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Parker University

Site Help

Q: What is MyParker?
A:MyParker is Parker University's Intranet Campus Solution. Some information is available to the public while other information for students, faculty, and staff requires a login and password.

Q: What does it mean when you have PDF or (PDF) next to a link?
A: The symbol and/text is available to let you know you are clicking on a link in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) that requires the Adobe Reader at www.adobe.com for viewing.

Q: Why do you have pop-ups on links?
A: When linking to MyParker or another website outside of www.parker.edu, the website/document comes up in a new window so you don't lose your place on the Parker website.

Q: What is the difference between Professional Opportunities and Job Openings?
A: "Professional Opportunities" is for anyone to post open positions and equipment/practices for sale. "Job Opportunities" are positions posted only by Parker University.

Q: How do I find a DC in my area?
A: Try searching the DC Referrals page.

Q: How do I find pictures of faculty, staff, and students?
A: Visit MyParker to find Parker University pictures.

Q: I have a comment or general inquiry, where do I send it?
A: For the website: webmaster@parker.edu
For the school: info@parker.edu