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Parker Alumni Benefits

One Big Parker Family

At Parker University, no matter when someone graduated or where they live, they're all part of the Parker family. We know that you invested a lot in Parker during your time as a student. Parker invested a lot in you, too.  

That's why, as of January 1, 2013, all graduates become automatic members of the Parker University Alumni Association

No more annual dues.  Just lots of great resources, events, programs, and benefits for all alumni.

Here's What the Parker Alumni Association Offers All Graduates Starting January 1, 2013:

Professional Resources

  • Graduate Resource Center (NEW) - online access to forms, templates, business documents, or job descriptions, and more from your peers.  Coming in 2013!
  • Access to 500+ DVDs, 33,000 e-books, and more at the Parker library  
  • Complimentary ads with special priority listing on www.parkerclassifieds.com, Parker's job board and equipment/clinic sales section.

Involvement with Prospective and Current Students

  • Join the Ambassador Program to help refer and interact with prospective students
  • Host an After Hours Clinic Visit for our current students
  • Opportunity to give the oath at graduation
  • Opportunity to speak at the graduation banquet

Networking with Fellow Alumni


Benefits and Discounts

  • Parker Seminars offers all graduates and their staff a 10% discount on all North American Seminars.
  • 15% discount for CE courses
  • 7% discount on items from ParkerSHARE with additional Double Discount days throughout the year!
  • Complimentary registration to Parker Seminars for three years after graduation.
  • The JWP Scholarship - Offered to a new student whose parents or grandparents attended Parker. The student receives a 50% discount on tuition.
  • The Parker Legacy Scholarship  - A $2000 scholarship is awarded to a student whose immediate family member is a Parker alumna/us.
  • Special discounts from our Corporate Circle members for products and services you use everyday
  • Complimentary subscription to Parker Life magazine
  • Complimentary use of Standard Process Student Activity Center facilities including the weight room, gymnasium, game room, aerobics room, and exercise classes
  • Travel discounts to major hotel and rental car companies. Visit this website for discount codes
  • Pat Lobb Toyota of McKinney, TX pricing specials www.toyotafleetcars.com