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  • "High fives in the hallways. People shaking hands and laughing. This is my family. It makes going through the program easier and more rewarding."
    Joe Utash, Lapeer, MI
    The Parker Difference
  • "Attending Parker 15 years after meeting Dr. Jim Parker, it's very clear his philosophy of combining scientific and holistic healing techniques continues to guide our philosophy today."
    Carol Watkins, Surprise, AZ
    Philosophy & Principles
  • "I rely on Parker’s CE program to complete my certification hours. Plus, their chiropractic specialization courses help me diversify my skills and stay competitive."
    Patrick Bodnar, DC, Allentown, PA
    College of Chiropractic
  • "Taking undergraduate classes at Parker prepared me for the classes in the doctor of chiropractic program. I felt like I was ahead of the game when I started my first trimester!"
    Kent Clark, Roanoke, VA
    Undergrad Program
  • "I felt like [admissions] really wanted me here.
    They kept me posted and answered
    every question. They were awesome!"
    Abby Perone, Colleyville, TX
    Admissions Process
  • "The financial aid coordinators walked me through the entire process and made things so easy. I wouldn’t be here without their support."
    Mick Green, Bridgend, Scotland
    Financial Aid Checklist
  • "My time here has been an amazing journey as well an empowering and exciting experience. Receiving a degree from Parker is a dream come true. "
    Dove Fedor, Deer Trail, CO
    Career Growth
  • "The technology is very helpful, especially the podcasting because I have the ability to go home and download all my past lectures to help me while I study."
    Joubert Desulme, Port au Prince, Haiti
    The Parker Difference
  • "Having access to research and being a part of an institution that is leading the way is one more reason why I chose Parker."
    Amber Woods, Vancouver, WA
    Student Development
  • "We have the greatest professors at Parker. Their dedication to the students is second to none."
    John Camacho, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
    Award-Winning Faculty
  • "Parker has business courses integrated throughout the curriculum. Whether I decide to own my own business, work as an associate,  or do independent contracting, I am prepared."
    Anita Carrere, Schriever, LA
    Chiropractic Business Courses
  • "Participating in the Community-Based Internship Program (CBI) has given me the confidence to open my own practice and be successful."
    Insaf Bista, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Chiropractic Clinic Experience
  • "I love the once a month study breaks where
    I can come and get a healthy breakfast
    before my 7am class."
    Tabassum Ali, Carrollton, TX
    Campus Life
  • "Being an alumni association member has given me the perfect opportunity to give back to the students, stay connected with my classmates, as well as continue my growth as a doctor."
    Vincent Scheffler, DC, Chelsea, MI
    Student Resources
  • "Parker SHARE Products have many wonderful tools and resources that allow me to consistently refine my practice."
    Mary Warren, DC, St. Petersburg, FL
    Preparing you for Success
  • "My experience as an intern in Mexico was life changing. To learn the culture and grow not only professionally, but personally as well, is something that I will cherish forever."
    Fonda Sims, Yazoo City, MS  
    Chiropractic Clinic Experience
  • "Parker University believes that it is not enough to simply graduate the best and most successful students. Parker takes it to the next level by promoting wellness around the globe."
    Fabrizio Mancini, DC, Barranquilla, Colombia
    Message from Dr. Mancini
  • Parker University Financial Aid Application

    Purpose: You are indicating an interest in federal, state, or local aid in order to help you pay for your higher education experience. This application will alert your Financial Aid Coordinator to the types of aid that you are seeking; this allows the Coordinator to build a financial aid package that best suits you.

    Procedure: Please carefully complete the following information, indicating where necessary the types of aid desired to help you cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, living expenses, etc. Once you have submitted your FAFSA along with this online form, as well as gained acceptance into Parker University, we will contact you regarding the status of your financial aid application.

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    Certification: I certify that the information submitted on this application is true and correct. I also understand that any recommendations or awards of aid are applicable only if I am officially accepted and then register for at least the minimum course load required by the particular program of aid. I agree to report any additional resources that might become available to meet any costs after completion of this form, realizing it might reduce the amount of aid I will receive for this academic period. I certify that I do not owe a refund on any grant or loan, am not in default on any loan, and have not borrowed in excess of the loan limits, under Title IV programs at any institution. I will use all Title IV and or Title VII money received only for expenses related to my study at Parker University. I certify that I will inform the Financial Aid Office of any change in the application as soon as such change occurs. I certify under penalty of perjury that I have read and understood the above. I verify that all information on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and complete.


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