dr. Francis X. Murphy ’95, Dr. Aleisha Serrano ’06, Dr. Homero Cavazos ’08, and Dr. Jack Donovan.

Dr. Murphy will receive the Alumni of the Year Award for his significant contributions to the chiropractic profession and for his work to establish advancements in chiropractic care.

In 2006, Dr. Murphy put into practice a unique form of analysis and correction targeted at the condition known as frozen shoulder syndrome. Since then, hundreds of patients with frozen shoulder syndrome from the United States and other countries have sought out Dr. Murphy for this treatment and have had their frozen shoulder syndrome quickly and successfully resolved. After two years of observation, study, and the assistance of many health care institutions and patients, a new understanding of the nature and causes of frozen shoulder syndrome has emerged and has been developed into the one to zero (OTZ) curriculum.

Thousands of patients are diagnosed with frozen shoulder syndrome each year. Many patients suffer for months or years moving from one treatment type to another, desperately seeking relief.

Dr. Murphy, a chiropractor based in Dallas, Texas, is on a mission to train providers around the world on how to analyze and treat frozen shoulder syndrome with his method. His clinical data has demonstrated the effectiveness of his treatment which has significantly reduced pain and suffering in patients with frozen shoulder syndrome quickly and dramatically.

The alumni association will present the International Alumni of the Year Award to Dr. Serrano, assistant professor of Parker University College of Chiropractic, for her incredible work abroad. She has served as a Parker staff doctor in Costa Rica and served in Colombia for nearly three years. In addition, she has represented Parker at numerous international sporting events as the official chiropractor and regularly treats high performance athletes from around the world.

“Dr. Serrano has also been requested by the former vice president of Colombia, Francisco Santos Calderón, to treat him for a chronic back condition,” said Dr. Juan Sanchez, director of external programs of Parker University. “She is a young dynamic chiropractor who has done very much for our students and our external programs. She’s unconditionally committed to Parker and the chiropractic profession.”

Dr. Cavazos will be recognized for exemplifying what he learned at Parker by promoting chiropractic wellness and educating his community on the benefits of chiropractic. He will receive the award for Young Alumni of the Year.

Dr. Cavazos practices in Plano, Texas, where he specializes in treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders such AD/HD, autism, asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, balance and coordination deficiencies, and more. Dr. Cavazos is a Defeat Autism Now (DAN) doctor and utilizes biomedical intervention with many of his patients. The perpetual student, Dr. Cavazos strives to provide his patients the most advanced testing and treatment methods currently available.

The alumni association will honor Dr. Donovan with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Donovan graduated in 1950 from Palmer College of Chiropractic after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of South Dakota. After graduation, he worked with his father, Dr. H.B. Donovan and his brother, Dr. R.T. Donovan, in Jefferson, Iowa. 

He was called to active duty during the Korean War in 1951 and was stationed at Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas and then at Dow Air Force Base Hospital as registrar.

Dr. Donovan started his private practice in 1953 in Carroll, Iowa. He attended his first Parker Seminar in 1954 and previously served as a board of trustee member of Parker University for 12 years and returned to the board in October 2005.

Dr. Donovan has had a significant and lasting impression on Parker and our profession,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker University. “He has given to the future of chiropractic profoundly.”

Over the years, Dr. Donovan has received numerous awards for his dedication and contributions to the profession including a Lifetime Achievement Award from Parker Seminars in 2004 and the Brown Bagger of the Year Award from Parker Seminars in 1972, just to name a few.

The award recipients will be recognized at a special luncheon held in the Parker Alumni Association Intern Lounge next to the Parker Chiropractic Wellness Clinic on the main campus in Dallas, Texas. Tickets are expected to be sold out prior to the event. To purchase advance tickets for the Parker Alumni Association Awards luncheon call 214.902.2433 or visit www.parker.edu/alumni-events.



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