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Parker University

Philosophy Night February 6, 2014

Philosophy Night

Thursday, March 27 at 5:30pm – Parker University Campus

You're invited to attend our upcoming Philosophy Night held in the North building at Parker University. This is an exciting opportunity to network, enjoy good food, and have fun as leaders of philosophy energize and revitalize your love of chiropractic – RSVP today!

 Autumn McGinn - Philosophy Night

Dr. Autumn Gore , DC ‘03

“Dr. Autumn Gore has dedicated her life and practice towards honoring the innate capacity for a person to heal, grow, and thrive. Her practice, located near Deep Ellum and across the street from Baylor Downtown, has grown organically from 100% referrals. She serves primarily mothers and children educating them on the perfection within and how that can be expressed with chiropractic care. Most recently, Dr. Autumn Gore has networked with the physicians and medical teams at Baylor hospital. A vast majority of her new referrals are medical professionals themselves curious about what chiropractic care is and why their patients rave about Dr. Autumn Gore in the delivery room. Autumn educates her clients on the first visit that she is pro the appropriate usage of medical intervention when necessary, yet at conception we were designed to never require drugs or surgery to thrive.

Dr. Autumn Gore has been recognized by Dallas Child Magazine as a mom approved health provider.

Her greatest gift to the profession is providing a space for students every Wednesday night to understand the power of chiropractic and learn how to communicate the innate ability of the body to heal, grow, and thrive.”