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 animal chiropractic program

Animal Chiropractic Program

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Program Information

Parker University is proud to offer the only continuing education Animal Chiropractic Program taught by an accredited (info on Parker University's accreditation status) chiropractic college in North America. With Parker’s 30 years experience in offering quality chiropractic continuing education, we feel we are the number one choice for doctors wanting to learn animal chiropractic. The diagnosis and management of injured animals is an area of increased interest for both chiropractors and veterinary practitioners. Register for Parker's Animal Chiropractic continuing education class today!

 About Animal Chiropractic

Animal chiropractic is a drug-free approach to pet healthcare. It focuses on the nervous system housed inside the spinal column. Recent surveys and studies indicate that 45% of U.S. households own at least one dog and 38% of U.S. households own at least one cat. According to an AVMA report, in 2006 Americans spent approximately $23.2 billion on veterinary care for their pets. 

Animal chiropractic care may be appropriate in the treatment of:

  • Neck, back, leg, and tail pain
  • Muscle spasms, nerve problems
  • Disc or joint problems, limping
  • Injuries from slips, falls and accidents
  • Jaw, TMJ problems, difficulty chewing
  • Event or sports injuries
  • Any recurring conditions such as vomiting, respiratory or urinary infections, diarrhea or constipation
  • Seizures or neurological problems

This exceptional set of courses imparts practical, relevant clinical education and training for both chiropractors and veterinarians. Animal chiropractic affords you the potential to advance your clinical practice knowledge, technical skills and specialized training in the care of animals. This program provides a unique opportunity for veterinarians and chiropractors alike. Read more on the research done on animal chiropractic.

The majority of each module is held in comfortable classroom settings, which are conducive to learning and provide for robust multi-media presentations. The extensive education resources include:

  • a highly qualified teaching team
  • animal skeletons and anatomical models
  • ample case studies
  • both live and stuffed practice animals
  • cadavers and one of the best anatomists in the country to provide the dissection

Each module concludes with an invaluable hands-on live animal field lab. This unique format gives you a full day of participation in small focus groups with a number of horses allowing you to experience a working environment. 

Visit this blog spot for more insight into animal chiropractic and for a thorough overview of what animal chiropractic is. According to reports, nearly half of pet owners considered their pets to be family members. This course can be both a rewarding and valuable adjunct to your current clinical practice by providing an additional treatment option for the "extended family."

 Past Attendees 

Looking for an animal chiropractor? Parker has trained more than 170 doctors in this field. View the list of animal chiropractic doctors to see if they can be of help to you.

 View the course syllabus PDF 

 Recommended Readings PDF

 Course Dates  - This is considered a doctor level course

  •  March 6-9, 2014 - Module 1 - Sacro Pelvic (NOTE: All participants must attend this module to continue the program.)
  • April 10-13, 2014 - Module 2 - Cranial/Cervical Part I
  • May 8-11, 2014 - Module 3 - Cranial/Cervical Part II
  • June 5-8, 2014 - Module 4 - Thoraco-Lumbar
  • July 10-13, 2014 - Module 5 - Extremity
  • August 7-10, 2014 - Module 6 - Putting it All Together


Parker University has put together the nation's most qualified and experienced teaching team. Combined, this group provides over 50 years of animal chiropractic practice and expertise.

  •  Gene Giggleman, DVM - Veterinary Basics & Anatomy: A Magna Cum Laude from Texas A & M Veterinary School where he was awarded the prestigious Cable Scholarship in small animal medicine. He has been awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award over 30 times, a testament to his passion for teaching and his belief in the students. A practicing veterinarian who has been adjusting animals for over 20 years, he has run several successful small animal veterinary practices in the DFW area since 1981. In spite of his busy schedule, Dr. Giggleman manages to find time to lecture around the country on both the fundamentals and benefits of animal chiropractic. He is currently serving as the past president of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. (View Dr. Giggleman's CV PDF)
  •  David Browning, DC, DPhCS - The Philosophy of Chiropractic Theories and Vertebral Subluxation Complex: Dr. Browning is currently an associate professor in the Parker University Philosophy and Technique Department. A 1991 graduate of Palmer-West, he has been    involved in state and national board review courses as well as several post graduate seminars.  He has been practicing animal chiropractic since earning his AVCA certification in 2003. (View Dr. Browning's CV PDF)
  •  Joseph Parrish, DC - Chiropractic Basics: A 1977 graduate of Palmer College, he began animal chiropractic in 1993. Dr. Parrish's main animal practice consists of race and dressage horses.
  •  Michael Hall, DC - Neurology: A noted clinician, Dr. Hall has been an educator in chiropractic clinical neurology for over a decade. He is known both nationally and internationally for his expertise and passion for chiropractic clinical neurology. (View Dr. Hall's CV PDF)
  •  Jesse Green, JD - Ethics and Legalities: Mr. Green worked with Parker University since 1990 and taught ethics to chiropractic students beginning in 1992. He is an active associate member of the AVCA. He graduated from the University of Texas Law School in 1986 and is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. (View Mr. Green's CV PDF)
  •  Additional AVCA Certified Instructors include: James Ennis, DC; Jarrett Web, DC; Warren Wilson, DC; Jack Donnelly, DC; and Emily Long, DVM.

 Class Hours

  • Thursday 1pm-7pm 
  • Friday 7:30am-7:30pm 
  • Saturday 7:30am-7:30pm 
  • Sunday 7am-5pm (off-site lab)

 CE Hours Possible

  • CE hours for Texas DVMs = 17 per module
  • CE hours for AVCA certified Doctors = 34 per module
  • (Course not submitted to all states - please check the States Approved list to verify your state's status.)


Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

 Tuition Per Module    

  Prepaid more than 1 week in advance  Prepaid less than 1 week in advance  Paid on site 
Doctor (DC or DVM)   $820 $870 $905
Student* (DC or DVM) $735 $785 $820

 *students must be Tri-8 and above to enroll in the program


 Discounts and Policies

  •  AVCA Certified CE Audit: $570 tuition per module. Proof of certification is required at registration. Class space is limited for audit attendees. Early registration is highly recommended.  
  • 10% discount if ALL six modules are prepaid in full in advance of the first module (for DCs and DVMs only
  • 15% discount for Parker University Alumni beginning January 1, 2013 (Not applicable for Parker first-year graduates or current students. Cannot be combined with any other offer. 
  • For students, this is considered a doctor level course.  You must have completed Tri-7 classes to be eligible to attend this course.

 Special Instructions

  • All participants must be present at the first module to participate in the program. No new registrations will be accepted after the program begins with the exception of AVCA Certified CE audit applicants
  • Each attendee is required to bring a copy of their current state license or current student ID along with a copy of their driver's license to the first class.
  • Attendees need to check with their respective state boards concerning practice laws for animal chiropractic.
  • This course prepares you for the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association Certification Exam. Only licensed DCs and DVMs can sit for this exam. There is an additional fee for the AVCA Certification Exam. For exam and certification information, see www.animalchiropractic.org.
  • Please wear comfortable pants and boots to the weekend classes as you will be around the animals.

CE Course and Cancellation Policy

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