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Parker Seminars

 Parker Seminar's Las Vegas Teleconference 2012 

Teleconference Schedule

Parker Seminars Teleconferences give you the opportunity to hear from Parker Seminars speakers before the seminars! Hear new presentations from your favorite Parker speakers. Reserve your place on these calls today! All times in Central Time (CT).

 Dr. Tracy Wilson, November 16, 7pm
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Attracting More Cash Patients 
Join Dr. Tracy Wilson and learn how to attract cash-paying practice members! Learn the "secrets" behind education, procedures, and promotions that will explode your practice! People pay for what they value, learn how to create value for each practice member. 

Dr. CJ Mertz, December 14, 7pm
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Learning to Lead Patients From "Renting" Chiropractic Care to "Owning" their Experience and Sharing it with Others!  

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, January 5, 2012, 7pm
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Manifest your Dream Life
How many of you are certain we are living in uncertain times? How many of you are living in the question? Join Dr. Leslie Hewitt as she outlines all the steps necessary to achieve your unique dream life including:

  • What’s next?
  • What do I love to do?
  • Use your glossary to create a new you
  • How do you use the contrast to observe what you want?
  • Values / congruent
  • Mission statement
  • Vision boards / journal
  • Watch the words you use / declarative statements
  • Transparency / speed of trust
  • Goals / New Years resolutions
  • Use your body like an instrument  

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