QEP Scrapbook

QEP Advertisements 


PIN Slide 

Parker Information Network Slide (PIN)

An Advancing Critical Thinking (ACT) slide was created to promote the Parker Quality Enhancement Plan. This was displayed on the PIN throughout the campus.
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QEP Sidewalk Chalk 

Sidewalk Chalk

Various messages were written throughout campus sidewalks promoting the Parker Quality Enhancement Plan and QEP events.

QEP Luncheon T-shirt Givaway 

Luncheon & T-shirt Giveaway

Parker held a student and faculty outdoor luncheon to giveaway QEP t-shirts and bring awareness to the upcoming QEP events.

QEP Advertisment 

QEP Advertisement

Postcard size advertisement created to inspire students to wear their ACT t-shirts and learn Parkers QEP. Postcards were given with each t-shirt during the QEP luncheon. 
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QEP T-shirt 

QEP T-shirt

Advancing Critical Thinking t-shirt used to spot students who knew Parker's QEP, and to encourage other students to learn the QEP.
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QEP Parker Assembly 

Parker Assembly

Students were reminded and encouraged to learn Parker's QEP during an assembly.

QEP Giftcard Givaway 

Giftcard Giveaway

Students and faculty wearing a QEP t-shirt that could correctly answer "What is Parker's QEP?" were awarded with various giftcards.
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QEP Banner 

Outdoor Banner

Outdoor promotion to remind students of Parker's QEP Plan. Two large banners hung on the sides of Parker campus buildings.



Advancing Critical Thinking

Our Quality Enhancement Plan 

Bringing critical thinking and interactive learning into Parker's classrooms.