QEP Timeline

April 2008 

SACS Leadership Team discussed the QEP selection process and established development timelines

November 2008  

QEP Identification Committee selected by the SACS Leadership Team

January – March 2009  

QEP discussions held on campus orienting faculty, staff, and students to SACS accreditation

March – April 2009  

All students on campus met to discuss QEP purpose and to solicit ideas for proposals

July – November 2009 

Assemblies held to promote QEP awareness and to solicit ideas for proposals

January – February 2010  

QEP Identification Committee selects 4 finalists

March - April 2010  

QEP Development Committee members selected

May – August 2010 

QEP Development Committee reviewed proposals and authors of the proposals gave presentations

September – November 2010  

QEP Development Committee researched, deliberated, and discussed the validity of the proposals and selected critical thinking as the topic for Parker’s QEP

January – June 2011 

QEP Development Committee further discussed the proposals and combined components from each into one plan supporting critical thinking

July 2011 

Development Committee chair brought the QEP proposal to the Executive Committee for approval

August 2011 

Development Committee chair brought the proposal to the Board of Trustees for approval

August – November 2011  

Development Committee continued to meet to refine the details of the proposal and a marketing strategy was developed

November 2011 – January 2012  

QEP Director position advertised and hired; marketing began with the development of a logo

January 2012 

Final draft of the QEP reviewed by faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders and submitted to SACS-COC

February 2012 

QEP Kick-Off Event held and initial phase of ACT plan implemented.

March 2012  

On-site SACS visit to evaluate the QEP  

Advancing Critical Thinking

Our Quality Enhancement Plan 

Bringing critical thinking and interactive learning into Parker's classrooms.