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Parker Seminars Vegas: January 9-11, 2014

Leadership Inspiring the Future - Vegas

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We know you’re excited to see all of the inspiring sessions we have planned for you at Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2014. 

Troy Amdahl, DC& Dave Braun, DC
The Seven Areas You Need to Balance and Grow to Live the Life of Your Dreams
Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl will personally walk you through three simple steps to balance and grow your life in seven key areas. Discover what blocks you from the life you dream of and deserve, and learn what you can do to get you there faster. Join us to discuss how improving your own self will have an immediate, direct, and powerful effect on your practice. 

Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC
Transformational Leadership in Practice
Prepare to lead your practice and team into the future! Join Dr. Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock as she details the top five steps to truly transform your leadership abilities through a culture of generative thinking, meaningful processes, and consistently high-level performances and patient experiences in your practice! 

Brandy Brimhall, CPC
Coding with Confidence: How to Apply Diagnoses Coding and Implementing ICD-10, Part I & II
Learn to understand and communicate using the language of service and diagnoses coding. This session is full of important information to help doctors, CAs, and billers gain strong confidence in their coding techniques. Join in to discuss the entire coding process, from the time of the initial patient consultation through the insurance claim being processed and returned.

John Brimhall, DC
The Science of Using Laser and Nutrition Together
In this session, we will first discuss the science of laser, including FDA clearance, wavelengths, penetration, depth, pulsation, power, and cold vs. hot laser. We will then discuss how laser helps in correction and maintaining correction of vertebral subluxations, as well as how laser and nutrition are best used together for maximum patient benefit.

Les Brown
Shifting your Mindset and Harnessing the Greatness Whithin You!

Steven Capobiano, DC
Fascial Movement Taping LV1 Certification, Part I, II & III
This course introduces the concept of movement therapy and enhancement via functional taping methods. It includes a review of the current literature supporting the theory of kinesiology taping for the purposes of rehabilitation, edema/swelling management, neuropathic pain, and postural management. Prepare to explore movement assessments for Fascial Movement Taping patterns along with concepts of Power Taping for sports performance. The course is intended for therapists and practitioners with little-to-no experience in taping. All necessary supplies are provided.

James Chestnut, DC
The Biology of Wellness and Prevention Care: Prove You Are Getting - and Keeping - Patients Well
Chiropractic care and lifestyle recommendations are beneficial throughout life and are both required to express the genetic potential for recovery, health, and prevention. No matter the benefit of initial care, if patients do not maintain their spinal health and healthy lifestyle habits for life, they cannot express this potential. Discuss this concept and more with Dr. James Chestnut.

Jason Deitch, DC
10 Easy and Effective Ways to Grow Your Practice through Social Media
Learn the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to use social media to grow and impact your practice. If you're ready to stop guessing and want to start following tested and easy-to-implement strategies, don’t miss this session! We’ll discuss top-notch initiatives and tactics to employ social media to become your new one-stop patient referral machine!

John DeMartini, DC
The Magnificence of Chiropractic
The most meaningful decision of your life can be awakening your chiropractic genius and preparing to serve in our profession – join Dr. DeMartini to discuss the magnificence of chiropractic care. 

Danny Drubin, DC
Shake It Up: How to Reinvent Every Area of Your Practice and Your Life

Anthony Ebel, DC, CACCP, CCWP
The Perfect Storm: The Path to Autism, ADHD, and More
The session will focus on the causal factors behind certain disorders with a special emphasis on birth injury-induced subluxation. Attendees can expect to leave this session with a deep understanding of the impact behind subluxation on childhood brain and neuro-development. Dr. Ebel will also discuss the “3T/5D” model of subluxation, specifically as it relates to autism, ADHD, seizures and more.

Bill Esteb
Delivering Consultations That Rock!
In many practices, the report of findings has degenerated into a needless sales session. However, it's the pre-care consultation that holds the greatest promise of inspiring patients to make healthier choices and to understand the distinctions between medical treatment and chiropractic care. Attendees will learn in this session the difference between a medical covenant and the chiropractic covenant, as well as why it's crucial to make the distinction. Also, learn how to set up boundaries for the patient's "job" and how to discover ways to neutralize common new patient misconceptions about chiropractic care, in doing so setting the stage for a long-term relationship.

Heidi Farrell
It's a Team All-Play: Procedures That Pack A Punch
Working together is a MUST within any clinic. Learn to work off the skills of your teammates while enhancing the team’s collective skills for ultimate results. Join Heidi Farrell as she shares specific and proven strategies that create retention, growth, and financial empowerment. From "Missed Appointment Management” to “Time Management," we’ll cover them all in this session!

Trevor Foshang, DC
Clinical Radiology Rounds
Challenge yourself and build your skills in this interactive presentation as you review a variety of radiology-related cases. During this presentation, you will play radiologists by answering questions about images and exploring new ways to sharpen your clinical skills. A series of neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions, including spine and extremities, will be discussed in this session.

Phyllis Frase, CA
The Secrets of a Master Collector: Show Me the Money
One of the most important responsibilities of the front desk is helping patients understand their financial responsibilities, insurance obligations, and out-of-pocket expenses after they accept the recommendations of care. This class will give you the ability to have the confidence in handling financial matters at your practice.

Arlan Fuhr, DC
Chiropractic Technique: Activator Methods
The history and development behind the Activator Method will be presented with specific focus on the research that brought the Activator Methods Technique to the forefront of chiropractic care. After a discussion of chiropractic theory, we’ll discuss the basics of the Activator analysis and adjusting from assessment of the lower extremity and pelvis through the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, including the upper extremities. Through hands-on training, attendees will receive actual experience in use of the Activator Methods Technique to allow implementation of this chiropractic technique into their practice.

Patrick Gentempo, DC
Flying Above the Storm: Essence, Leadership and the Future of Chiropractic
For more than two decades, Dr. Gentempo has inspired audiences and created success in the chiropractic field with his cutting edge presentations. In this presentation, he brings a life-altering context to the stage that is sure to help your practice galvanize action and cut a path to a better future. “The clear objective of this presentation,” says Dr. Gentempo, “is to clear away all the noise and get focused on what matters most in your life and in your practice.”

Brad Glowaki, DC
Permission Brand Marketing using Current Science
In this session, we will utilize research to communicate “subluxation first” in practice marketing. You will also discover advanced strategies to have “permission to proceed” in attracting believers. Finally, we’ll discuss how to pre-educate new patients to make every office procedure easier – learn how to have new patients pick YOU!

Kimberly Goreham& Lisa Speaks
Winning is a Team Sport, Part I & II
How great would it be to actually implement all of the great new ideas that you learn at seminars? Join Kimberly Goreham and Lisa Speaks for a fun and bonding team communication exercise and team competition event to inspire individuals to work together in sweet and synchronized harmony. By working together, teams can help each other to build the life of their dreams. This memorable session will provide valuable benefit to your practice for years to come!

Kent Greenawalt
When the Foot Hits the Ground, Everything Changes
The practice of chiropractic is inherently influenced by the ground force reactions of the feet created in weight bearing postures. We’ll discuss the history that describes the origination of theories relating the feet to the kinetic chain, as well as answer frequently asked questions regarding the use of rehabilitation as a method for address plastic deformation of the soft tissue support structures of the lower extremities. 

Garrett Gunderson
Seven Strategies to Improve Wealth, Recover Cash, and Improve Your Bottom Line
Keep more of what you make and organize your finances in a simple, congruent, and understandable way … all while adding to your business’ bottom line! In this session, you’ll learn what it takes to recover cash and take personal control of your own finances. From philosophical approaches to practical financial strategy, be prepared to keep more of what you make – and lead a more enjoyable life – following this wealth-centric session!

Diane Haworth& Michael Varbaek
Secrets of the Longest Living People
Longevity researchers Diane Haworth and Michael Varbaek have spent the past three years traveling to more than 10 longevity villages around the world; these villages contain high concentrations of centenarians and super centenarians living long and healthy lives virtually free of Western diseases. Join as they share lessons they’ve learned and key lifestyle habits you and your patients can employ to likewise live long and healthy lives. 

John Hinwood, DC
The Miracle Mindset
Learn how to harness amazing rewards operating ‘outside the box’ when you understand how the ‘expectancy theory’ works to enhance your life and your patients’ lives. Join Dr. Hinwood to discuss the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset and the vital importance of understanding how each plays a vital role in the healing process and patient outcomes.

David Hogsed
Do I Have to Take Supplements Forever?
Join David Hogsed to discuss common obstacles for patient compliance in the realm of clinical nutrition. We’ll discuss effective patient education and the vital connection between chiropractic treatment outcomes and musculoskeletal nutritional support. Simple dietary strategies that can greatly minimize nutritional supplement needs will also be covered in this session!

David Jackson, DC
Define Better: Five Steps to Leading Families and Saving Lives
This is the first generation of children whom many experts predict will have a shorter life span than their parents. Prepare to leave this presentation with absolute clarity – having defined what 'better' is, you'll know the exact steps necessary to lead hundreds of families to your practice and to deliver results to save those of this generation in your community!

Robert Kipp, DC
The Reality Of Retention: How to Keep What You've Got
Is your office ready for new patients? What impression does a potential patient get when they call, click, or visit? Learn to change your conversion rate by evaluating your procedures and preparing your office the way it should be. This session covers the ways you can keep a potential patient in your office instead of finding a new one!

Doris Kutz-Compton
The Basics of Endocrine Health and Wellness
Join Doris Kutz-Compton for a presentation that provides practitioners with simple and accurate evaluation methods and reliable nutritional support for the health of the vital endocrine glands that regulate male and female hormones, as well as the adrenal and thyroid glands.   

Nancy Lieberman
Honoring Legends in Chiropractic
Description: TBD

Fabrizio Mancini, DC
12 Strategies to Grow Your Practice: How to Go From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be
In today’s ever-changing business environment, one thing is certain: the strategies you establish and implement will become the foundation which sets you apart, allows you to rise above, and propels you to become a health care leader in your community. In this new presentation from Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, learn how to implement 12 business strategies into your practice to augment or even create the successful path you desire. Prepare to leave this session inspired to be more, do more, and have more.

DelRae Messer, DC
Three Keys to Marketing a Turn-Key Corporate Wellness Program
Learn how to market to large corporations that seek simple and effective corporate wellness programs for their employees, all while cultivating new patients in a faster and more efficient manner. In this session, you’ll gain valuable leads to establish and, most importantly, maintain relationships long after your initial presentation with DelRae Messer’s five secrets to creating a successful long-term corporate program. 

Mary Jane Mirasol, CA& Amy Mirasol, CA
CA Training: Effective Scripting to Improve Communication with Patients
In this informative session, learn how scripting ensures quality and productive communication with patients. Scripting builds value for chiropractic and gives CAs the self-confidence to exceed patient expectations. Learn of key components necessary to achieve a healthy patient relationship. 

DeDe Murcer Moffett
Ignite Your Snap Power
Renew courage, reignite creativity, and rekindle the confidence necessary to prosper in the chiropractic profession. Uncertainties and fear paralyze progress. That said, what can we do to regain any vibrancy and innovation that’s lost? In this high-energy presentation filled with music, parodies, and audience participation, DeDe shows how to embrace your Snap Power and launch a reenergized life!

Dan Murphy, DC
General Principles of Chronic Pain Management
Review the general concepts of chronic pain management with Dr. Murphy. All concepts are based on scientific studies and the references will be reviewed. The concepts covered in this session include: Gate Theory; reducing pro-inflammatory eicosanoids (nutrition and low-level laser therapy); reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines; vitamin D; dietary excitotoxins; malic acid; managing insulin resistance; and strategies that increase ATP with an emphasis on low-level laser therapy.

Neurorehabilitation Strategies for Preventing and Managing Brain Injury and Degeneration
In this informative session, Dr. Murphy will review the general concepts and common pathways for traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndromes. We’ll also review the general concepts and common pathways for neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and stroke. All concepts presented in this session are based on scientific studies.

Francis Murphy, DC& Michael Hall, DC
Polyvagal Theory and Chiropractic, Part I & II
Polyvagal theory is one of the most exciting neurophysiological constructs to evolve in recent years. Stephen Porges is the world’s leading expert on the autonomic nervous system as well as the creator of the polyvagal theory, which provides new insights into the way our autonomic nervous system mediates social engagement, trust, and intimacy. This is a must-attend session for all chiropractors eager to learn more about polyvagal theory and its importance to the practice of chiropractic.

Gene Orlowsky, DC
The Principles of Inter Success: How To Make Your Dreams Your Reality

Brett Penager
Changing the Paradigm of Health Forever: Reaching our 100th Human
Less than 10% of the American population utilizes chiropractic care, making it one of the world's best-kept health care secrets. The key to chiropractic becoming a foundation of healthy living is a widespread social movement. This presentation will address how we can best go about reaching that tipping point, or "100th Human," in chiropractic awareness.

Jay Shetlin, DC
Injury Recovery & Wellness: Patient Procedures and Documentation
Join Dr. Shetlin to discover how to simplify procedures and documentation that not only help patients recover faster, but also build stronger cases, pay better, and make you a ‘superstar’ with attorneys in the Personal Injury world. 

David Singer, DC
How to Effectively Communicate To Get 50 New Patients a Week
Discover effective systems you can use to expand your new patient base. Dr. Singer, who has trained doctors for 32 years and built the largest new patient practice in the world, is eager to discuss how to change a person’s perception of what they are capable of and how to properly explain answers to problems that many chiropractors face.

Kyl Smith, DC
More Life: Improving Lean Muscle Mass, Physical Stamina, Endurance, and Vitality in Aging Chiropractic Patients
As men and women reach their 40s, most start to notice physical changes – soft spongy fat takes the place of hard muscle, regular physical exercise doesn’t produce the results it used to, and many see an increase in fatigue and tiredness. In this session, learn how to combat this onset by utilizing key physical exercise methods, core lifestyle improvements, and basic dietary factors to measurably decrease body fat while enhancing lean muscle mass, stamina, endurance, and vitality.

Frank Sovinsky, DC
Why Most Patients Are Predictably Irrational and What To Do About It
Getting your message to stick in the minds of patients can often be difficult. The typical person currently hears or reads more than 100,000 words every day, and you’re competing for their mental ram. When it comes to making good health choices, most patients are predictably irrational … however, brain science has a solution! In this session, learn to inform, inspire, and influence people to make chiropractic a true lifestyle habit.

Jeffrey Spencer, DC
Champion's Blueprint for Chiropractic Leadership
This presentation focuses on the key elements needed to become a chiropractic leader in your office and a health care leader in your community. In this program, discover the seven steps all top practice leaders use to get to the top of their game and create a high-impact legacy – discover the difference between a good chiropractor and a great chiropractor.

Jeffrey Stamp, PhD
The Caring Side of Capitalism: How to Engage the Social Entrepreneur within Every Chiropractor
Entrepreneurship isn't simply about starting a business or writing a business plan; it’s also a mindset focused on understanding how to make value-focused decisions that facilitate change in any corner of our society. Experience first-hand from Dr. Jeffrey Stamp on how to look at your business through the social entrepreneurial mindset and transform the way you think, talk, and communicate your business that truly connects with your patients.

Drew Stevens, PhD
Practice Acceleration: Overcoming Mediocrity to Maxmimize Income
Dr. Drew Stevens, a renowned chiropractic coach and consultant who has helped hundreds of practices go from sagging profits to robust earnings, helps you understand how to become successful while reducing your labor and stress in the process. Learn how to promote yourself, your brand, and your practice so it not only survives, but thrives! Plus, discover top techniques to use to improve practice operations while building long-term patient loyalty in your community.

Brent Ungar, DC
Knees to Feet: Improving Clinical Outcomes with Super Pulse Laser Therapy

Cheree Warrick
Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed, Part I & II
Are you seeking capital to start your own practice? In order to do so, you must construct a business plan that either banks or investors will love. Join Cheree Warrick, author of Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed, to discover the six parts to an investable business plan, the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when writing business plans, how to give irresistible 60-second pitches, and many more secrets to financing your business!

Todd Watson, DC

Dale Willerton
Negotiating a Building Lease
Whatever you do, don't sign a lease renewal on the commercial space you lease before attending this session! Join Dale Willerton to learn the step-by-step process existing chiropractic tenants must go through in order to avoid lease renewal rent increases.

Monica Wofford, MBA, CSP
Contagious Leadership: The Principles That Help Them Catch On
Are you giving your team the direction, motivation, and guidance that’s needed?  Are you getting the results you desire? Monica Wofford, author of acclaimed books Make Difficult People Disappear and Contagious Leadership, will engage your mind with 10 simple principles to follow so others will follow you! Whether you want to delegate more efficiently, communicate more clearly, or just have your team best follow directions, this session will lead to clear results in your practice!

Kevin Wong, DC
The Feet and Ankles: The Foundation of Your House!
The feet and ankles are an incredibly overlooked portion of the body and most people ignore them. The feet in particular are a problem for many people and are a strong contributor to multiple areas of joint and muscle pain. In this session, we’ll learn examination techniques and misalignment patterns necessary to identify involvement. Then, through treatment that involves hands on adjustments and rehab, together we can get the upper hand on those pesky feet!

Shoulder Pain Anyone? Adjusting the Shoulders, Ribs and Upper Extremeties
Many patients visit chiropractors for shoulder pain. There are quite a few intricacies of the shoulder region that need addressing to have success. We’ll discuss the examination techniques and misalignment patterns necessary to be able to care for the shoulders, ribs, and the rest of the upper extremities. Afterwards, we’ll discuss and show hands-on adjustment techniques and patterns in chiropractic care of the shoulders.

Sandra Yancy
Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul

Terry Yochum, DC& Alicia Yochum, DC
Imaging the Seven Wonders of the Upper Cervical Spine, Part I & II
The reference to the seven wonders of the upper cervical spine is related to the seven categories of bone disease. A review of the normal anatomy of the upper cervical complex will be offered in this session. Attendees can expect their knowledge of abnormalities of the upper cervical complex strengthened and updated following this session. Plain film radiographs along with CT and MRI scans will be used as imaging modalities. 

Chris Zaino, DC
Patient Procedures That Build the Largest Practice
Discover how exactly Dr. Zaino went from seeing 75 patients a week and billing $5,127 on insurance to more than 3,000 patients in an all-cash practice, all while reducing work hours! Learn how to achieve outcomes by overcoming the four major challenges that currently get in the way of 99% of all chiropractors in America.

Stephanie Zgraggen-Latter, DC, mS, CCN CNS
Nutrition for the Toxic Patient: Discovering the Organs of Detoxification
Dr. Zgraggen-Latter will provide an understanding of the indicators for toxicity and disease in the human body, including food allergies, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, headaches, fatigue, joint pains, and digestive problems. Discover how the pathways of detoxification function in a typical human body and how these metabolic processes can be supported with proper lifestyle and dietary choices. Finally, we’ll discuss the biochemistry involved with these pathways and how nutritional supplementation can support and restore better function.

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